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Open letter to President Zuma

18 March 2014, 07:35


From humble beginnings to anti-apartheid struggle stalwart, member of ANC,  MK and Deputy Secretary of ANC.  In 1993 you were elected ANC Chairperson in Natal, subsequently in 1994 ANC Premier candidate but when that failed, you became MEC for Economic Development in Kwazulu Natal.  At the Mafikeng ANC elective conference you were elected ANC Deputy President and in 1999 Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa. At that acrimonious elective conference of the ANC in Polokwane 2007, you were elected President of the ANC  and then 2009 Republic of South Africa President, and probably will serve a second term as President of the Republic after the 07th May 2014 general elections.  

Honourable President, you have come too far to get to where you are today and compliments are in order.

Mr President, I cannot help myself but remember the trials and tribulations you had to through to get to where you are today.  Today you are a revered cult personality a status you seem to gloat about at every given opportunity.  I believe it would be proper to remind you how the cult personality status was bestowed unto you and you gladly accepted.


Remember the 2003 Hefer Commission tasked  with separating truth from fiction that NPA Director Bulelani Ngcuka was an apartheid spy.  The thought of that commission tempts me to ask – Mr President, how far will your persuasion skills go to attain a favour from anyone in a position of power?

 I am asking this question because, I am reminded of Vusi Mona the then City Press editor who reported on the “off the record meeting with editors” hosted by Bulelani Ngcuka.  Under cross examination at the Hefer Commission of Enquiry, Vusi Mona’s case fell apart and that prompted Bulelani Ngcuka’s legal representative to christian him “dead man walking”.  After failing to separate the truth from fiction, Vusi Mona lost his posh job as City Press editor. 

Mr President - Does your cult personality coarse good men to become villains or it is villains who go seeking for your attention?

You Mr President, Vusi Mona, Mac Maharaj and Mo Shaik leveled false accusations against Bulelani Ngcuka of being agent RS452 an apartheid spy.  You orchestrated those lies because You, Mac Maharaj and Mo Shaik’s brother Shabir Shaik were under investigation by the NPA for institutionalized corruption.  And your cult personality earned you sympathy and ultimately you wallowed on self-gratification.

Then Honourable Patricia De Lille of the Independent Democrats accused You and the others of adopting an apartheid strategy called – “Stratcom” approach? It was in 2003 when De Lille hinted at the demise of the Scorpions.  And true to her accusation, the demise of the Scorpions was swift when you took over the helm of the ANC in December 2007.


On the 08th May 2006 you were cleared of rape charges and your subjects again had insinuated that there was a political conspiracy against you. But your testimony in that case still rings clear in my head. Mr President, you are a man of tradition and in your testimony you alleged – In adhering to Zulu cultural norms, you had been obliged to have sexual intercourse with the complainant because she was sexually aroused.  Had you walked away from the complainant when in that state, in Zulu culture that would have been tantamount to rape!  That was a blanket statement accusing Zulu men of not having sexual self-control. 

That brings me to the question.  In 2010, when you found yourself in another sex scandal, that of impregnating Ms Sonono Khoza your best friend daughter – Were you again fulfilling the dictates of Zulu culture?  


On the 14th June, You were relieved of your duties as the Deputy President of South Africa, because you allegedly had corrupt relationship with Shabir Shaik.  When the allegations of corruption against you first appeared, you and your inner circles leveled unfounded allegation against Bulelani Ngcuka to disrupt the investigations and pending trial.  Then you always purported to be keen to prove your innocence in a court of law.  But that never came because somehow State resources were used to produce the infamous “spy tapes” to keep you out of the courts.  And again the name of Mo Shaik propped up when the NPA revealed the tapes.


Although your cult personality was already evident by 2003, it was foreign to the ANC. But instead of distancing yourself from it, your instead reveled on it at every opportunity. 100% Zuluboy - When tribalism reared its ugly self in ANC ranks, you again ignored it. Today ANC is plagued by factionalism because all you take care of is your self-gratification.

