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Stop calling South Africa a democracy!

23 January 2014, 13:11

The greatest tomfoolery of the minority white population in South Africa is its default assumption that it is, in fact, black voters who are somehow incompetent of how the mechanisms of the ballot paper are used to improve the Republic. Ironically, most white, educated South Africans can’t even tell me the difference between a democracy and a constitutional democracy (or republic).

Let’s get one thing damn straight: South Africa is not a democracy! South Africa is a **REPUBLIC**, and there are some major differences between the two. So let me now school those who don’t know the difference between a democracy and a republic, and they will learn that the difference is all the difference in the world!

A democracy is a lynch mob … or, as Benjamin Franklin put it, “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.”  Democracy is the favourite tool of the anarchist and the demagogue. Why? Because it is usually in the pit of anarchy that the demagogue is born, and demagogues who aren’t born of royalty or with sufficient influence need the support of a majority to assume the throne or presidency—the very definition of a democracy.

Democracy is the conduit that delivers to nations rulers in the form of dictators and oligarchies (powerful groups) because it guarantees that anyone or any group who can find favour with the masses will inevitably rule over them. That is democracy, and nobody would deny that.

And rest assured, democracy will always result produce incompetent rulers and broken economies because of a simple truth that neither liberals nor the common man want to accept: Stupid, uneducated, and foolish people always outnumber smart, educated, and wise people, in any culture and population on the planet, irrespective of at which point in history you take the measurement. This is a primary reality of human civilization, regardless of how advanced we may have become or how much knowledge we posess—the haves will always be outnumbered by the have nots.

You will perpetually hear the word democracy flow from the lips of those who seek an unfair advantage in accessing the levers of power. Nobody who loves power hates democracy. The power hungry only abandon democracy after they have obtained the power they sought through democracy.

It takes no special cognitive ability to see that democracy is a very bad thing for the future progress and stability of a nation. Even Ancient Greece, the inventors of democracy, fell on turbulent times as one leader after another was supplanted by a more charismatic and popular tyrant more tune with the grasping masses.

So what is the alternative then? It already exists; in fact, you are standing within the protective walls of the superior replacement for democracy: a republic—otherwise known as a constitutional democracy.

In a constitutional democracy (or republic), the democratic process is retained to allow the people to select their leaders, but democracy’s fangs and venom glands removed, which means so are the fangs and venom glands of those who finally reach the presidential office by way of the democratic vote.

Whereas in a democracy the despot or the aristocratic groups (oligarchies) that reach the top become militant and then turn on the very people who helped them ascend to the seats of power, turning the society over which they rule into a prison state … in a  republic, the tyrant or the cadre of elites would still become the rulers, but they would have to abide by and wield their power in accordance to the limitations imposed by the constitution, that or risk having their authority (and power) revoked.

So when you have 65% of the people voting to have that which belongs to the remaining 35%, in a true democracy, the 35% ends up under the clubs of the lynch mob of democracy and becomes the latest casualty of democracy. In a republic, the 65% majority will have their preferred leaders, but the 35% remainder will have nothing to fear because the new leaders are bound by the constitution protecting the 35% minority’s right to be.

If you are starting to think that ruling a republic is somewhat anti-climactic because any power-obsessed group or person would not have the thing they desire most, namely total power, then you are beginning to understand why politicians LOVE democracy and hate republics.

No politician in the west will ever tell you that they support the republic! Western politicians only ever endorse democracy because it allows them to rub their hands together as they wait for their turn to wield the political club. Thus, the western politician will do ANYTHING for democracy—including lie, cheat, beg, and steal, as we have so frequently observed in the west. Don’t think for a second that the DA is not guilty of this as much as the ANC is. No political party should be trusted when it trumpets DEMOCRACY for the masses!

The next time a campaigning politician wants to talk to you about democracy, ask them what the letters RSA stand for. Watch them choke the words out … republic of South Africa.

I am very fortunate to live in a true republic, namely the Republic of Singapore. I know that many democracy-obsessed western nations like to call Singapore ‘a neutered form of democracy,’ but that is exactly what you want in a republic or constitutional democracy! I can tell you that a republic is stable, safe, and practically all its citizens enjoy prosperity in some form or another. I would never leave the sanctity of a republic to again be swept up in the political and economic turbulence of a democracy!

America, too, was founded as a constitutional democracy, a republic, and that is why it became the most powerful nation in the world so quickly—a world leader in every way. But because of the systematic dumbing down of the American population, by the influence power-hungry lobbyists and fascists have on the education system and the media, the average American now gleefully accepts that America is a ‘true democracy.’ America is not a democracy! The founding fathers of America absolutely hated the word democracy, which is why I could use Benjamin Franklin’s quote to demonstrate what democracy really represents.

You can now see what I alluded to earlier: Groups born from anarchy … trying to brainwash the common man in the street into accepting pure democracy—all in the hope of one day reaching the control room of the state and then doing as they please.

Similar to American, South Africa is now starting to feel the pressure of its dumbed-down education system that allows politicians to convince everyone (whites included) that democracy (majority rule, AKA populism) is desirable, and that minorities had best embrace their irrelevance.

There is one thorn in the Republic of South Africa’s foot, though: South Africa’s constitutional democracy allows the republic to be dissolved and a democratic state to supplant it … provided a two-thirds majority vote can be secured by any party or leader. Once the winner(s) of such a two-thirds majority election are allowed to tamper with the constitution, they could (and would) very well abolish the republic completely! And—this should be predictable by now—that is exactly what they set out to do, which is why they will never tell you that you actually live in a REPUBLIC!

It would seem that post 1994, when the scales of revolution did not quite tip as far in favour of the ANC as they had hoped for, the systematic dumbing down of the population commenced. This act is the equivalent of setting loose the hounds of democracy to tear the republic apart.

The plan worked beautifully (as it always does) until greed overtook patience. Despite the fact that unabated economic plunder was guaranteed to the ruling party once they secured a two-thirds majority vote, the thieving hands that ransack the state’s financial coffers were a bit too indiscriminate and gave South Africans a peek at the future the ANC had in store for them. The ANC’s majority is now receding because of this, and the republic is spared this time around.

However, South Africans of any race or class will always have to fear for the day when some group succeeds at convincing more than 66.6…% of the population to support its ideals (or buy into its lies). It is the duty of every South African to make sure that they don’t succumb to a sense of feeling special and in limited supply. 

If you make yourself a small enough minority, you will help create the majority lynch mob of democracy, and what will follow will be a totalitarian state with anarchy on the ground and a despot at the helm. I need not even give an example, for one has for some time now neighboured the South African border…

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