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The Bible: Fact or fallacy?

02 January 2013, 08:45

A serious campaign to discredit the Bible began with Charles Darwin. When Darwin postulated random evolution, many of his contemporaries, turned off by a hypocritical church, jumped onto the bandwagon, believing they had been given an ‘out’ from belief in a Creator.

“As one might expect, it wasn’t long before the Bible was placed under the microscope – and found to be ‘inaccurate’ or ‘mythical’.

“Critics deemed the Bible writers totally uninformed, foolishly imagining things that did not exist. “Many critics, acting with woefully incomplete information, simply rushed to judgment. At that time, there was virtually no modern biblical archaeology to “test” their assertions. The critics did not know that hundreds of later historical and archaeological discoveries would support the Bible’s astounding accuracy. And in great detail.

Now, however, we know that the people, places and events they wrote about were real. Did the Bible writers imagine the other things that today’s critics claim are discrepancies, or were they properly informed about those also? Is the Bible, just a “books written by men”?  or is it the Divinely inspired Handbook to Life?

Here is the bottom line. Time and continued research have demonstrated that the Bible is better informed than its critics. It even clarifies the UFO puzzle – and 21st century world events. The Bible is the core of my entire life, and would be yours too if you read it, it is a truly fascinating Book.


Other evidence can be falsified, changed, or lost. Memory may fail, conflicting statements may cloud the issue. Or passion, self-interest, dishonesty, or whatever, may impair proofs. But prophecy relates to history, and history is recorded fact. And prophecy can be tested.

 It is as rigidly demonstrable as geometry.

“The Bible stakes everything on its ability to foretell the future. It claims Elohim gave the information - that He is the only one able to foretell world history. It challenges others everywhere to foretell the future:

Isa 44:7  ‘And who is like Me? Let him call and declare it, and lay it before Me, since I appointed the everlasting people. And the events that are coming and those that do come, let them declare these to them.

Has any skeptic a cause to present? Hear its challenge:

Isa 41:21  “Present your case,” says ????. “Let your strong ones come near,” says the Sovereign of Ya?aqob_.

Isa 41:22  “Let them draw near and declare to us what is going to take place; let them declare the former events, what they were, and we consider them, and know the latter end of them; or announce to us what is coming.

Isa 41:23  “Declare the events that are going to come hereafter, and we know that you are mighty ones; yea, do good or do evil, and let us be amazed and see it together.


The Bible basically challenges you, and dares you to tell the future,
only the Creator can, and relates it in detail in the Manual He gave us,

And this pathetic world DARES to defy Fathers Word?

I dare you to disprove the validity of the Bible:

 1.   Just disprove the prophecies.

The Bible has successfully predicted:

· The fall of the Ottoman empire precisely to the day on

August 11, 1840.

· The emergence of America to ultimate super power status.

· The failure of Adolf Hitler’s and Communism’s worldrule plans.

· The AD 70 destruction of Jerusalem, the scattering of the Jews and the 2,000 year domination of Jerusalem by foreigners, until shortly before the end.

· The temporary – but doomed - uniting of Europe’s divided nations into a single purpose Community.

· The development of a New World Order steered by the Vatican.

· A final encoding into the world economic system of the mystical number 666.

It would be easier to rebuild Tyre, which was scraped clean to the bedrock, and will never be rebuilt, or….

2. You can try to Disprove  the  Accuracy of transmission

. About 40 men produced 66 books. They belonged to different generations, centuries, and ages in human history. They lived in different lands. Their writing to complete the Bible took 1,600 years  .

“Come to think of it, one was the founder of the world’s first republic, another was an exile in Babylon, then there was a herdsman of a small village, a cupbearer at the Persian court, a  shepherd lad who became a king. And there were fishermen, and a tax collector. Some were rulers, others subjects. Some rich, others poor. Some educated, others untaught.

“You would hardly find a more mottled array of people.

