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Quanto Costa, ANC?

10 December 2012, 12:49

Well, ANC brothas and sistas, you have now after many months of in-fighting and even a few murders succeeded in endorsing  Zuma for re-election at Mangaung. But just out of interest: Is Zuma the really the very best you can offer the nation? Surely not but if so, then we’re in serious trouble. I mean, this man is by all accounts way below the lowest common denominator of the ANC’s leadership index. Eish! Bad form, guys!

But, let’s talk money. I mean, money is important, hmm? We all want more shekels in our wallets. It’s human to have security.  And you ANC  guys, understand the language of money!  Oh boy! Moolah speaks to you even better than all eleven official languages. Show you a wallet and we have your undivided attention.

So, how much, guys, will it cost to get rid of Zuma and save South Africa? Quanta costa?

Let me put you in the picture, if you will.

Zuma was a huge mistake! We know it and you ANC guys know it. I mean, nobody wants to be flagellated and walk in shame every day. Even Malema and his ANCYL in their typical befuddled way of thinking admit to that truth. At Polokwane you guys dreamed of a better life ...for yourselves, that is. This is the only Polokwane decision that was implemented with gusto and great success.

At Polokwane you guys met in dark corners and put the daggers to work while quaffing the peaty nectar of the White Man with the Walking Stick. Slainte! Zuma took charge because he was consumed with the vengeance of a disgraced man dreading the thought of facing the court on 700+ charges of corruption.  He hated Mbeki! Also...yes, you guess, he wanted more money. So, he plunged a few daggers, put his spear to active duty and, yes, promised lots of dough to his ANC buddies. Voila! Hey! The future was shining brightly, paved with gold.  

 ANCYL and Cosatu were prepared to die for him and the SACP cheered on in their contrived and outdated dialectics. Zuma, emboldened as he was then, declared the ANC to rule by divine providence till Jesus comes! Hectic! Mbeki, the Iscariot, got kicked out as President and our levels of disbelieve reached a critical stage when we were dumped into a full-scale constitutional crisis. The first of a few to follow. But, WTF! Olé! Let’s party! Next to follow was the awesome spectacle when Mpshe, carefully planted in the NPA, willingly obliged and promptly absolved Zuma of prosecution  on the arms deal  even before  Zumie became president of SA. And another kid or two was conceived. Do these tapes actually exist? Don’t think so.

And you guys dreamed on and became even greedier and more power hungry to grab more dosh. Lekka!

In 2012 the very same Polokwane ANC syndicate, born in shame, in true mafiosi style got together  to save Zuma’s arse and your own skins and we saw the swishing daggers again.  We are about to witness the Don enthroned for another term in the name of ANC unity! Bugger national unity and reconciliation! Bugger economic growth and eradicating corruption and sleaze!  Wow! Needing more dough as you do, these are just not important. So, you ‘lobbied’ and threatened and bought and charmed the mama’s of the ANCWL and organised prayer services and – as expected - the peasants delivered. Give them cake! What more could you ask for?

You zuma-ed us once and will do the same at Monguang; your perverse ecstasy is unbounded. You celebrated then as you will celebrate again. Your recipe for success seems to be working for you although not for us: intimidation, scheming, conniving, money and more money and a few strategic murders. Hey! It works! Lekka!

Our 1994 revolution is being speared mercilessly: You speared Lady Justice and the judiciary, SAPS, the NPA, education, health, the provinces, the national intelligence service, the defence force and even the treasury. You are gunning for the Public protector and the Constitution. What with POIB looming, Zuma’s fiefdom is complete and in true style demands total, uncritical allegiance. “Hallelujah! Our saviour!” the poor, uneducated and destitute cheer on in total submission.

The Spear of the Nation symbolises our horrible nightmare: Unheard of luxury, a super rich extended family which a few years ago was just scraping by, now flitting around in government jets (and even wanting two more luxurious airborne palaces of R2billion +) with his ever present coterie of mates in bondage,  chained in gold chains, Johnny Walkers and Moëties (“just watch our lips while we sip on your behalf”), inflated tenders and blue lighted cavalcades of SUV’s happily ignoring road safety rules while you charge recklessly from here to there and to your luxury, security-fenced and state-sponsored residences.

