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The Zodiac and God

08 May 2012, 13:27

The Zodiac and God

I must admit that when we read Genesis, it leaves even the Bible believer with many questions. So little detail is given, yet such great things are spoken of.  Right in those first two chapters, science sees 13 Billion years of history of the universe according to their calculations of the age of the universe.

As a Bible reader I will not disagree with them on the age of the universe, as I really don’t see any need to. When it comes to life evolving over millions of years, I unfortunately cannot go along with such a view, as I have no record in the Bible of something like that happening, and neither do they have convincing evidence for it. Now this is not a dispute about whether Genesis is true or not, just the story of it as I read it. If you read it you may not see all of it the way I do, and I accept that. You may even view it same as I view evolution from one ancestor. We have choices.

Now let’s just read one verse in Genesis and see what the Bible record says: 

Genesis 1:1. “ †      ¶  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

Notice the full stop at the end of the sentence. We must not miss that stop, cause that means the sentence had finished. Does that say how long it took God to do it? No. Does it say it took God 6 days? No. If you read on, you will see that the creation days found later on refers to the 6 days God worked in our solar system rather than to all His work in the universe. This timeless verse here talks of His work in the universe, while the 6 day period refers to work in our solar system. Now let’s ponder on that verse ONLY.

What is heaven? The word heaven is used for a number of things. When someone die people say that person went to heaven. It’s the abode of spiritual beings. When someone looks from earth up to the clouds he refers to it as heaven. It’s the immediate atmospheres above us, the abode of radio waves and other scientific achievements. Heaven here in this verse refers to all that. The objects visible and those not.

Heaven is the home of all the galaxies we see, 100 to 200 billion or so. I don’t really know, just taking the estimates of science. All the objects we see in the sky calls heaven their home, even Earth calls heaven it’s home. Heaven is also the home of God and His Angels! So when the Bible says God created the heaven and earth in the beginning, IT’S NO SMALL VERSE! It’s a verse that refers to all the galaxies, and every object out there, even all the Angels out there. It talks about a massive job! Creating 200 billion galaxies, and a home for who knows how many Angels! And God says ONLY ONE VERSE ABOUT ALL HIS WORK?

Remember Genesis was written by Moses who heard what he wrote directly from God, as he was a man who spoke to God face to face, like no other man in those times. He heard a firsthand testimony from the creator, not hearsay. Genesis is God’s short record of what He did, not Moses’ book, although Moses wrote it down. 40 Days He stayed there to listen to God tell His side of creation, many others came later on.

God did not bother to give Moses a science handbook on all His work, just a mere casual mention of an impressive work! It is as if God thought He had more important things to tell the human race at that point through Moses, then to elaborate on the universe, whom they in any case won’t know much about for thousands of years to come. Even today, we have explored very little of it.

God gave Moses one verse on the galaxies? Very humble isn’t it? If science is correct about the age of the universe, then there is 13 billion years of hard work mentioned in ONLY ONE VERSE! What a verse, what a job, what humility! We never created the moon, but when mankind did achieve that great thing to go there, we wrote volumes about it.

It could have taken billions of years for the estimated 200 Billion galaxies to come to be, and to be fine tuned. Saying it all happened in about 13 billion years is actually a short time considering the amount of galaxies there is estimated to be. God working billions of years in verse Gen.1:1? Why not? Time means nothing to God who is an eternal Being. He had no beginning, He will have no end, He always was, will always be, thus He does not have to hurry to get anything done, because time is a luxury He has.

If you want to get anything done you better hurry before you are 80 to get it done. But not so with the Almighty! His eyes will not begin to fail Him after 40, His strength will not diminish, His mind will not go Alzheimer, His back will not refuse to bent, as He will never be touched by Arthritis. His wisdom and glory and strength remains with Him forever and ever! What a Being, what a God!

I would like to be eternal like Him, so I can have time to discover His universe. I guess Christians will have that opportunity in future, and maybe in part that is why they will have glorified bodies that cannot be touched by time, because just to explore the universe you really need eternal life. They say our Milky Way galaxy is 100 000 light years from one end to the other. Thus traveling at the blistering speed of light [about 300 000 km per second] you will need 100 000 years to travel from one end to the other in just the Milky Way, our galaxy.

And then you have only looked at one galaxy. You might not even want to go that fast at some places, and maybe want to stop over at others. Now if you are going to spend traveling 100 000 years in just one galaxy, what about the others? One thing is for certain, you will need eternal life to explore the universe. And that is exactly what the Bible promise.  

Here is a suggestion to all scientists and anyone else who wishes to discover the universe. Come to Jesus, become eternal like Him, and He might grant you your wish to discover His universe not by telescope, but on an exploration journeys. That will be something to do in the eternities, won’t it?

You hear so many people ask : Why is the universe is so big? In the beginning God made mankind to live eternally but with the choice to die. He took the choice to die prematurely, and now many will never have the opportunity to explore God’s great universe. Come to think of it-the universe at this size makes perfect sense if it was created with eternal beings in mind! You won’t ever get bored! God can transport you around with the same kind of transportation He uses. Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus are all flesh beings like you, and they used that transportation and went into space and they are still out there.

Yes. There is life out there other than this life here. Jesus according to Rev. 21 is even building a city of gold out there. Wow! Not only is there life out there, there is super technology at work out there. A City of gold 2414 km square? Takes some technology to do that, doesn’t it? Life in space elsewhere is indeed possible, the Bible records it! The failures of our telescopes and travel modes make us miss all that.

Jesus and His Bible prophets whom God raptured before Him lives out there. So keep on looking, maybe you’ll see them someday when you have a good enough telescope. See our technology is still coming up short, and that’s the problem. We don’t know enough, and from there all the assumptions. We don’t even know enough about the earth we live on, or about our past.

Yep! For a lack of knowledge we perish. Jesus according to our counting is 2012 years old this year, and still living, with Elijah and Enoch much older, so you need not worry over whether eternal life is possible. It is. Bible history recorded that. I say this to believers, not to atheists who wish not to believe. Let them believe in evolution from one ancestor, as it takes faith to do it.

I can’t, as it takes too much faith to do that for me. If they have that much faith, it is probably alright for them. I just don’t like the thought that some great ancestor of mine once upon a time swung from tree to tree. I abhor the thought that I am family with a jelly fish. Children usually takes the nature of their fathers, and I don’t ever want that kind of nature. I hope it works out fine for them.

 Maybe they could evolve into a human beings with wings one day, and have less accidents, or design some fast craft or even evolve to live a little longer, so they can explore the universe. There is so much to see out there, that evolution will have to move a bit faster in terms of evolving longer life, or technology will have to move a lot faster than we do now. Perhaps technology if allowed unhindered may develop to what Jesus had, I don’t think so, but I have to keep an open mind. But at this rate of moral corruption I would say they’ll destroy themselves pretty soon. They evolved into such poor character, that I can foresee some of them using their atomic weapons soon.

A angry man with power is a terribly unpredictable man. And there are many angry men with power. The future doesn’t look good. While the evolution in technology looks bright, the evolution of character is going down the drain. