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Prophecies that came to pass

26 April 2012, 10:36
The God of the Bible has many ways in which He makes Himself known to people. Usually those in need are the first to find Him. I found Him when I had a terrible situation. I had just been caught for drunk driving, my blood sample had been taken by police, and after my release, I was sitting in my brother’s sitting room at about 3 in the morning.

I was drinking to solve or wish away other problems, and the more I did that, the more trouble I heaped up. Alone naturally as no friend wanted to be seen around me during those times, I was wondering how I came to be in this mess, and how was going to make it out of it. I was deeply depressed. I knew I was going to loose my job the next day, or at least face suspension, and while sitting there I cried to myself saying: “ If there is anyone who can help me, please help me.” I just did not know what I could do and faced the end of the line.

A little later I fell asleep, and began to dream about a terribly stupid boy. I saw him doing all kinds of silly stuff and wanted to shout at him: Hey don’t do that! When he turned to face me I saw it was me. I was judging my own life.

When I woke up I saw a little white Gideon New Testament Bible laying there. My grandpa was a very religious man and he drilled the Bible teachings into me when I was younger. I hated it at the time, but now I took that little Bible and turned to John 3:16. I knew then all had to do was ask God to forgive me. There was no pastor, no deacon, no one but me and God. This is why no atheist and their vain ramblings on this site can ever tell me God is not real.

From that moment everything changed, and I never had a drop of alcohol since that moment 17 years ago to get drunk, accept the little at communion times. The beauty of my deliverance was that I never again had any urge or desire to drink again. I was an alcoholic up until that moment. It was so bad that I drank almost everyday after work. With that drinking came the wild life of gambling sometimes till 3or 4 in the morning. I was corrupt and easily had R 1500-3000 to spend per day, depending on the deals I was able to pull.

So when I say I was delivered, I really mean it. I later left the profession I was in at the time because I was so ashamed to continue in it after finding Christ. Before I left I told them the loopholes in their system, but of course they thought I was joking and never did anything about it till much later.

I had a friend who at the time came to know Christ just a few years before me. He met Christ literally on his death bed. He had been diagnosed with cancer [Hodgkin’s] and his family were called in by the doctor to say goodbye. They instead of listening to the doctor, sought a second opinion from higher power and ask a pastor to come pray for him. They prayed and gave him a little book of Rev. William Branham.

In that book he read of the healing of a soldier with similar problem and said: That is me, I will take that also. A few days later he walked out of the hospital. He is still alive today with no trace of cancer. God is real for those who has met Him. Some of us find Him as a deliverer in the moments we need Him, but all of us found Him as our saviour.  I owe my life to Him, and seeing people ridicule Him here, gives me pain in my heart.

I didn’t read somewhere that God is Love-I experienced it. I didn’t read somewhere that God is real, I know Him. This  was prophecy of Jesus that came to pass on me. He said [Luk. 4] the purpose of His coming was to set the captives free. I am one of those!

But there are other ways in which God makes Himself real and that is through His ability to know the future.  There are thousands of prophecies, but I will take only a few. The rise and fall of the tribes of Israel has always been foretold in the Bible, and has proven to come to pass exactly every time.

1. 400 years in bondage

From their very founding father Abraham’s time in Gen  15:13 God told Abraham his seed would be captives 400 years in a strange land, but that God would judge that nation and bring them out. The Book of Exodus describes  how God judged Egypt and brought them out after 430 years. This story has captivated audiences for ages, and even Hollywood with stories like the epic ” Ten Commandments” and  “ Prince of Egypt”  constantly reminds us of the great works God did in bringing His word to Abraham to pass. But did you know where His greatest works of freeing slaves takes place? Right today! I was a slave of sin as I told you above! Today I am free on my way to the millennium!
2. Fall of the 10 tribes of Israel

After coming into the promise land the tribes split up into 2 kingdoms Israel and Judah. But the house of Israel fell into idolatry even burning their children to the idol Molech and God warned them through prophets like Amos, Isaiah, and Hosea that they were about to fall. Isaiah 7:8 foretells round about 735 BC that Israel or Ephraim would not be a people anymore within 65 years. 58 years later by 677 BC Assyrian king Esarhaddon deports many of them and repopulates their land with strangers. Because of their sin, God fulfilled His curses [Deut.28] which said they would flee before their enemies if they fail to keep His commandments.

3. Desolation and captivity of Judah prophesied

While the remaining two tribes of the house of Judah [Benjamin and Judah] watched with horror as the word of the Lord came to pass on the ten tribes, they too later fell into idolatry, until even the Bible was no longer read. In 622 BC Judean king Josiah found portions of the Bible again, read its blessings and curses, and inquires of prophetess Huldah what will be of Judah. She told him they would become a curse and a desolation due to their sin, but that he would not see it.