“They wrote in three different languages – Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek – on every conceivable subject, and in every form of literary expression – history, biography, poetry, oratory, proverbs, prophecy, parables, ethical teachings, legal enactments, elaborate rituals, romances, love lyrics, tragedies, plain precepts, moral maxims, drama, Oriental imagery.

“Now are you ready for this? These 40 writers of such different temperaments, wrote in various countries, and in different languages…and on such widely different, controversial subjects – yet amazingly they did not conflict. At all. the values they all reflect are identical, in spite of their different backgrounds, culture and language. In what they wrote their harmony is astonishing. And here’s what’s unique. They produced ONE book with a single theme… JaHShua’s love reaching out to rescue a rebellious human race.

“What we have here,  is not simply a collection of books. A unity of thought and principles binds the whole together. Do you realise that such a thing is absolutely unparalleled in literature?!

 Consider the first writer. He lived in a thriving Egyptian culture, in the very court of Pharaoh, taught in all the wisdom of the Egyptians. His use of Egyptian vocabulary betrays his Egyptian upbringing. Wouldn’t it be natural for his writings to be heavily influenced by Egyptian thinking? Yet they’re not. Instead they reflect thoughts and principles that after more than 3,000 years still have an enormous impact on most of the world's values… religious and social. For example, what this man Moses wrote concerning health and sickness was so different from Egyptian thought.

From the record we discover that Moses did not incorporate a single current Egyptian medical misconception into his writings. The instructions he wrote were not only devoid of harmful practices, but had many detailed positive recommendations.

the Hebrew manuscripts were completed around 400 BC. But until the discovery of those scrolls in 1947, the oldest complete surviving Hebrew manuscript was around AD  900. This made a time gap of 1,300 years… a considerable gap in time.

“But with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a number of Old Testament manuscripts were found which scholars date before the time of JaHShua Messiah. “One of those scrolls was a complete Hebrew manuscript of Isaiah. Dated around 125 BC, it was more than 1,000 years older than any other. But here’s the crunch. The Isaiah scroll of BC 125 was in exact agreement with the Masoretic text of Isaiah of 1,000 years later.”

 “Gleeson Archer points out that:

Even though the two copies of Isaiah discovered in Qumran Cave 1 near the Dead Sea in 1947 were a thousand years earlier than the oldest dated manuscript previously known (AD 980), they proved to be word for word identical with our standard Hebrew Bible in more than 95 percent of the text. The 5 percent of variation consisted chiefly of obvious slips of the pen and variations in spelling. (Gleason Archer, A Survey of the Old Testament. Chicago: Moody Press, 1964, p. 25


And see this for yourself. Notice Isaiah chapter 53. Of the 166 words, only 17 letters are in question. Ten of these letters are simply in spelling. Four other letters are tiny stylistic changes, like conjunctions. And the remaining three letters comprise the word light (in verse 11), which is supported by other manuscripts. “So there you have it, in a chapter of 166 words, just one 3-letter word is in question after 1,000 years of transmission – and this single word does not materially change the meaning of the passage.

Isn’t that amazing? The Isaiah copies of 125 BC proved to be word for word identical with the preserved text of a thousand years later!
when you know and compare the facts, there is an overwhelming evidence that the surviving manuscripts are trustworthy.

The copyists transcribed the Old Testament manuscripts in a way which is quite unique. They preserved them as no other manuscript has been preserved. These documents played an important role in Israelite culture and government.

Why such extreme care? Religion was their ruling passion. They believed that the Bible was not of human origin, but was directly inspired by Elohim. They regarded every letter and word with the highest reverence.

Although such reverent regard for the text went right back to ancient times, we have specific instructions preserved only from the time of the Talmudists.

 The Talmudists (AD 100-500) had quite an intricate system

for transcribing the scrolls.

