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Part 2. Evidence against God! The God notion de-constructed!

03 December 2012, 14:42

Continued from Part 1. 

Evidence against God! The God notion de-constructed! Part 2

When Christians get all emotionally choked up and teary eyed by texts such as John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave, his son as an offering for us” they would do well to consider the history from the Old Testament of God’s lust for human and animal blood letting, as the real basis for Jesus sacrificial atonement. However odd this penchant might be today it is consistent with all primitive conceptions of “God” and it is embedded in the Christian gospel, which no carnal or spiritual Christian can honestly deny. 

The notion of God is as old as humanity and when you have a God, as world history tells us, he needs to be appeased and pacified by constant ritual sacrifice. The greater the sacrifice the greater the good fortune you will have because God is happy with your efforts. (1) With out the idea that God demands sacrifice there would be no reason for Christianity to exist. Even the act of circumcision carried out on innocent babies, was created as a substitution to child sacrifice whereby the child’s life was redeemed and saved from becoming the actual blood offering.  (Exodus 4:24) 

Much later as human behaviour evolved, the idea of the sacrifice of one person (Jesus Christ) as our substitute to redeem all humans from having to appease God brought an end to this barbarous act. Humans no longer need to do the hard work to please God, as he decided he is only happy with his Son, so mankind rests and God does the work. The story that God the Father sacrifices his only son (Jesus) is the central act of Christianity. God is appeased, his desire for blood sated and all falling under the umbrella of Christ are redeemed, saved and secure from the wrath of God.

But an angry God thwarted by Christians, still seeks to fulfil his lust for blood by burning non Christians, who do not fall under this redemptive blood covenant protection, forever in the lake of fire. So he is only happy with those who are found to be “in Christ”. If Christ is not “in you” Apostle Paul explains “then you are reprobate” later on he says “Christ in you the hope of glory”.  God sees his Son, but not you (the old man). It has died and you have become a new creature in Christ.

Christians are not embarrassed to be associated with a God that demands blood sacrifice, because Paul’s teachings have tamed the beast, as it were, and the only blood letting done today is at the ritualistic communion or breaking of bread service; where the sacrifice of the last human (man/god) offering is remembered emotionally with much humility, gratitude and admiration. This is the main Christian meeting and pious Christians ponder with meekness, joy and soul searching the following thoughts: Jesus died in my place.  Oh the love of God. How great it is. He took my place. He paid a debt he did not owe.  I am so unworthy. 

As we unpack this further we realise that God prepared a human body (Christ) for a final and complete blood offering. And just like child and animal offerings in the OT, it had to be without spot and blemish. So this human sacrifice could not be human because scripture tell us “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. He who knew no sin became our substitute. There is no one as perfect or pure as God. So it makes sense then that God would be the ultimate sacrifice. And so God had to sacrifice himself to himself.  Paul tells us that God was in Christ reconciling humanity to God. 

In Hebrews 9:22 we read “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins”  and because Gods blood was shed on Calvary,  Jesus Christ being the ultimate and perfect sacrifice has made all primitive religions obsolete and saved the world from all kinds of blood sacrifice. What a wonderful ending to a gruesome practise for Christians who have partaken of the blood covenant with God. But non Christians will still be sent to hell to suffer the wrath of God. So he is still angry, and this anger drives him mad and he wants his pound of flesh. Those in Christ are safe but those outside are not. You can hide but God will find you. 

At the cross, God died for us and that should have been the end of him, but he did not really die and he rose again three days later and continues to haunt people all over the world. He demands that all enter into a blood covenant with him; otherwise they are not redeemed and still need to be saved. Christianity has replaced the innocence and purity of a child used in human sacrifice with that of an innocent and pure god/man Jesus Christ who has become our substitute to appease an angry and fearful God. Do you get it now? The Christian God is still a primitive depiction of a god, but he comes in a more sanitised updated version. He does all the work; we just have faith “in him” and believe we are going to heaven. Simple! No wonder there are more Christians on the planet then any other religion. Who doesn’t want a free ride to spend eternity in paradise? 

In Part 1. We quoted the words of Jesus when he described God as a Spirit. In the OT we find that this spirit which is not a material object at all, and hence has no parts to be seen, is described like a God made in human image;  it is a he and he has strong human emotions of love, anger, hatred etc he has hands, feet, arms, eyes, ears, voice box, etc. He is depicted as a tribal, blood thirsty, military monster God. The great I AM and who are you - the greatest bully in the universe. I AM the potter you are the clay. I AM your provider and never forget it, I AM has brought you into this world and I AM will take you out as well, so you better watch it, I AM this, I AM that, etc 

This Judeo-Christian God often required child sacrifice. (1) Child sacrifice was only considered evil when it was done in the name of foreign gods. It wasn't a morality issue. The Jewish priests saw it as a violation of the First Commandment: You shall have no other gods before me. He unashamedly demanded that only the best animals were good enough for him in regular ceremonial burnt offering ritual sacrifices so that he could inhale the gruesome (but pleasing to him) aroma. The Temple altar was an unpleasant place; blood splatter and gore everywhere, a grotesque stench of blood and rotting flesh, worse then scenes from a demented person’s nightmare.