Nkandla is emblematic of all the wrongs you have done to us. Nkandla  - all R250million plus of it – is  the ultimate of glitz, bling and luxury slapped between the green hills of KZN surrounded by dismal poverty. Nkandla, protected by a 2.4 meter high security fence with bunkers, helipads, bullet proof windows, tug shops, clinics, tarred roads, etc you name it and declared a national key point, has become the impenetrable Berchtesgaden of South Africa, where the plotting can be done in absolute luxury. Hitler? Stalin?

Eish! Good people, the ANC is costing us a lot of money but much more: We are spooked more than ever before by the sapping wariness of racism and intolerance; we’ve lost the promise of a rainbow nation even if it was just a pleasant dream; we’ve lost our hope of a unified and prosperous nation and a better future for all; we have become an aggressive people divided into camps exchanging insults and throwing stones at each other; we find (or hope to find) sanctuary in our homes and immediate neighbourhood behind expensive security walls and alarm systems. Farmers and farm workers are being killed left, right and centre; women are treated like rubbish, raped and assaulted and cast aside and our youth face an uncertain future. Unemployment at all time record levels! We have no shared vision, no inspiration, and no moral fibre linking us together anymore. In short, we’ve become separated and apartheid in its depressing ANC dreamcoat in shades of Stalinist grey, rules again.

This is not what we asked for in 1994! We do not like it!

It’s also costing the ANC. Serio-a-us! You have lost your moral compass completely. You have lost your legitimacy.  The ANC logo exemplifies an odious racism and loathsome intolerance of diversity and divergent opinions. You exude a sick arrogance in direct proportion to your failures and incompetence. The records are there to see: Most municipalities are underperforming, not delivering or bankrupt. Precious tax money disappear into the greedy pockets of tenderpreneurs – a term Zuma can lay claim to- and squandered or wasted on the salaries and parties for over-staffed and bulging municipal and civil service offices. Infrastructure is in a mess. Telkom, Eskom, The Post Office, SABC, ad nauseam. The social accord and trust that once existed – brittle as it was - between society and the ANC is in tatters. Any loyal support the ANC can claim is from the deployed cadres and those already beholden by means of tenders and favours or from those mired in the blissful ignorance of blind loyalty or otherwise if all fails, by brutal intimidation.

The ANC has lost its credibility. It’s x-rayed in its brutal nakedness for all to see.

So, ANC, what do you want?

Do you want respect? Do you want to be able to claim a moral stance again? Do you want to be once again a beacon of hope in Africa, an emblem of what Africa can achieve on the global scene? Do you want to restore hope in a better future for all Saffers? Do you want to be able to claim as a success a unified, reconciled and proud society across the land in future?

Right! So here’s the deal: Don’t – do not! - ‘zuma ‘us again, stop spearing us and forcing more nkandla’s down our throats. Flush and disinfect that cesspool of inequity, corruption and sleaze extending from Luthuli House to Nkandla and the Presidency and cover it with concrete never to be reopened again, like Chernobyl. Do this – it will take time and you must deliver – and then we can talk.

If you as the ANC want to go down in history as a party that stood for fairness and justice that worked selflessly for the good of all, well, then we may over time consider to afford you our precious respect that you so crave and recognise your dignity from the Presidency to Luthuli House. Then you won’t have to pass a Stalinist law to clothe the naked president with respect and dignity. Eish!

You see, the irony is that we won’t pay you as you no doubt expect. You are too expensive; we can’t afford you. Hell no! No more dosh for you! You owe us and it’s payback time!

At Mangaun in December, be good Saffers and think of flowers and fountains for all – a real Bloemfontein. Think of the good of all South Africa! Dream of our shared prosperity!  Think of the poor and destitute! Think of those millions of uneducated and unemployed young people across the land without hope! (Is there anybody that can dispute this?) Dream of good things; think of rainbows, non-racialism, national unity and reconciliation, and yes! think – if you can - of growth in democracy (please, not old Blade’s hollow Stalinist concept); dream of growth in the economy and employment, growth in superb education, health services, in less mortality, and equality. Dream of peace and less crime, think of just the very best for all South Africans. These are the things we are dreaming about. Look, you owe us big! Be brave and good if you dare! Do that and we may reciprocate with a measure of goodwill!  But understand that our goodwill is precious and expensive.

To be good is easy! It’s possible! Just do not zuma us again! Please, do not nkandla us again and just stop spearing us! It’s not nice.

It’s your choice. Just do the right thing for the good of all South Africa.

A luta continua! For us; not for the ANC! We deserve a good future.

Amandla! Freedom! Vryheid! Viva Saffers! Viva!

Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika.

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