1. They had to be written on the skins of clean animals,

and fastened together with strings from clean


2. Every skin must contain a certain number of columns, equal throughout the entire manuscript.

3. The length and breadth of each column, together with the precise number of letters was specifically defined.

4. No word or letter, not even a yod, must be written from memory, without the scribe looking at the codex before him.

5. Between every consonant, new section, and book, a precisely-stipulated space must intervene.

6. The copyist had to wash his whole body, sit in full Jewish dress, and every time he wrote the name of God he must do so with a pen newly dipped in ink.

(Samuel Davidson, Hebrew Text of the Old Testament. 2nd edition.

London: Samuel Bagster and Sons, 1859, p. 89. Norman L. Geisler and William E. Nix, A General Introduction to the Bible. Chicago: Moody Press, 1968, p. 241)

Okay, the standard Hebrew text we have today is known as the Masoretic text. “Those Masoretes (AD 500-900) were amazing. They counted the number of times each letter of the alphabet occurs in each book. They pointed out the middle letter of the Pentateuch (the 5 books of Moses) and the middle letter of the entire Hebrew Bible. And they made even more detailed calculations than those. (F.F. Bruce, The Books and the Parchments. Rev. ed. Westwood: Fleming H. Revell Co., 1963, p. 117) “They numbered the verses, words and letters of every book. They calculated the middle word and middle letter of each.

These trivialities had the effect of securing minute attention to the precise transmission of the text;… The Masoretes were indeed anxious that not one jot nor tittle, not one smallest letter nor one tiny part of a letter, of the Law should pass away or be lost. (Frederic G. Kenyon, Our Bible and the Ancient Manuscripts. New York: Harper and Brothers, 1941, p. 38)

There are places where the biblical text transliterates from Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Moabite into Hebrew, and vice versa. And yet the evidence shows that for up to 3,900 years the text of those proper names in the Hebrew Bible was handed down with total accuracy.

That the original scribes should have written them with such close conformity to correct philological principles is a wonderful proof of their thorough care and scholarship; further, that the Hebrew text should have been transmitted by copyists through so many centuries with the most minute accuracy is a phenomenon unequaled in the history of literature. (Robert Dick Wilson, A Scientific Investigation of the Old

Testament. Chicago: Moody Press, 1959, p. 71

Yes, you CAN be certain that the Hebrew Bible text has been transmitted accurately. Atkinson, who was Under- Librarian of the library at Cambridge University, calls this accuracy of transmission ‘little short of miraculous.’ (Josh McDowell, Evidence That Demands a Verdict. San Bernardino, Cal.: Here’s Life Publishers, Inc., 1986, p. 56)

Yes, every letter on every line was counted. If they did not add up to the right number of letters, the page was discarded. No wonder the original text has survived - despite a time difference of more than 1,000 years.

Be assured of this - that of all the ancient works of substantial size, only the Bible comes to us completely intact. This is against all odds.

Compare this with William Shakespeare's plays, written only about 400 years ago. These plays are in much worse shape… original words have been lost in numerous sections. And scholars are left to fill in the blanks as best as they can. Did you know that?

On the other hand, the Bible has weathered thousands of years of wars, persecutions, fires and invasions, and still remains intact. It has more manuscript evidence to support it than any ten pieces of classical literature combined.

Then, you still have to get past the “coding” of numbers in the Bible,

The “skipping” code

This alleged code was discovered in the original language

version of the Old Testament, that is, the Hebrew. It was found woven into the text in the form of equidistant letter sequence. That is to say, letters spaced at regular, equal distances throughout the text spelled out related pairs of words containing messages.

Let’s take, for example, the word Torh (pronounced

“Torah” and meaning “The Law of God”) – which is the name

for the first five books of the Bible. Now, if you took the first

Hebrew “T” in the first line of the first book of the Torah,

Genesis, then counted out each subsequent 49th letter (49 = 7 x 7), every four letters spells Torh (Torah). This holds all the way through the first two books of the Bible, Genesis and Exodus.

