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Sin, Hell fire and Damnation

20 April 2012, 11:32

Part 2 

If you have not read Part 1 you should read it now as the article will be in context and will flow better and therefore be easier for you to read as a whole. Go here first:

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Sin, Hell fire and Damnation

There are some Christians on MyNews 24 who condemn atheists and non Christians to hellfire and damnation (yes you do). Atheists are condemned and face this horrible and gruesome future devised by a  megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully (to quote Dawkins) god because of the dastardly offence of unbelief in a supernatural divinity -  even though there is overwhelming evidence for biological and galactic evolution  and condemning evidence of an inert, silent and absent (non existent) god in preventing evil things happening on earth that unfortunate good and bad people suffer afflictions daily from such as : poverty, famine, pestilences, plagues (disease), genocides, tsunamis, hurricanes, syphilis infected dictators, rape, murder, thefts etc. Atheists are told that it is not there Gods fault (God forbid, it never is his fault and blasphemy to suggest it is) and he is not to blame. God created bacterium that causes gruesome disease like leprosy, mind blowing fearful viruses like Ebola and AIDS, and parasites that cause blindness in children etc? To be more Biblically accurate Jesus actually created them as he created all things. Apparently it is Adam’s and our depraved sin nature (human) that has caused Andromeda’s box to be opened. You see we are told (as if it makes any sense) that sin has justified God for his cruelty and has allowed him to pour out this evil on mankind.

Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Ancestor worshipers, etc will all follow the same fate as the despised and hated atheists because they do not come to God the Father by the Son who is the way, the truth, the life and the door to God. Of course let’s not leave out believers who are dirty rotten sinners, like; gay people, hypocrites, liars, drunkards, traitors, blasphemers and even people Jesus does not know, though they use his name to cast out demons and heal the sick. Even people who do not vote for the ANC will be cast into hell. Hell must be the biggest torture chamber structure in the universe because it seems every one is going there. Muslims say all infidels (non Muslims) are going to hell. Jews very much the same as they regarded non Jews (Gentiles) as dogs. Catholics condemn every non Catholic to hell as they do not come to God via the holy Roman church. Protestants condemn Catholics to hell as well, calling them Babylon the great whore. (What about lawyers, politicians, second hand car salesmen, mother in laws etc the list is endless.) The Dutch Reform adherents are the predestined chosen ones and they are saved from birth and go straight to heaven. As well as the born again charismatic brigade, they also go straight to heaven, but only if there tithes are up to date and they have not robbed God and they are planting seeds, otherwise they go to hell as they do not have enough oil in there lamp and they are not wise virgins. 

Lets look at a disturbing (you have been warned) but vivid depiction of hell from the middle ages:

 “Everything vanishes into deep gloom in the distance. The air smells foetid, with an acrid tinge; of decay with sickly sweet perfume over it to cover the smells of death; orange blossoms mixed with hospital smells. All of these are sufficiently subtle to not be too noticeable, but are sickening all the same. The stench of Hell has too much in the blend and changes too often for anyone to become used to it and stop noticing it. The sky over Hell is a uniform grey, perhaps made up of clouds, but with no details whatsoever so it is hard to tell from the ground. Close up it is in fact a hideous grey fog. Inside this fog it stinks of excrement, oil, smog, sickness, slaughter-houses and everything hideous. The damned in Hell have a continual miraculous healing effect upon them, so that they may be tortured for eternity, eternally recovering so that they may be tormented again. The damned do not breathe, nor do they cast shadows. In Hell they are sunk in excrement, the true equivalent of their false flatteries on earth. They have also been physically altered so that excrement comes out of their mouths whenever they speak. They are constantly attacked by snakes and sometimes when they are bitten, they combust into flames and then into a heap of ash. Within a few seconds, the ashes came to form again, confused and in torment. At other times the bite of the snakes (actually transformed sinners) steal the human form of the sinner, turning the snake back into a human, while the sinner becomes a snake. At other times yet, the snakes "curl themselves about the sinners like living coils of rope, binding each sinner's hands behind his back, and knotting themselves through his loins. No ivy ever grew about a tree as tightly as that monster wove itself limb by limb about the sinner's body; they fused like hot wax, and their colours ran together until neither wretch nor monster appeared what he had been when he began. Just as their sin was to rend asunder what God had meant to be united, so are they hacked and torn through all eternity by a great demon with a bloody sword. After each mutilation the souls are compelled to drag their broken bodies around the pit and to return to the demon, for in the course of the circuit their wounds knit in time to be inflicted anew. All of the sinners here are plagued with different types of illnesses, including leprosy (which creates the circle's terrible stench), rabies (with the rabid running about biting people), and sexually transmitted diseases. All of the sinners drag themselves on the ground because they are so weak that they are unable to walk. They suffer an eternal thirst, cracked tongue and bloated belly. They can hear and see water a few feet ahead of them, but are unable to reach it, they suffer a continual intense fever, so intense that their body continually smokes, as if cooking..………….."  Dante’s inferno

How can a loving, merciful, good, great, wonderful, awesome etc God create such a place? Jesus was and is used by Popes, Senior Pastors of Mega Churches, Politicians and others to control and manipulate the gullible masses.  In fact one Pope stated that”this Jesus myth has served us well.” Religion uses politics and politics uses religion. They are one and the same as they both control their followers with fear and lies that they can never deliver upon.   

Jesus loves you and you have rejected him is a statement used to excuse God from any blame. You see it is our own “free will” choice. Is it not presumptuous and ridiculous for Jesus to express his love for me before I was even born? How does he actually know me if I only come into existence eighty generations later? Am I not placed in an embarrassing predicament of guilt and shame, (from a young age) for apparently being the cause for his death on a cruel cross? Consequently, we now have to respond and love him back or go to hell. Would any sane person honestly choose to go to hell?

