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South African leaders of today and yesterday

23 July 2014, 12:20
SA today
South Africa today is a country of corruption and propaganda. The smoke and mirrors of politicians. Allow me to clear the smoke for a bit and point out the actions taken by our various leaders in the past. 
ApartheidApartheid was by no means a good thing, but when the leaders of apartheid knew that they were going to hand over powers to the people, they made sure that there was enough infrastructure in the country to last at least another 10 years. The power system during apartheid gave eskom their extra edge to product power cheaper than municipalities in the 90’s and thus the municipalities closed their power plants for eskom. There is a major water project over the Drakensberg called the Tugela Vaal project and it pumps water from one side of the Drakensberg to the other. The road infrastructure was laid expecting no one to touch it for 10 years. For all the bad things that happened during apartheid, the infrastructure to the country's future was done well. They, the apartheid government after 1990 prepared the country to go through instabilities and problems but give the people enough time to sort it out.
Nelson mandelaNelson was the only person in South Africa that could have done what he did. There was no one else to stabilize this country when apartheid ended. He did a brilliant job in reducing racism and aggressive perspectives people had of others. Nelson set the landing pad for the planes to land the set the grounds for a country to work and work well together.
MbekiMbeki did little for South Africa in terms of social stability, we all know his statement on the aids problem, that did not win him any points. He also was involved in 2 minor arms procurement contracts that drew the eyes of the scorpions. What Mbeki did for the country, could be compared to that of apartheid in preparing the infrastructure. He set up multiple trading platforms for Africa and getting African countries to work together. He also organized multiple trade platforms for South Africa to better trade with Europe, Japan and South America, he basically set us up as a player for the BRICS community. Mbeki also set up the AU, the African Union, this is a milestone that can be compared to the great presidents of America, Prime Minister of UK and Russian president at the end of WW2 with the forming of the UN. In all Mbeki set South Africa with a platform to be competitive and profitable when trading with other countries, basic economic stability. 
Jacob zumaNow this gets interesting, let me first start with the good things……. I dont know of any. He showers after he has slept with a women with aids and he knows she has aids. Is willing to sacrifice his well being for pleasure? He promises favouring the people but how can one say that when they send all the money else where. If a president wanted the benefit the people, his priorities should be security, education and stability in that order. We have more problems with crime than any other leader we had before. Education is a mess and healthcare in a lot of the country is not accessable. We are also the only democracy in this country to pay to have the presidents house upgraded, his personal house that he goes to once he has finished serving the people. Not to mention the huge paycheck of 2.6 million a year he gets, I thought this would have been enough for a humble person to feel satisfied that he is being rewarded for his duties that he performs as a president. So he gets a free house upgrade and 2.6 million a year. His house cost 200 million plus to build. That money came from the taxpayers, the businesses and the people that earn enough to be taxed. It does not come from the poor man on the street. These are the groups that are needed, if the country wants to be stable. They supply the funds that the government uses to repair our roads, education, health and security. These people are also not stupid and if they see that their money is not going to stabilize the country they will leave and give their money to a government that will be responsible with their hard earned money. This is the problem of the skills shortage coming to light, the smart people are leaving because they understand how a country is run and where the money goes. The question they will ask themselves is, why am I paying for someone else to spend my money on their house? Then there is the billion rand arms deal, Zuma is the key to the hole thing and Shabiers brother was in charge of arms procurement at the time and he made a last minute change to the order thus benefiting the more expensive arms company and costing the country billions for equipment we did not need. Everyone forgets that during apartheid SA was continuously preparing for war, what happened to all that hardware? Why did we even need that order? To know the answer speak to Shabiers brother. Then there are the Gupta’s I understand a person having friends etc.. but if you are friends with a family on the level that Zuma says then he would have tried to be at the wedding out of respect for the family even if it was for a shor period of time. This means that his relationship with the Gupta’s is purely business and there are no social aspects to it, for the president to have a business relationship with a unproven, corrupt businessman, is asking to be corrupted. In short Zuma’s moral values are so low he could see one person killing another over money and he will ask the person with the money how much will you pay me to keep quiet. During Mbeki’s time there were huge investigations into the arms procurement and Zuma came out as one of the orchestrators, these court battles went all the way to the Constitutional courts, Zuma did not pay for any of his legal fees, in which country around the world would a company pay for lawyers to protect a man that might have caused the problem. I can tell you now that there is no business in the world that would do that. Zuma should have been given a state lawyer and left it at that, he should not be aloud to get external private layers at huge costs, this sounds like communism when the leader in charge, that person is more important than everyone else even though everyone is treated equally. The interesting part is that the people that pay for the layers are the people that do not vote the government in. I see no respect of the people there and it is thus unconstitutional in the way it is done. There is no respect in taking another person's money that is meant to improve the lives of every South African.Before the last elections R 1 billion was taken from the petro SA bank account and it disappeared, the