When you get to the middle book of the five, Leviticus, it stops. However, when you apply the same skip sequence to the last two books of the five, Deuteronomy and Numbers, it spells Hrot, which is Torh backwards… but still in perfect sequence. Go back now to the middle book of the five (Leviticus). Starting at the first “Y”, use the skip sequence again, this time skipping every 7 letters, and it spells YHWH (pronounced Yahweh) - the Hebrew name for Elohim.

Another example given by the code-breakers was a passage in Genesis (2:9) concerning the Garden of Eden with its trees. It says: “… and the JaHWeH Elohim caused to grow out of the ground, every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food; and the tree of life in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil…” Hidden under this surface passage, a computer search uncovered in the sub-surface code the names of 31 trees, encoded at equidistant intervals into that one 43-word section – and nowhere else in the book! Rabbi David Ordman, spokesman for the 20 university researchers, said:

To plan this kind of thing [for this single sentence] would take years. And they had to prepare the text as well, with perfect grammar, a message, and no contradictions…. We are not trying to prove the divinity of the Torah here, but

that the statistical odds against it being humanly written are impossible. (The Mail on Sunday, August 4, 1985)

Scientists, statisticians, and mathematicians from Harvard,Yale, and Carnegie-Mellon universities sought to find its flaws; none could. One such critic, Persi Diaconis at Harvard, an eminent statistician, was so fiercely opposed to the codes that he developed a brilliantly inventive mathematical method to refute them. He, too, failed; indeed,

the Israeli team used this very method to substantiate theirfindings. What they claimed to have found – and seemed to have demonstrated to exacting standards – was this: that precise details not just about large-scale events, but from the lives of a whole set of individuals could be found encoded in the Book of Genesis. (Dr Jeffrey Satinover, The Truth Behind the Bible Code. London: Sedgwick and Jackson, 1997, p. 6)

This code, quite independently of the plain surface text, it was claimed, showed evidence of a prophetic foreknowledge of people and events hundreds, even thousands, of years into the future from the time the Bible was written. It was stated that so intricate, complex and clever was this code - so above human intelligence to create - that it was found only with the help of computers. The amount of  information encoded into a limited text, in which the same arrangement of letters could contain multiple meanings – this was something beyond the capacity of any individual (or group) to create, whatever computing resources were available.

It was then announced that, according to ancient tradition, there were 73 different layers of information in the text of the

Torah (the first five books of the Bible). Of these, “skipping letters” was just one (listed by Rabbi Eliezer as number 54). (Ibid., p. 250)

Can you imagine a book constructed with several different layers of coded information hidden under the text… each layer independent of the other and each complete in itself? Having not myself directly researched this “skipping” code, I mention it not to endorse it, but rather, so it will not be confused with something quite separate found in the Bible… which I shall call the sevens code.

 That is something quite different, as we shall soon see.

Were you aware that the human body seems to be stamped with the number SEVEN? Now think about this.

Your body consists of 7 main parts – head, neck, trunk and four limbs – 7 in all. Did you know that the development of the human embryo is in exact periods of 7s, such as 28 days (4 x 7)?

Ask a doctor to explain.

You’ll be amazed at the accuracy of this law.

“Is this arrangement of 7s merely accidental? Let me remind you that this same number or its multiples marks the period of gestation and incubation of many birds and animals.

“The common hen sits 21 days (3 x 7); the pigeon, after having laid eggs, sits for 14 days (2 x 7). The duck takes 28 days to hatch ducklings (4 x 7); the goose 35 days (5 x 7); the swan 42 days (6 x 7); hundreds of varieties of small birds have been checked at 14 days (2 x 7); larger birds, such as the emperor penguin, ostrich or emu 49, 56 or 63 days (7 x 7…8 x 7 …or 9 x 7). If the hen leaves her eggs on the 20th day, there’ll be no chicks.