Making a decision based on two opposites, does not constitute “choice” because it would then not be choice, but an ultimatum, a demand and a threat. It is a proven fact that it is difficult to make the right decision under emotional stress and blackmail. Information obtained by torture at an interrogation is usually suspect. That is why most people who respond to an altar call after an emotional sermon fall away. They respond to emotional statements like: “Hell or Heaven! Choose this day! Blessing or curses! Follow your heart not your head! As for me and my house we will serve the Lord! If you do not come to Jesus now as your saviour, you will meet him as your Judge and then be sent to hell. Will the circle be unbroken when we meet in that City of gold in the sweet bye and bye. How can you reject Gods love? Come to Jesus, oh sinner come home! Let Jesus into your heart!” 

A choice would be between: Heaven A (Mauritius) or Heaven B (Seychelles) not between Siberia (Hell) and Barbados (Heaven). Who would choose curses over blessing? So something is wrong. For no one would choose to go to hell. Similar to being drafted into the defence force and the superior officer asks for volunteers - You, you and you. (One has no option if your Officer commands you, now do you?)  So why is there even a place like hell for humans when no one would want to go there?? There really is no literal hell waiting for unbelievers: Read Dr. Alan E. Bernstein's Formation of Hell: Death and Retribution in the Ancient and Early Christian Worlds. Dr. T.J. Wray and Dr. Gregory Mobley's The Birth of Satan: Tracing the Devil's Biblical Roots.  

Why is supposedly perfect love even involved with perfect evil by making hell in the first place for fallen angels and humans? Is that divine love? Why is there even a hell? Why use the carrot and a stick? Would you treat your child, your spouse, your neighbour or any one you love like that? Imagine telling some one I love you and if you do not love me I will cast you in the lake of fire to be burned, damned, tortured and tormented for eternity. Will you kick your dog for ten years because of disobedience? One can perhaps understand it if one was a mass murderer like Hitler, Stalin, Mugabe and other mad dictators. No sir, just because you rejected Christ. If a Hitler-type person responded to an altar call and accepted Christ he would go to heaven. However if a Mother Theresa type did not accept and respond to an altar call, thereby rejecting Christ, she would burn in hell for ever. In light of this, one could be justified in asking whether or not there really is a God in heaven? If there is, where is his divine justice and you would be entitled to ask him why does the punishment of infinite hell not fit the finite offence of unbelief?

“No”, you would be told, “you do not understand that heaven was made for you and hell was made for the devil. Ok so why am I going there? The answer is because you rejected Christ and Jesus loves you. You see you were born in sin and you are going to where sinners are kept for eternity. Why was I born in sin? Because Adam sinned! Then why did Adam sin? If it was because of Satan, why did he sin? Why did God make Adam (supposed to be in the image of God) with free choice knowing he would sin? There are no answers! In fact there are more questions than answers! There is another question one could ask. “If evil did not exist before Adam sinned, how could Adam know that what he was about to do, by disobeying Gods command not to eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge, was evil?” How was he to know that it was wrong to disobey God? Was he not innocent like a new born baby? He must have been set up, like in a sting operation!  

Doctrine of Original Sin: Adam's sin has grave consequences for humanity, it is the source of human sinfulness, depravity, mortality and enslavement to sin, and all human beings participate in his sin and share his guilt and are in need of a saviour. 

Why did God allow an evil and rebellious Satan any where near man the pinnacle of loving creation?  Would you willingly allow a known and convicted paedophile near your much-loved creation your own children? The idea of being punished for a crime committed by someone else is unethical, incredulous, ridiculous and unacceptable! Original sin belongs to each of us because it belongs to all? It is Eve’s fault for tempting Adam into sin and so she must now suffer for that in painful child birth and forever be oppressed by man.

Oh really. God created Adam from dust and then created Eve from Adam's rib and the two of them hooked up and had two kids: both male. So, unless Eve was doing it with Cain or Able (or both of them), which breaks at least two commandments, there wasn't any procreating going on in the Garden of Eden. But are we all descendants of Adam and Eve? What does science say about this? Students of biology know with as near a certainty as knowledge is capable of that all organisms on earth are related. All use DNA or RNA as their genetic code. The code for turning DNA into protein is hugely similar in all cases and identical in most cases, and the records of fossils leave no doubt that the time span involved in the creation of modern multi cellular life has been about 3.5 billion years, most of which was spent with only unicellular creatures inhabiting the earth. 

If humans are descended from a non-human ancestor, which biology shows definitively, then the story of Adam and Eve is wrong in its particulars without question. It is not even a valuable metaphor for people who don't accept it as true, because it suggests that humans have some special status beyond that of other creatures. Additionally, it suggests that we have "dominion" over the earth, which is a terrible idea that has created a very dangerous mindset in many human beings. 

Therefore the Biblical creation story is not literally true and Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden are myths and not historical figures. In fact the Genesis creation account is nothing more than a demythologised myth. Thus the idea / doctrine / teaching of original sin is destroyed. There can be no inherited guilt or punishment for the fall of Adam as it did not literally happen outside the context of the Bible. There is therefore no need for a Saviour to atone for sin as no sin was committed. Unfortunately for Christians there is more evidence; Human Genome mapping reveals that Adam and Eve could not have existed, at least in the way they’re portrayed in the Bible. Genetic data show no evidence of any human bottleneck as small as two people: there are simply too many different kinds of genes around for that to be true. There was no single original Adam and Eve but rather ten thousand of them in Africa. That’s as small a population as our ancestors had, for our DNA cannot be traced back to just two individuals. These are the scientific facts and therefore we can dismiss a physical Adam and Eve with scientific certainty.

To be contd.

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