When it comes to child sacrifice it was actually commanded by God. Believe it or not! In Exodus 22:29-30 we read: “You shall not delay to offer from the fullness of your harvest and from the outflow of your presses. The first-born of your sons you shall give to me. You shall do likewise with your oxen and with your sheep: seven days it shall be with its dam; on the eighth day you shall give it to me.” Later on God admitted he did this in Ezekiel 20:25-26 where he said: “Moreover I gave them statutes that were not good and ordinances by which they could not have life; and I defiled them through their very gifts in making them offer by fire all their first-born, that I might horrify them; I did it that they might know that I am the LORD.” 

The wicked, self-righteous and judgemental All Mighty I AM God murdered all life on earth except for Noah and his family; gave commands to army generals to commit rape, plunder, infanticide, genocide, slavery and hideous other war crimes against Israel’s neighbours. Any person or animal setting foot on Mt Sinai, when Moses was collecting the Ten Commandments, was obliterated from the face of the earth. Much the same happened to anyone touching the Ark of the Covenant. High Priests had ropes tied to there ankles so that if God killed them when they entered the holiest of holies to offer a sacrifice, they could be pulled out. The priests in Egypt, hundreds of years before also used ropes to protect against Ra, Horis, Isis, etc. and those depictions are regarded as myths. How could it even be possible or probable that God exists, and if he did why would anyone want to know him when he cannot stand anyone who is not perfect, just and holy as he is? 

There is the empirical evidence of intense undeserved suffering in the world which cannot be explained by a perfectly good omnipotent creator; there is archaeological evidence against the Biblical stories of the world-wide flood, Abraham was a legend, the Exodus, and the conquest stories in the Bible never happened; there is geological evidence showing the earth has existed for billion of years; there is biological evidence showing one species evolved into the next one which dis-confirms there was ever a time when there was no death in the Garden of Eden; there is psychological evidence that no wrathful God could exist given the fact that we believe and behave as we do based upon early childhood experiences; there is neurological evidence in that strokes and seizures dis-confirm the notion of a soul; there is historical evidence against the believability of the virgin birth story, Satan, hell and the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead too. The evidence is against the God we find in both the OT and NT, period. There is no God. He is obsolete.

If there is no “God the Father” there is no “God the Son” either. So why do people believe in God and how do they communicate with him? Do they have to become superficial and childish by leaving reason behind? Do they answer atheists by explaining that God is beyond logic and the natural mind cannot comprehend spiritual things? Do they use the "His ways are not your ways" argument to try to clear up apparent discrepancies in the actions of God? Are they forced to tell ex born again Christians that they were never real Christians, even though they were spiritual and not carnal, had a relationship with Jesus and spoke in angelic tongues? Are they embarrassed by the OT that they can only interpret it with NT goggles? They read the story of the aborted child sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham which proves that this was a Canaanite practise, but they condone it by saying that it was a type, a shadow of Christ the Son of God, dying on the cross. That in their minds makes Christianity and its God okay. 

Well that’s is okay, but don’t expect others who know more then you, to believe what you do when it is obvious to a blind man that God is not really real. A blind man knows there is no God; otherwise he would not be blind, now would he? As this Old Iranian proverb explains:  “If you see a blind man, kick him, why be kinder than God!”


(1) Child sacrifice was only considered evil when it was done in the name of a foreign god, and doing so was punishable by death precisely because it was offered to another deity.  Child sacrifice was something that several Biblical people either did, or assisted others in doing so. Abraham was not morally repulsed by the command itself and there is no command against this practice there by God (Genesis 22). Then there is Jepthah who sacrificed his daughter because of a stupid vow (Judges 11); David (II Sam. 21:7-9); Solomon and his wives (I Kings 3:16); Ahab (I Kings 16:33-34); Ahaz (II Kings 16:2-3); Hoshea (II Kings 17:7); and Manasseh (II Kings 21:6; II Chronicles 33:6). It was a problem for King Josiah (II King 23:10), for Jeremiah (Jeremiah 7:30-31; 19:3-5; 32:35), and Ezekiel (Ezekiel 16:20-21; 20:25-26, 30-31). The prophet Micah wonders if he should sacrifice his oldest son “as a sin offering” (6:6-8). It was a practice so prevalent when offered to foreign gods, that it is named as one of the reasons God sent the Babylonians to conquer Israel and forcibly take many of them as captives (II Kings 17:16-18). We even read where the King of Moab sacrificed his son which caused the Israelites to retreat in defeat. Moab’s sacrifice created a great “wrath,” (ketzef), which was an external force to the warriors in the story, indicating that his sacrifice caused some divinity to act on behalf of Moab. (II Kings. 3:26-27). In the New Testament God the Father sacrifices his only son (Jesus) as the central redemptive act of Christianity, and God still seeks to fulfil his lust for human sacrifice by burning humans forever in the lake of fire. (Leviticus 20:2; 18:21 Deuteronomy 12:31; 18:10; II Kings 17:17 23:10; II Chronicles 28:3; 33:4-10; Ps 106:38; Isaiah 57:5,6; Jeremiah 7:31 32:35 Ezekiel 16:20,21; 20:26,31; 23:37,39; Acts 7:43).


Theistic religions in one way or another were founded upon ritualized murder. What made children susceptible to sacrifice, was their virginity and their innocence. This concept is embedded in Judaism and Christianity to this day. Paradoxically, child sacrifice ended when Judah was captured by the hated Babylonians in 586 BCE. Jews don't practice their canonical obligation to sacrifice anymore, but there is still one remaining legacy where they celebrate child sacrifice every year. And that is the Passover when Yahweh killed firstborn Egyptians and their firstborn livestock. To ease their conscience they label it as their release from Egyptian bondage.

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