The seal calves on the rocks and suckles its young for 14 days (2 x 7). The ova of salmon are hatched in 140 days (20 x 7). The gestation period of the mouse is 21 days (3 x 7); the rabbit 28 days (4 x 7); the cat 56 days (8 x 7); the dog 63 days (9 x 7); the lion 14 x 7; the sheep 21 x 7; the cow 40 x 7; the elephant 90 x 7. And so on. The ova of the glow worm occupy 42 days (6 x 7), and of the mole cricket 28 days in hatching (4 x 7). The period of the bee in the larva is 7 days. In moths it is 42 days (6 x 7)

Come to think of it,in chemistry, music and art, we find the same number 7 playing an important part. Both sound and light are subject to the law of 7. How has it come about, for example, that the human ear responds to 7 distinct intervals in a scale of one octave?

In the rainbow are 7 colors –

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

“Did you know this very same design of 7s has been found embedded both on and beneath the surface of the Bible?”

You see, quite independently of the biblical text is a “watermark” design woven through the surface message –a pattern of ‘seven’, if you please! Chain features of 7 run through the whole Bible. You will find precisely 7 oak trees, 7 earthquakes, 7 references to the Book of Life, 7 lamps of fire, 7 seals, and so on.

“A startling feature of this arrangement of ‘7s’ is that an uncompleted portion of a series of 7 will cross over from one book to another, until it totals 7 and then stops. A particular feature will appear to a total of 7 (or multiples of 7) times, but only when you place all the books together… scattered through several different books until it totals 7 mentions overall.

“For example, the name David appears throughout the Old Testament exactly 1,134 times (162 x 7). The name Jeremiah occurs in 7 Old Testament books, with exactly 147 (21 x 7) mentions. The name Moses occurs in the various books of the Bible exactly 847 (121 x 7) times.

One day in 1882, a mathematical genius found himself experimenting. Knowing Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, he began reading the Bible in its original languages. He experimented by replacing the letters in the Bible with their corresponding numbers.

Suddenly his excitement welled up. His trained mind began to see a mathematical pattern! He kept experimenting. After a few hours he was totally amazed. “The passages he had studied revealed unmistakable evidence of an elaborate numerical pattern. This was far beyond random chance, nor human ability to construct. “As you probably know, the Old Testament was written in Hebrew, the New Testament in Greek. Thus every letter, word and sentence has a numeric value, the sum total of each letter value.

On the surface runs the message in everyday words, as in any other book. But the substructure of individual letters spells out a complex mathematical code – an interlocking pattern of sevens.

Take, as an example, the very first sentence in the Bible:

‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’

· This sentence contains exactly seven Hebrew words.

· These comprise 28 letters (4 x 7).

· The three nouns (God, heaven, earth) have a total numeric

   value of exactly 777.

· The first three Hebrew words (containing the subject) have

  Exactly 14 (2 x 7) letters.

· The fourth and fifth words have exactly 7 letters.

· The fifth and sixth words have 7 letters.

· The Hebrew words for the two objects “the heavens and

the earth” each have exactly 7 letters.

· The numeric value of the first and last letters of the whole

  7 words is 1,393 (199 x 7).

· The value of the first and last letters of the sentence is

   497  (71 x 7).

· So the value of the first and last letters between is 896 (128 x 7).

· The last letters of the first and last words have a numeric value of

  490 (70 x 7).

“In fact, there are over 30 different numeric features of seven in the first simple sentence of the Bible.

These seven Hebrew words were so chosen and arranged that the number seven is literally woven into them in every conceivable way.

“Not only that. Vital statements are sealed by the numeric design exactly fitted within the statement itself. “These 7s are so deeply concealed that special searching, investigating and counting is necessary to find them. They are not seen by ordinary reading.

“Anyway, this discovery was to change the course of Panin’s life. For the next 60 years, he would use every working moment to painstakingly write out over 43,000 pages of data. To his astonishment, in the Bible was an intricate matrix revolving around the number 7 and prime factors of 7.