Like in Nigeria, between 2007-2012 you used the ANCYL to commit political thuggery against your opponents.  Julius Malema was like Goring and the ANCYL the Gestapo prepared to kill in your name. And you did nil to call Julius Malema to order even when he went on a racist tirade at an election rally in Kimberly in 2011. It was when the dog started to attack its handler, that you saw it necessary to charge him with bringing the ANC into disrepute.  When Malema brought the country into disrepute, Mr President you did nothing!

Now that you have dismantled ANCYL of Malema – You have now tribalized the League and at the helm you a trusted lieutenant Mzwandile Masina.  You wanted a clone of Malema but unfortunately got counterfeit.  And he like a suicide bomber will do your bidding without question or hesitation as long as it serves his master’s cult personality.


“The President promotes the unity of the nation and that which will advance the Republic” - Chapter 5 (83) c.  Mr President the controversy that surrounded you before you became President, you have bequeathed to the Presidency of the Republic.


Mr President, the appointment of Mr Menzi Simelane as NPA Head was declared irrational by the Courts and had compromised the sanctity of the Prosecuting Authority. Your appointment of Mr Simelane was “inconsistent with the Constitution and invalid”.  Did you appoint Mr Menzi Simelane to advance the Republic or your cult personality expediency?

Mr President where are the infamous spy tapes and what is the reason behind the NPA not letting in the Citizens of the Republic on its contents?  You have always maintained your innocence on the alleged corruption charges against you, and I believe letting in the Citizens of the Republic on the contents of the tapes, will present you with an opportunity finally close the chapter on the corruption allegations.  Mr President, the Courts have already ruled that the tapes be availed for public scrutiny. How do you allow The National Prosecuting Authority defy the Courts of the Republic? The onus is on you Mr President to stop the stalemate.  You have politicized and tribalized that organ of State (the NPA) and those at the helm are following tribal and political dictations.


Mr President, on the 17 March 2011 the Republic’s Constitutional Court ruled that the hastily designed legislation used disband the Scorpions was ruled to be unconstitutional.  You cannot be exonerated from that illegal act because you were not President of the Republic. You were President of the ruling party then and ruling by proxy from Luthuli House.  When you find men and women of the ANC in the National Assembly stumbling to appease an individual, then the only rational reason would be coercion at play.  There was no other known rational reason to dismantle the crime fighting machinery that succeeded in fighting institutionalized corruption.  

I shall repeat my question again - Mr President, does your cult personality coarse good men to become villains or it is villains who go seeking for your attention?


Mr President, your intimate relationship with the Guptas also compromised the sanctity and security of the Republic.  In 2013 your friends and their entourage landed a private plane at a National Key Point, the Waterkloof military base.  May I put it to you – You are the commander in Chief of the Military and your word is your subordinates command. I do not expect a junior staff to take a unilateral decision to authorize a private plane to land at the Waterkloof military base without you knowing or your Executive. If it was the junior staff members who authorized ‘your friends’ to land at the base, then charge them with high treason.

And the inter-ministerial investigation after the Guptage debacle was designed to again protect your cult personality. Mr President your cult personality is coercive to Executive!


Mr President, the upgrade at taxpayers expense of your family compound is the phenomenon of your controversial presidency and cult personality.  And I have said it before in this letter that, your relationship with your Executive is coercive.

Your Ministers namely;  Mr Siyabonga Cwele, Mr Thulas Nxesi, Mr Nathi Mthethwa, Mr Jeff Hadebe and Ms Nosiviwe Mapisa-Ngqakula at one point declared your compound a National Key Point and Classified all information pertaining to the alleged ‘security’ upgrades.  The so-called security cluster was scrambling to close the lid on public scrutiny and at one point civil society was threatened with arrest if, they were ever found with photos of you’re your compound.  A lame threat, because the pictures of your compound are viral and anyone with a smart phone can access them.  But for the so-called Security Cluster to dust off an apartheid law from the dustbins of history and then threaten civil society with it, proved how desperate You and your Ministers were to hide the truth from the Citizens.

