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Stupid and DAMN PROUD of it!

04 February 2014, 20:48

Not everyone can become a great artist, discovered, inventor, or thinker, but is that an excuse for scores of people to pursue the IQ of potted plants, all while being oh so damn proud to be … stupid? I’ll examine this fetish for ignorance that is becoming the Achilles heel of the West.

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, I’ll enunciate, again (for any new readers my scrawl may have attracted), that I have been a resident of South-East Asia now for three years.

To say that I have witnessed changes in culture, mentality, and mannerism is a tragic understatement. I have been shocked by just how much difference a 12-hour-per-day regiment of education promotes in the general population.

Provided you don’t step on anybody’s exposed cultural toes or try to reclaim the title as Colonial Master—something we white devils are still notorious for— it is very difficult to incite any Asian audience into a comments-box riot. Even when one pushes the boundaries (something I, personally, excel at), thoughtful and intelligent responses reflecting the facts of the matter usually follow. Audiences here in Asia seem to ‘get’ what the writer is alluding to, without being distracted by their own sense of insult at every single statement that does not ring of the politically-correct clichés Western society has been brainwashed with. With such and readership, ideas can be enhanced and even effecte, as those who read try to implement some of the new wisdom they’ve been exposed to.

But back in the liberal West, where freedom reigns supreme (even freedom from a proper education), no such treatment exists for any non-conformist writer. Every article draws its own mob of insulted peasants frothing at the mouth, their spelling crippled by their intensifying sense of urgency to respond with insults. So prevalent is phenomenon that you can see proof of it developing in the comments box below, over the next few days. Rest assured, someone will discover a deep, personal insult, embedded somewhere in this article of mine, and aimed directly at them—as if I have the time to waste or interest in giving any individual my personal attention.

Joking about it or trying to cover up the fact also does not help the situation. There is now a desperate need in the West to cover up the cultural gangrene our frigid ‘free-thinking’ liberal society has allowed to manifest in the extremities of Western civilization. Everyone tries to write off Western stupidity as ‘trailer trash syndrome.’ This is a blatant PR distraction by the West and does not fool the rest of the world, which does not have this ‘trailer trash’ phenomenon with which to dismiss their own incompetence. The truth is that many in the West, irrespective of which social class/region/university they hail from, are about as cerebrally empowered as the average pot plant thanks to decades spent wandering about the landscape, being fed grand conspiracies about how they are victims of some or other political incorrectness sweeping Western society.

Education does not seem to do much to help the individual escape this swamp of ignorance, and this is clear when one looks at the masses of Western ‘experts’ who say stupid, irrational. They are just as numerous as the trailer trash whose faces the media uses to associate Western idiocy with. The day the average Westerner can vote for a president without worrying whether or not he believes in god, what his ex-wife has to say about his performance in bed, or whose politically-correct jargon he will parrot to woo and impress the ever-offended, that is when Western civilization will again grab hold of the reigns of global leadership.

But back to the issue of what causes this rampant spread of mental retardation in the West. I’ve thought about this many months now, and I think I finally realise what is to blame for the West’s fascination with moronism. And here it is:

The Western preoccupation with rebelling against authority has bred scores of people who are utterly convinced that their opinions—no matter how shallow or devoid of fact—are, in fact, flawless.

And god help you if you dare to be the lone voice in the woods crying out against this cancerous tumour of ignorance that practically every Westerner now has sprouting from his/her forehead. The average Westerner is of the opinion that if they personally don’t know what is potting, then nobody on earth can know any better! Their five senses, feeding sensory information to their ever-expanding egos, and resulting opinions, make them all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-pervasive. They have no need for books or facts, just pure friggin assumption and obstinacy will do.

Western parents seem all too willing to be the punching bags on which their toddlers can hone their lifelong rebellion against being instructed or educated by ‘authority figures.’ When you grow up with the idea that if you shout loud and long enough, you will eventually get your way, you really have no incentive to justify your position and negotiate a condition where you get, at least, some of what you want, or—better yet—accept the fact that you can’t win every argument or give every authority figure the finger.

Asia, with its largely conservative mindset and respect for tradition, still introduces each new generation to the concept of authority. Parents aren’t punching bags for their children, teachers aren’t trolls fit to be pelted with peashooter pellets by their students, and authority figures through society are not targets for the riotous fits of the disgruntled few. Here, you damn well obey authority if you want to avoid the swift and severe consequences of resorting to that Western favourite: lawlessness.

Don’t get me wrong, I still call myself a Westerner; I am still proud to be a product of liberty, and, if I may be so vain, I’ve demonstrated that the intellect need not necessarily be ruined by the freedom to rebel—and rebel I did, too. But I am not the norm, and much of the West is stuck watching Jerry Springer, Honey Boo Boo, and the other delinquent flop stars paraded on Western television as the example of excellence the West wishes to subject its own children to. And you would be surprised to see how many ‘educated’ Westerners are infatuated with this cultural excrement that liberal societies produce.

The result is that much of the West will argue without even caring to glance the facts or the data and actually spending a little bit of their personal time trying to absorb and make sense of such sources. Here in Asia, people actually read—as is evident from the packed public libraries filled with people of all ages. This is personal obsession with knowledge and understanding is beautifully reflected when the public voices its opinion on all kinds of matters. It is a thing of beauty to see people who can think, reason, and are slow to take unnecessary offence.

Another sight that inspires here in Asia is the fact that celebrities (stars) who fall leave craters so deep that they become permanently entombed in them. Scandals actually have negative repercussions here in the East. It’s a pity that in the West, disgrace is now the main gateway to obscene levels of fame, wealth, and influence.

America, Europe, South Africa, and the remaining nations of the Western world had better rectify this flawed understanding of what it means to suspect authority. Suspecting is not a synonym for disregarding. It had also—and bloody rapidly at that—stop this fascination with the filth the Western entertainment industry produces. The conduct of people like Miley Ray Cyrus and Justin Bieber only erodes the prefrontal cortex of the adolescent Western audiences that think this is how one attains the attention and wealth the rest of the world is still earns through merit, skill, and talent.

I paint this dire picture of the West’s need for a cultural reform because there is more at stake than just feeling embarrassed for the inane members of Western society. The East has been catching up at an astonishing pace in the last five decades. If the white West does not become organized within one generation, then we will become the uneducated, impoverished, barefoot, snot-nose, and ass-scratching villagers who follow the Eastern masters in much the way scores of Asians were once following us around.

One of these days it will be white prostitutes, hardly able to speak a few words of English, standing in Shanghai, Beijing, etc. going sukky fukky five dorrar (actually, its $120 now), ruv you rrrrooooonnng time!

It’s coming my pale Western compatriots. Rest assured, it’s coming. I already see white waiters serving oh so proud Malay, Chinese, and Indian madams here whose children, comparatively, are highly skilled and wealthy engineers, businessmen, and lawyers. Asia is now full of what I call white economic refugees, many barely educated, incapable of speaking their own damn language, and willing to do anything to earn a salary in the local currency.

When freedom becomes the very thing that shackles us to ignorance and poverty, that is the day when freedom has become worthless. Liberty, indeed, has its drawbacks.

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