God went on to promise Josiah he would be gathered in the grave with his fathers by then. 13 years later-609 BC Josiah was gathered [died] and went into his grave, [buried] to live in peace [paradise] with his forefathers. He died at Megiddo and Jerusalem was sacked by the Egyptian Pharaoh Nechoh. Josiah’s son were captured and taken to Egypt as Judea became desolate.

4. The 70 year rule of Babylon prophesied

Jeremiah on many occasions prophesied the Babylonians would conquer Judah, but of course they did not listen. In the 4th year of Jehoiakim 605 BC, Jeremiah prophesied the very years the Babylonians would rule, as well as the duration of the desolation of Judea.

“ JEREMIAH 25:11 And this whole land shall be a desolation, and an astonishment; and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years.”

Please read carefully that Babylon was given a certain amount of years [70] to rule the world. Their days of governance over nations were numbered here. In the same verse desolation for same number of years are prophesied to Judea.

By the time Jeremiah began to prophecy this, Jerusalem had already began to become a desolation as Huldah said before him, and he now gave them the amount of time it would last. Pharaoh Nechoh attacked it 609 BC, killed king Josiah, destroyed his army, came to Jerusalem and took his son ,the new king captive after only 3 months in power.

Britannica history tells us the Babylonians conquered the last remaining forces of the Assyrian armies at Haran in 609 BC, and thus began to rule in the place of the Assyrians over the world that year. Independent history now tells us that Babylon fell exactly 70 years later to Persia [modern Iran] in November 539 BC.  Jeremiah here was again spot on to the very year! Their number was 70 and 70 only.

5. God’s personal visit at Belshazzar’s party.

Why didn’t Belshazzar read the books of Jeremiah he send to Babylon? [Dan.9:2] It was so clearly told their reign would last only 70 years over the nations? Didn’t his grandpa Nebuchadnezzar honour Jeremiah as a prophet? [Jer.40:1-4] and even allowed him to choose where he wanted  to live through his captain Nebuzaradan? Now if Jeremiah wasn’t good enough to read, why didn’t he read Isaiah ?

Didn’t Isaiah said Babylon would fall by the Medes? Even better, why did Belshazzar not honour Daniel whom his grandpa honoured when he saw the prophetic abilities of the man who told him his dream without it being revealed unto him beforehand? [Dan.2] Didn’t Daniel say Babylon would fall by the Medes and Persians? Dan.8:20 was prophesied in the third year of Belshazzar about 550 BC - . Britannica places his third year at 550 BC.

That was 11 years before the eventual fall of Babylon. There was a man in his kingdom [his own slave] who foretold his fall, but he chose to consider the man delusional, and the Bible fairy tails, until it was too late and he was forced to listen to the man.

Now consider the fact that Belshazzar was not an atheist. He worshipped idols and believed in the super natural, yet refused to consider the God his grandfather honoured.  In fact he despised that God and played with the Holy vessels of that God. Let me inject something here. I think we have come to the very same thing today. People are playing with the word of God even on this site.  They mock the God of the Bible without fear. They are standing where Belshazzar stood in history! So watch carefully and consider your ways lest you reap what you sow. You might not reap it today, as seed takes time to grow, but you will reap it someday.

Jesus is a Holy vessel of God- In Him dwelled the fullness of the Spirit of God. Consider leaving Him alone, even if you don’t believe He is real, lest He is real as I found Him real and you loose like foolish Belshazzar. Christians which are full of the Holy Ghost is also vessels of God, so consider respecting them same as you should respect every human being. Common decency can avoid wars. After all, we all show common decency to the Muslim religion because we know they defend their religion with violence at times. Do we always have to be threatened with violence to show decency? We are free to speak our mind, but with due respect.

I don’t say this to scare anyone, I say this because it is so. People are not respectfully asking questions about the Bible. If that was the case God could have answered them, but it’s more like their minds is already made up that it‘s a fake, so in utter foolishness they fulfil the Scriptures who prophesied it would be so, not knowing it.    

“ II PETER 3:3  †      ¶  Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,  4     †     And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.”

Here we parallel Belshazzar. He played with things he had no understanding of, and paid dearly. Think of it this way. If that Bible is true, which it is, and those children of God you are playing with is indeed whom they say they are, then you will be in a terrible place when Rev.20 takes place. Matt. 25 says even a glass of water given to them could save your life, but of course we will have to wait and see when that time comes. Common decency is all I ask. Difference of opinion is well come as we learn that way, but within limits of common respect.

6. Isaiah 13:17 mentions Babylon would fall and also mentions the Medes would do it.

Isaiah 45 goes on to even mention the very name of the Persian king who would come with the Medes as Cyrus, more than 150 years before it happened.  Isaiah lived and prophesied during the Assyrian reign. Some history says he prophesied during 760 to 713 B.C, way before there was any hint of an Babylonian world dominance. Babylon only succeeded the Assyrians 609 BC, but even before they began to rule, Isaiah told them who would conquer even to the name of the ruler of the Persian king Cyrus.   

