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Putin. My take

14 May 2014, 14:01

My take on Putin. In time I might be proved wrong, but this is how I see it.

Firstly from an historical perspective:

I am looking at 1,000 years of history. One of the main motivations behind many of these European wars, Napoleon, WW1, WW2, has been to destroy Orthodox Eastern Christianity. Nothing has changed.  The Vatican, Bush, Ford, Rockerfeller amongst others, supported Hitler during WW2. (1)

Eastern Europe was raped of it’s wealth and livelihood, sent to slave camps and death camps and the people who suffered the most besides the Jews, were the over 20 million Protestants and Orthodox Christians of Eastern Europe. Take Poland for example. Before WW2, the majority were Protestants, after WW2 the majority were and still are Roman Catholic. Ask yourself, where did all the Protestants go?

Croatia is another case in point. The Vatican and the Jesuits massacred Orthodox Christians in this country during WW2, they even boasted that their “kill rate”was higher than the German Nazis. (2) 

In this the Zionist Bankers and the Vatican Nazis have a mutual vested interest. It was the Bolshevik Zionists that brought atheism and communism to Russia which eliminated the Orthodox Church for almost a century. A situation that caused a lot of suffering among the Russian people.

Putin like all leaders will come and go, however the outcome of the situation in Ukraine today will have repercussions for the next century and centuries to follow.  Zbigniew Brzezinskiand his grand Chessboard (3), comes from Ukraine, he is a Jesuit. His family were part of the European Black Nobility . His motivations were not founded in merely overthrowing the Soviet union which no longer exists, his motivations lie in a 1,000 year tradition of Inquisition in the name of Rome. 

Even in Odessa on May 2, (4) the favoured means of torture was death by fire, Molotov cocktails which burnt to death anti -Kiev protesters within the Trade Union building. Fire has been a favourite weapon for all these centuries starting with the burning “heretics” at the stake, those who did not bow down to the Pope and the Vatican as the supreme religious authority, (5) the origins of which can be found in the pagan worship of Moloch, which is still carried out today at Bohemien Grove, by leading politicians and kings of commerce. (6) 

The destruction of the South of France, the Languedoc in the 12th century is a case in point and has been used as a blue print over and over again. (7) One major ingredient is the use of mercenaries that go in and create total mayhem, murder and destruction. Beziers has been re created over and over again throughout history. (8) 

As it was with the Catholic Crusade sacking the Orthodox Christian capital of  Constantinople (9) (10), we saw the same game plan using barbaric mercenaries in the 21st century in Libya, we saw it in Syria, we saw it in Egypt (11) . In all these “Arab Springs”and revolutions, ancient Orthodox Christian societies are targeted and Orthodox Christian churches are destroyed. Morsi even wanted to start a war with Ethiopia, 80% Orthodox Christian, no doubt they would be massacred and their churches destroyed as well. His reason for going to war was because of "water resources." (12) 

“Water” is an excuse. An excuse to wreck havoc on another country, and Ethiopia has always been a prize for centuries. Not only for their churches, and the Orthodox Christian churches are truly a marvel, but because it is believed that the Ark of the Covenant is kept there. 

One of the problems Egypt has are their dams. Over the years the silt that comes down the Nile has built up in the dams and as a result the dams have less and less carrying capacity. The solution is of course to dredge these dams on an on going basis. Another very sad by product of these dams is the silt which for thousands of years used to wash down the Nile banks and making it one of the most fertile regions on the planet no longer does so. So over the last couple of years the banks have become less and less fertile which means you now have to bring in fertilisers. You can see the devastation especially in the delta. The silt flowing out of the delta into the sea used to keep the water ways clear of salt water, now because of the lack of silt, the sea water is flooding back up the delta which is detrimental to the soil. 

This "water war" is a  scam, it is an excuse for people like Nestle to privatise water and rob everyone. Desalinisation plants have come a long, long way and then there are atmospheric water generators, plus dredging the dams would contribute to solving water shortage problems with added carrying capacity. 

Back in the Ukraine the Takfiris who crucified Christians in Syria (13) have been sent to to join the Nazis Right Wing sector (14). So we have Roman Catholic extremist Right Wing groups including CIA ( 15) and Blackwater (16) types in Kiev, extremist Muslim Takfiri groups and Zionists such as Yets!

This only confirms my theory. (17) All three are joined at the hip. And have been for centuries. The Hebrew are the decedents of Joseph being Ephraim blessed as the firstborn by Jacob and Yeshua ben Joseph his grandson who established the Promised Land which was a federation of 12 tribes, the highest authority being the Judges, or today would be the equivalent of a Constitutional Court. This versus the tribe of David and Judah who broke the Covenant ( 1 Samuel 8) and established and autocratic  Monarchy and Temple worship, today seen in Zionism and the Western bankers.  

In Christianity we have the earliest Christians in the Orthodox Armenian Churches and texts such as the Gospel of Thomas where James the Righteous was considered the first Bishop versus Rome where Peter sits in the Vatican. Today the onslaught by the predominantly Catholic Western Ukraine is opposed to the predominantly Orthodox Eastern Ukraine.  

In Islam we have the Shiites descended from Mohamed (peace be upon him) and peaceful Muslims versus the extremist Jihad types as in the Muslim Brotherhood and the Takfiris. In Ukraine today all these ingredients are there.

Secondly Putin in particular:

He does not act alone, and anyone who thinks that he does , does not understand Russian politics. He is and always has been a team player and makes decisions within the system and within his party and with the approval of his party.

I found the May 9th Victory Day celebrations interesting to watch. Although Putin was the spokesman, it was never about him it was always about the armed forces and the Veterans. They got the glory. Other world leaders would have used this opportunity for a personal public relations exercise.

Putin is also a lawyer and if you notice, every decision he makes is not only totally within Russian law, but is in accordance with International Law. In fact he has often stressed this point. That countries around the world need to abide by International Law and the Geneva Convention in order to eliminate chaos and not act outside of the law. This is his compass.

Putin, unlike many other world leaders who are more interested in lining their own pockets to the detriment of their own nations, is deeply and totally loyal and faithful to Russia and to the Russian people. Since the financial crash of 1999 he has certainly pulled Russia out of a quagmire of economic destruction. 

I read somewhere that he told the Oligarchs that he would leave them alone on two conditions. 1. They do not interfere in politics. 2. They pay their taxes. Other governments and political parties around the world might want to give this some serious consideration. A separation between commerce and governance and the abolition of corporate funding for politicians and political parties which leads to crony capitalism, fraud and corruption. 

This is in direct opposition to the New World Order concept of a One World Government, One World Bank (18), Corporate Fascist, autocratic system.


Lastly, Putin is very devoted to the Orthodox Church. He sees a direct correlation between his political policies and his religious framework. Russia is a federation and so is the Orthodox Church. They function along similar lines. Leaders are “First among equals,” and he sees his role as President in much the same light . In the same way the different Bishops have autonomy over their regions, so do the different parts of Russia in their federation. This is very similar to Yeshua's establishment of Israel as a federation of 12 tribes and The New Testament also supports this view. (Matt. 4 : 1-11) 

I might be wrong, but so far from what I see, Putin is not part of the Hegelian Dialect (19). He cuts deals, but those deals are within the law and not detrimental to Russia. However, only time will tell how it all pans out.


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