money was meant to be used to pay a oil company for delivering oil. But the money was gone, the state ended up paying for the oil and the R 1 billion never investigated or heard of again. Subsequently the ANC election treasure trove grew and quite a few of the hench hanchoes said “we have a 1 billion to use”. The Library I find so entertaining, we have a president that cares more about influencing the people than actually doing a good job, all the books he has is about self motivation and how to communicate better with people. He has no books on history, politics or law. How can he be president if he does not keep up to date, with modern laws and politics that is happening. Judge Hlophe, if any one remembers how this started, it started by Hlophe mentioning to one of the other Judges during the Zuma arms trial, that Zuma was not corrupt and that the case should be dismissed. This was behind the scenes, he is now looking to lose his job and yet again the state paid for all his lawyers. Prisoners, under Zuma’s rule there have been 2 convicted politicians that have both gotten out of prison on health problems, when they clearly do not have problems. They are both meant to have died but they still walking around doing their thing.Hypocritical statements, our leaders now seem to fill their mouths with words from the enemy just turning them around on the opposing group, this is a very common event in all african countries. Example is the DA wanted the NDP to invest in the youth start more jobs etc… the NDP said the funds where not available for that and that it would not be done, the best part is 3 months later that the youth need to be more involved in the NDP….Leaders and implementers, this is the one thing that has confused me the most the ANC does have leaders but you never hear of them, this is a quote from one of them “We are here because people voted and we are in power," ANC MP Jerome Maake said. The difference is that this is a leader, there are no implementers in the ANC, there is no one that can implement something to work properly without some form of corruption. 
UnionsThe unions are the other leaders of our people their responsibility is to make sure people get paid and human rights are not eroded at companies. They are fulfilling this responsibility maybe a bit too well. With no understanding of their actions. The unions have no knowledge on how hope ca destroy people, the unions are making promises to the workers that the companies that pay the workers can not fulfill. When the employers can’t pay the workers they strike and cause damage to property, this is the anger of hope, when the hope that you have been given gets taken away people become angry. The only group that could give those promises are the corporates and even that is undetermined because business changes fast as seen in the recession. The unions have no understanding of businesses, they do not understand how the business they operate works and they do not respect it. If the unions were more involved in the corporates and less involved in the people we would have a better group of unions leading the workers. the Unions are bleeding this country for money. Unions get paid based on the total salary of the employee so if the employee gets paid more there is more money for the unions. what the unions are doing is giving promising and forcing corporates into corners where they have to give the increases even though the corporate knows it will be detrimental to growth within the company and future security of the company. To cater for these problems the company charges more for everything and in turn increases inflation. The massive increases by the unions are also used to buy votes for the ANC. The unions and the workers have no faith in their employers as though the employer is the devil, and they want nothing to do with them other than bring them down, this in turn causes the employee to lose their job the union will not lose much at all.Black rules whites, this is the unions true objective, to ensure that the black man rules the white and not works together, to get someone into a leadership roles takes years, to get a CEO into a company that is non white and has no experience in the sector is asking for problems. Like the CEO’s of Telkom and Eskom in the past. The increases are greater than inflation every year this raises the cost of living throughout south africa, the more strikes there are the harder it will be for everyone else to live. It is a chain onto itself and it is causing a major recursive problem for this country. The unions love hijacking a company, the teachers union strike a month before finals almost every year. The mine workers strike before the end of the quarter. The strikes are organised for maximum impact and fear, it is seen as a direct attack against the company. 

Some food for thought, from 1994 - 1998 we thought of ourselves as a great country that had dreams and aspirations. From 1998 - 2004 we thought of ourselves as a country normal interms of the world standard, we were not great but we knew what we could accomplish. From 2004 to the present we as a country do not respect our country or our authority.Whenever an political party claims it will get specific numbers in an election it is a clear indication and sign of corruption within the elections. I refuse to vote in this years election because they are going to be rigged. This article specializes in analyzing the actions that the leaders have taken while in power, it does not look at the ANC as a whole. The ANC is the only party to have an investment arm, and this investment arm gets government contracts, surely this is a conflict of interest where a party benefits from the state, a party should only get benefits and support from people of the country and not the state or business. The only reason why the ANC still has its power is because it has the money. ANC set aside 8 billion rand to create jobs in this country, this initiative was started when Zuma came into power, so far only a couple thousand jobs have been created. Another party organize a flat panel factory for R100 000 and helped with the tax breaks, the factory is going to create 10 000 jobs permanently and 50 000 during construction. This took 3 months to organize. Recently the SAPS has been set up as a nationally governed body, so the party that is incharge of the country is in charge of the SAPS. The SAPS has gang squads in Gauteng and Freestate, there are non in the Western Cape. When the riots in the CBD occur no one is ever arrested even for breaking property and vandalism but you will be arrested if you are trying to escape the stampede, in a building. 
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