As Babylon partied that night God personally walked in and wrote on the wall of Belshazzar 539 BC: “ DANIEL 5:25…MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. 26 This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.”

Remember God by His prophet Jeremiah numbered their rule to 70 years, and now God told them their time was up!  Daniel then walked in exactly 70 years after Babylonian rule began to tell them what it meant. That same night in November 539 BC according to independent history, Babylon fell to Cyrus’s army.

7. Daniel prophesied 3 more empires

Daniel prophesied 3 more empires would rise after Babylon. Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome. That too came out just as he said. Daniel was so accurate as a prophet about the Greek wars [Dan.11] that the opponents of the word of God accused the writer of the Book of back dating his prophecies.  They simply could not believe anyone could be so accurate, so they had to make a plan. They said he actually lived in the second century BC and from there wrote about Babylon. However, closer inspection of the book will show you he had better knowledge of Babylon then most known history. Belshazzar had been a fictional character to historians until archaeology confirmed his existence in 1854! Wikipedia says:

“ Prior to 1854, he had been an enigma for historians and archeologists who knew nothing of Belshazzar outside the book of Daniel.”

How could a fake know what was not known to historians? Further investigation into Daniel will reveal that he also prophesied beyond the second century very accurately.

8. Daniel went on to foretell even to the exact date when the Messiah would come and that their temple as well as the city of Jerusalem shall be destroyed. The 70 weeks of Daniel as preached by Rev. William Branham reveals the calculation of the 69 weeks to the exact date of 30 AD, the exact time Jesus began to preach.

9. Daniel told the Jews that the  Messiah would die after 69 weeks, be cut off [die] not for Himself, [for our sin] and that their city [Jerusalem] would be in danger then of destruction.

“ DANIEL 9:26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; …”

37 years after Jesus the city of Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD by Titus the Roman General, son of the roman emperor Vespasianus, a title equal to a king. This made Titus a prince of Rome! And Daniel foresaw even a prince with his people will come up against Jerusalem. Titus came and later on became emperor himself. God’s word is very precise. Even if Daniel would have lived in the second century BC which is a lie, he still prophesied correctly beyond that.

10.  Prophecy seeing Israel return

While the prophets saw Israel being scattered by Rome, those prophets also said the Jews would return to their homeland.  

“ Jeremiah 16:15  But, The LORD liveth, that brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north, and from all the lands whither he had driven them: and I will bring them again into their land that I gave unto their fathers. 16 Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the LORD, and they shall fish them; and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks.”

Organizations like the Zionist Organization under Theodore Herzl tried to lure [fish] the Jews back from the lands where they were scattered just as Jeremiah said it would be.

But the real pressure that drove the Jews back was when the Nazi hunters like Hitler made things so terrible that they had to go back. It was a terrible way for them to return, but Jeremiah here said they would return by brutal hunters seeking them out from every mountain and from every hill. That happened exactly. Terrible prophecy but it came to pass also. By 1946 the Jews were back and by 1948 the U.N. recognized them. May I say that foolish forefather Jews asked Pilate to let the blood of Jesus be upon them and their children. They cursed themselves and asked that their evil deed be visited upon their children.

“ Matthew  27:25  †     Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.”  God is truly not mocked and what you sow you reap.

And that blood has been upon them ever since. It breaks my heart to write this but that is what they asked for their slaying of the Messiah. But there will come a time when the transgression of Israel shall be forgiven-70 weeks is determined upon thy people Daniel heard- 3and half years of that is left.
Messiah teachings according to Rev.11 shall be given to them 3 and half years. He shall return again to them.  

Ask the religious Jews why they are in the promise land. They will tell you:  “ we are here waiting for the Messiah !”  Yes they are right-Rev.14 says He will go to them, and when He does 144 000 will believe Him. Every eye shall see Him coming back to them then and there shall be much weeping! You know I always wondered why Jesus after His death had to go preach in hell to souls that had not repented in the days of Noah. Why preach to a lost soul in hell that cannot be saved? Because they did not believe in His coming, and perhaps foolishly asked from believers to show them the promise of that coming seed of Gen. 3. See they like people today totally rejected the Bible and foolishly asked for proof in the face of so many testimonies of His work. He finally did come, and when He did, they had been found wanting and He had to bring proof of His prophetic fulfilment in hell! [I Pet.3:19]

Don’t ask for that day of His coming in flesh! Rather ask mercy from His Spirit now working amongst us. For He will come, and when He does, it’s better to be a believer by then. The Jews might not know Jesus as that Messiah yet, but they will know it. And if all these other prophecies came true, then its very wise to expect the rest to also become true.  

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