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The Enemy Within

22 October 2012, 16:21

The point I would like to raise is a fairly debatable one and can be read/ approached/ viewed from various angles which do make it difficult to explain.

The media today is full of conflict, war, strikes etc . At times one really wonders what is to become of this world. The past 50 years has been full of conflict. In South Africa we had the Bush War (And before the one track minded jumps on the apartheid's horsy again),   this is not what this article is about. We saw war in Irak, in Iran, In Afghanistan, if my memory serves me right, the Falkland Wars, 9/11, Korea challenging the mighty USA, India/ Pakistan etc etc.

I am sure there are many many more examples. This should be enough examples to prove the point I am trying to make though. In all these examples there were the good guys on the one side and the enemy on the other, and depending on which side you were on, you knew who the enemy was and what to do about it.

Those of us who had military training were trained to destroy the enemy and so it is with any soldier, be it American, British, or … whatever nation you want to name. There was/is a clear boundary of who the enemy was/is and what to do.

The war and enemy I want to talk about is much more subtle and not clearly defined at all. So subtle actually that most of us do not recognize it. Cannot remember if it was Stalin or one of the other later communist leaders who said “ the new communist onslaught will be so subtle you will fail to recognize it”

 The Enemy Within.

This can be discussed as a worldwide phenomenon,  which it basically is, but I prefer to look at South Africa and try and point out the enemy within us and the onslaught we do not recognize (Well most of us anyway). In my opinion the onslaught is now so subtle and “Soft” that most of us do not see or recognize what is happening. Let me give you an example.

CRIME: Yes we all are aware of it and we all scream against it, we all hate it. I am going to stick my neck out and make a really bold comment. “Even if it was within the current government’s ability to eradicate crime from our society and South Africa, they will not do that”, Why? Consider the following before shooting it down.

·         It provides the perfect platform to put laws, technology and institutions (Bodies by lack of better word) in place in which to monitor and watch us as citizens. To control and monitor our movements, what we say, what we do etc. Our sms’s, our emails, even our calls are being  archived. Before anyone tells me I am talking crap. I was personally involved in such projects (Enough Said) So if you want to scream Conspiracy theory again, this is already part of Europe and the American way of life (Again enough proof of that as well).

To those who do think the New World Order is just a theory and there is nothing behind it, all I can say is there one heck of a lot of information available on something that is just a theory. Do consider it a possibility that there is an Order that wants a single world government under which all is equal, no culture, no religion etc. I can write for days on the NWO alone but later on that.

·         Rica: We were all forced to Rica. Suddenly now you have to provide all information and proof of residences etc.  Just so they can trace you more easily if a crime has been committed.

·         eToll and Cameras. Yes it is to make a lot of money as well for a few corrupt people. The flip side of the coin is also that they now can track you from almost when you step out of your front door of your house to where you work. Cameras were installed along the N1 and N3 highway even before eToll , under the banner of crime prevention.

·         Cameras on street corners under the banner of crime prevention. Gauteng is full of them.

·         Your cellphone can be traced, by Cellphone signal as well as the built in GPS .. you can find directions, but can also be used  to trace you. For Crime purposes

·         GPS’s in cars.

·         Plastic Money (Credit and debit cards) is now being seen as the ultimate payment method for it is more difficult to get mugged if carrying cash or to commit crime. They can trace you on your cards and the end will be the mark on the forehead and the chip in the hand. (By the way, in the USA they are already far down the line experimenting with exactly that)

·         GP number plates that is slowly working towards a smart chip number plate, hence the new legislation. Other provinces to follow

·         How big an economic industry has crime prevention become, security companies, technologies. Billions of rands.

·         Fica and National Credit act. To curb crime you know have to provide proof of almost everything.  You complete about 10 different forms and in all cases finger prints have to be taken.

·         Today if you apply for a new job through a personnel agency they are forced by law to take your fingerprints, because of corruption and fraud. They also do full credit and crime checks. Sure you can say no, but I am also fairly sure you will not get employed … And so I can provide multiple examples

Big Brother: Facebook and Twitter to name 2. How many cases was there the last year alone of people getting caught, or fired from work, or exposed because of what they wrote on Facebook of Twitter. What most people do not realize is that social media is a place where most people put their entire life. Places where you lived, schools you went to, things done and experienced and so on and so on. A lot of social media users think it’s very “Cool” to put everything on a social media pages, photos of you and your friends, what you have done or not done etc ..   Really easy to trace should they want to start looking for you.

There are really so many examples that I honestly do not know where to start or end .

Our Enemy – Complacency (just accept, don’t ruffle my feathers, as long as they leave me alone everything is honkey dory) : Media tell you we are living in this beautiful democracy, and that we are actually so much better off and we are doing so good. Again, before the idiotic screaming starts, this is not a race thing. This onslaught is far beyond race and color, we are all under the same attack.

We as humans have grown soft and blind. We accept the murders and rapes, the corruption, the mismanagement, the poor education in our schools, the idiotic laws being forced on us. Do you really think you still have democratic rights? With legislation and laws we are all pretty much forced into a single direction. With the media in the hands of the politicians, they tell and show you just what you want to hear. Crime is so severe hence a new law or “something” to help us fight it. 

There is a law prohibiting you from exposing the government. There is a law that prohibits you from speaking your mind. Though they claim is that it’s a free country with a free press. Not by longshot anymore. I am not allowed to say that my religion is the only one any more for that may hurt someone else’s feelings and how dare you think your religion to be superior over another.  I must blend in and accept for we all are equal.

My God is nothing better than the Islam god or for that matter the tree a tribe in the Amazon prays to. My culture should be the same or I don’t fit in and if I don’t fit in I am an outcast.

Everything goes. To my shock a few weeks ago there was an article about a Women and her boyfriend caught having sex with dogs, to some it was acceptable for its freedom of choice and if that is what you want.. so be it. It screams unethical, it screams against God or for that matter any religion, for I am pretty sure Islam also does not approve it, it screams against any upbringing and educational system. It just screams wrong from any angle. My point of view it’s that is the lowest any human can sink.

Pornography has become a household thing, common and acceptable, nothing wrong with it, its only ADULT ENTERTAINMENT NOW, not porn anymore. Irrespective of the fact that it undermines morality and religion, our children have free access to it.  The tragedy is that we as humans….just accept it, yes there are moans and groans but each is so embedded in their comfortable little word of getting up, go to work, come back, watch TV, go to sleep (or whatever the routine is) the world can go to the slums around us as long as it does not touch our own little enterprise. 

Today a culture exists that stealing is ok and if you do not get caught, then you did nothing wrong and there is no sin in it. Funny thing is the moment you get caught then you are sorry. There is not ethical value of religious law that stops you from stealing.  Now days it’s called liberal thinking.. Not wrong, just liberal.

For how long are we going to be asleep? To end this article a quote from “Siener van Rensburg’s” book. He said after one of his prophecies “Net die sterkstes sal die smeltkroes oorleef”. Which basically boils down to “Only the strongest will survive”. The ones who recognize the enemy within and fight it with all they got.

 “Staan sterk Boerevolk, bid en vertrou op jou God, die aanslag is groot”.

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