“He found the Bible, in its original language, to be a skilfully designed artefact. It was nothing less than the product of a mathematical mastermind. What Panin had discovered was a phenomenon far beyond any human possibility of deliberate structuring.

“Panin would later present his findings – all 43,000 pages of them – to the Nobel Research Foundation. He also presented to them his conclusion that the Bible could only be the work of Someone with the Mind of the Creator. Nothing less.

“The reply of the Nobel Research Foundation was:

As far as our investigation has proceeded… we find the evidence overwhelmingly in favor of such a statement.

In fact, such a complete interlocking system of sevens is so far removed from chance (the Law of Chance puts it at one in 33 odd trillion) that, humanly speaking, it is impossible.

“These numeric phenomena in the Bible are so pronounced that though they comprise, as it were, a dozen rings within rings, wheels within wheels, yet each is perfect in itself. there is not a single paragraph out of the hundreds in Genesis that is not constructed on exactly the same plan. You can appreciate that with each additional paragraph the difficulty of construction increases, not in arithmetical but in geometrical progression. Because the writer must write his paragraphs so as to develop constantly fixed numeric relations to what has gone before, as well as to what follows.

And there’s the point. With each additional sentence the

difficulty greatly increases, and owing to the limitations of human intellect, soon becomes hopeless. Scholars who have set out to accomplish a similar thing admit that after struggling for days their efforts were in vain without reducing the passage to a meaningless jumble.

One such attempt was made by a Dr D.B. Turkey. He reports:

I gave numeric values to the English alphabet, and tried to prepare a message which would adhere to the numerics, and make every section a multiple of seven, and present all the other features of Biblical arithmography, without letting the meaning of the passage descend to nonsense. After working on it for days, I could get no satisfaction. Yet this feature is accomplished in every one of the thousands of Bible paragraphs without the slightest visible effort.

Can you explain this? Here are 40 different biblical characters who mostly never knew each other (so it was impossible for them to collaborate). Yet this same numeric pattern crosses from one book to another, independent of each writer, bringing the whole into harmony.

You discover here not just words, but an astonishing design of interlocking 7s – like wheels within wheels – woven together in every conceivable way, below the surface.

“You can’t pull out one word, without changing the pattern.

No wonder it is written, ‘The Scripture cannot be broken.’ (John 10:35)

I suggest to you that not only could man not possibly design these numeric schemes, but the writers themselves knew nothing of their presence. Man made up the Bible? Let’s get real!

It’s the work of a Master Mind out there.

3,800 times the Bible claims to be  Elohim’s message to man… and not man’s ideas about Elohim.

And this numeric code seals it. It’s His fingerprint Yes, stamped all over, interlocked and interwoven. Makes it the most credible document in existence, don’t you think?

Here’s something else to blow your mind – in those same first seven words of the Hebrew Bible –

 ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.’ (Genesis 1:1)

“These seven Hebrew words were purposely intended to rest on an independent and meaningful substructure.

“Every letter making up that sentence is also a number. And in this Creation account are found patterns of numbers and inter-relations of numbers that are, frankly, quite boggling. “But in Hebrew, every letter was a picture, as well. The shape of the picture told a story. And the sound of each letter also told a story. Thus the letters present us with pictures in

words, shape, sound and number. That means that there are dimensions to this creation account which go well beyond the surface story.

“These dimensions include

- the structure of the periodic table of elements

- geometry (the tetrahedron, sphere and circle)

- the value of Pi (p) calculated to 3 decimal places

- the exponential variable

- details of physics, chemistry, biochemistry

- astronomical information (including the lunar month and year)

- anatomy (the number of vertebrae in the human body, the major nerves in the human spine, the 46 human chromosomes, DNA)

- spirituality and relationships (including prescription for a happy marriage, love, a guide to meditation and prayer), and so on.

So now that we have established beyond a shadow of doubt, that the Bible is the Manual for life, we can carry on,


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