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Re: The reason I believe in a god

12 December 2012, 11:41

Since your article exudes more intelligence and education than that of most ‘believers’ here, I’ll respond to certain points you made. The mere fact that I will respond to your argument shows that I don’t lump you in the category where the uneducated believers sit... though I may change my opinion on that after I go through your article again.

I am not one of those people who force their beliefs down other people’s throats. I believe that you are entitled to believe in whatever you want to believe, irrespective of what I might think.

I’m sorry, no thinking person could agree that we can all just believe what we want to believe. What a preposterous notion of fairness this is. It is exactly because people believe what they want as opposed to the reality staring them in the face that the human race is in the dilemma it finds itself in. I suppose when my lecturers taught me how the atom works I had a choice to believe them or not based on how I felt about the matter. I know you are smart enough to get what I’m trying to say, so onto the next remark.

I believe in a God because that is what I choose to believe. I love Him and I respect Him, it is because of this that I am religious, however, let’s play the worst case game. If you, the atheist, are correct and there is no God then we both just don’t exist anymore. If I am correct then I have a chance to end up in heaven and you in hell. So basically a lose/lose scenario for you and a win/lose scenario for me. I will gladly take my odds over yours.

Ok you are starting to make me regret that I took the time to respond to you properly. You believe in god because you choose to. Well I stopped believing in god when I realised that the only proof for his existence is the burbling and scribbling of people who lived in the desert, thousands (count them, THOUSANDS) of years ago. Reflect on how stupid, irrational, and superstitious just our grandparents are and then multiply that by 200, then you get an idea of how backward biblical authors were.

Nice to see Pascal’s wager is still a novel concept to some people. But for it to work you have to believe in ALL purported gods because Pascal’s wager does not cover you if Allah reigns supreme! And (in case you’ve not noticed) none of the monotheistic religions tolerate your worshipping more than one god – so plainly put, you are fucked. Here is what I expect any ‘intelligent, merciful’ god to say if I ever meet him face to face. “Man! You were some of my best work… I just couldn’t fool you with all that scripture, you needed some actual proof. Thanks for your honesty and diligence. Welcome to heaven!”

But that is what a real intelligent being would do, not the dictator invented by people who were still savages.

I also see a lot of atheists asking for proof. I do not have proof, however I do have an interesting theory that might interest you. Before you scream and shout about “no proof” just remember that your side isn’t really much better. You can’t explain how something came out of nothingness or even what came before it (Big Bang) OR how the first living organism came into being in order to evolve (Evolution).

I really LOVE how believers always nullify the purpose and value of proof whenever they want to argue the case for god’s existence. Rendier, I think you are a damn racist, a murderer, and a rapist, but I have no proof, none the less, hear me out and prove to me that you are not those things. Do I really have to dumb this down so much for someone who claims he is University educated?

Our side isn’t much better you say? Ok, I’ll bite. There is a reason we say the universe started with a big bang and is 13.7billion years old, that humans evolved from primates, that all life evolved from simpler life, and that life at its simplest level adheres to all the principles of chemistry. There is a reason why we say humans have no soul and that prophecy is bullshit and that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. We have proof that has not been debunked by anybody but those who have to suspend reason to sustain faith! What is really odd, however, is how those who claim to know the most powerful being in the universe, his real name, his desires, wishes, and commandments for us, have NOTHING to back up their claims! That is right, nothing but a misplaced sense of entitlement to ‘believe as they wish’ and Pascal’s wager to provide the logic part.

Believers CANNOT have respect for proof because then they could not remain believers… you get it? I hope you don’t work in Law because you will send people to jail just because they ‘look like they could have done it.’

Seriously, did you write this garbage just to inflate your social media following? I work in marketing dude, and I know the tactics from a mile away… that or you really are proof that idiots can make it through university just fine – showing what an SA education has been reduced to!

The Theory I came across goes as follows:

“You can't think of anything that doesn't exist, in some form. Any thoughts we have are descriptions of elements that exist in the world. You might claim you can think of things like unicorns, which do not exist. But even when thinking of things that don't exist in its entirety, the unicorn for example is composed of things that do exist, meaning, a horse and a horn, both exist in its own form. Therefore even if we think about things that don't exist in totality, the individual parts do exist. We can combine existing elements to make novel items, but that's the extent of it. Can you think of an example of a thought which does not exist, at least in terms of its constituent parts? It's like trying to imagine a color that isn't part of the visible spectrum.”

That is not a theory, but I can’t reasonably expect a humanities major to understand what a theory is. It is like expecting a physicist to know what the ‘Fundamental attribution error’ is. Of course, if this were a theory with evidence to back it up, then we would be learning about it and not the big bang. This is the part you ‘non-scientific’ people don’t get about science… your little poems, mental wanderings expressed through illogical prose (as the above) have already been dealt with by scientists. They don’t accept those ‘theories’ because none of them line up with reality (or even logic, in most cases).

Now with the above being said it’s reasonable to assume we had to encounter a “God” in order to make thoughts about him. We had to experience him otherwise how could we think of something that didn’t exist? In some shape or form that first human being experienced and encountered a “God” in order to tell future generations about him. Now I will admit it might not be the God I believe in however it does indicate, to me at least, that someone had to encounter a God.

Oh my goodness. I guess I must think of you as an idiot because you must really be one. Or maybe I can somehow not believe in god because god does not exist and your theory states I can’t think or know something that is not… even that is illogical

Your article is not the deductions of a thinking mind, it is the gushing of jesus slave imprisoned by its own irrationality.

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