Subsequently the office of the Public Protector has been politicized by the ANC, because of the desperation to drum up sympathy and support for you on the face of impending damning verdict.  Even the leak of the of the Public Protector interim report was the work of your Ministers, because the Public Protector did allude to the fact that it’s her and your Ministers who had the password to the report.  Your Ministers even went to Court to interdict the Public Protector office from releasing the interim report.  When it was evident the Public Protector would go toe-to-toe with your Ministers and beat them to the punch the Ministers withdraw their Court action.

The Ministers, the ANCYL and SACP had already politicized the report, when the ANC weighed in and through its General Secretary commanded the release of the Ministerial report. The Ministers, the Police Commissioner and others then obliged to the political command.  And it was evident that some Public Servants were impromptu summoned to appear at that briefing with minimal knowledge of what exactly transpired at your compound. 

The ANC endorsed that report - That was a pre-emptive strike to disable, and cast suspicion to the final report of the office of the Public Protector. But only your subjects will head the lie of the ANC and not the Citizens. The Ministerial Report was tainted long before it even presented to us. How come one morning your Ministers woke up to discover, there was no justification for Secrecy about how taxpayers money was utilized? Weren’t you and your Ministers ever told, the best line of defense is to tell the truth from the onset?  Mr President, because of your cult personality, even the Executive is in dithering heights.

RSA Constitution Chapter 5 (96) 2

b. “act in any way that is inconsistent with their office , or expose themselves to any situation involving the risk of conflict between their official responsibilities and private interests; or

c. use their position or any information entrusted to them to enrich themselves or improperly benefit any other person”.

Mr President, I am going to put it to you that Ministers who investigated the so-called ‘security’ upgrades at your compound, their final verdict was designed to improperly benefit you.  Your cult personally coerced the verdict in your favour, because not all relevant persons were ever interviewed e.g. the former Ministers of Public Works and their Deputies were never interviewed to ascertain their role in the malice of upgrading your compound.   


Mr President since 2003 – to date you sound like a broken record as you always bemoan ‘conspiracy’ every time your character is called into question. Your cult status is bringing the seat of the Presidency into disrepute. 

I believe, I have rightfully so compared you to African leaders who have turned their countries into Family INCs. And all of you hide behind “elections” to perpetuate your dictatorial tendencies.  Elections are meaningless when there is coercion of Citizens and organs of State into submitting to a cult personality. 

Mr President you’ve succeeded in attaining a seat next to the likes of Teodore Obiang Nguema of Equitorial Guinea, the HIV/Aids healing Jammeh of Gambia,  Paul Biya of Cameroon, Erduado dos Santos of Angola and Gabon Ali Dimba Ondimba. These Presidents and their families eat on behalf of the subjects of their respective countries and their cult personalities are revered by most. The colonial masters did not just colonize their respective countries, but also colonized their self-being. And thus today, the colonial masters in the international oil conglomerates when they demand of them to jump. Those Presidents and their families ask – how high!  While the Families Inc. proper, their respective countries are in permanent periphery. 

Mr President, the Republic is a Constitutional Democracy and in principle ALL are Equal before the Law. Your position does not make you immune from the dictates of the Constitution of the RSA of 1996. 

There are lots of good stories to tell about South Africa post 1994 except of course your story. You’re your subjects can tell your story with zeal and enthusiasm, because devotees must  glorify your cult personality unconditionally. Mr President - Does your cult personality coarse good men to become villains or it is villains who go seeking for your attention?      

I am not your subject but a Citizen of the Republic and my allegiance is to the Republic and not any individual or political formation.

You claimed not to know about the landing of the Guptas at Waterkloof Airforce base. Now you claim not to know anything about the more than R208m upgrades at your own compound?  Mr President you are definitely naked and you are embarrassing the Republic. 

Mr President you are a very bad story to tell about South Africa. Do the only honest thing under the circumstances – Resign!

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