South Africa, we embarrass ourselves!!!

2015-01-20 07:44
South Africa, we are an embarrassment. An embarrassment to ourselves, an embarrassment to all the hard work that was done to secure Nelson Mandela's release. An embarrassment to the nation building that followed after 1994.
I did not vote in the 1994 elections, because I was young to do so at the time. But all those who voted then, is this what you voted for, a society that is increasingly becoming polarized along racial lines? When you stood in those long winding queues and put THAT cross on the ballot paper, what was the feeling in your heart? I am sure it was not a feeling of hatred, I am sure it was not a feeling of anger sweeping the nation. I am sure it was a feeling of freedom, of hope, of a society that knew its problems, but also knew that a new dawn has come and those problems will be challenged and the nation, of black, white, colored and Indian people will work together to face those challenges and overcome them.
The foundations were laid to face those challenges and progress was made. Unfortunately those gains are being reversed so fast that it is quite scary, what is even scarier is that no one seems to be prepared to stop this reversal. 

The young people born in a democratic South Africa were not supposed to be exposed to such awful racist behavior,they were supposed to live in a free South Africa, yet all they are being fed on a daily basis is adults behaving badly and using race as a fighting tool, just because they don't want to face the challenges the country has, they don't want to accept the responsibility of the problems of this country. And here I am referring to the first citizen of the country.
The President of the country MUST NEVER be seen or heard to be dividing the nation, yet all I have heard in the past few months from Mr President is racial slurs, from apartheid is the reason why the "prince of darkness" keep visiting us every now and then...really now? How about being truthful and talk about the facts. Apartheid was the reason why black people did not have electricity in those years, incompetence and lack of management from Eskom and the government is the reason why ALL South Africans do not have electricity now. To keep on blaming apartheid for all the failures of this country is to tell to have defeated me, and all I am hearing from the President is exactly that, a man who has been defeated, defeated in running the country, defeated in building the nation to work together to make this country the best it can be, defeated to manage his subordinates, defeated to manage himself, defeated to lead us all.
Jan Van Riebeck...the first I heard about the man was in primary school history. Never have I ever thought that he would cause such a stir in 2015. Instead of solving this country's, problems people are pre occupied with this man who died many years ago. I am not sure stirring up the past the way it has been done lately is what this country needs. 
When we hear the President say such things, we all just get stirred up emotionally and anger comes to the fore. There is a lot of anger amongst South Africans of all races, and we are all taking it out on each other. We are in fact angry at the government, but we don't seem to know how to take it out on the government. We are a angry because of lack of accountability from the government, all the corruption that is rampant from the bottom to the top. We are angry at the fact that we wake up every morning, work very hard, pay our taxes, all forms of taxes and all we see happen to OUR money is mismanagement. Every time you drive into that pothole you curse, this is where my money should have been spend on, not to built a tuckshop somewhere in KZN. We are angry about the collapse of the parastals, Eskom being the one that hurts us most. We are angry about the e-tolls, we are angry about the never ending commissions of enquiry, we are angry about the never ending cases that goes to courts as a results of people in government just not liking each other, we are angry about the state of our education system, of our health system. We are angry that children in Limpopo use the bush as toilets and are being told " we are working on it "...a year later. We are angry at all the excuses. And YES we are angry about the most famoust address in South Africa, NKANDLA. We have a lot to be angry about, but why do we take it out on each other. 
Anger on not, we are where we are and unfortunately we are moving back to where we were. 
We need to understand the responsibility we all have as citizens of this country, the responsibility to built this nation not break it. The comments sections on most online articles are so racial(from all races) it is embarrassing, even an article about something positive and totally non racial, ends up being a black vs white match.Social media is a just as bad. The sad thing is, in these forums, some black people assume all white people are the same and similar goes for some white people about black people. We need to grow up people and attack problems instead of hiding behind race. The number one citizen is hellbent on breaking all of us into racially intolerant people. Presidents come and go, and sooner or later he will go, but a nation will remain. Do not let government and the anger we rightly feel break us, it will be a harder road to travel. There is no one of Mandela's calibre to build this nation. That job is left to us, the multiracial citizens if this country.
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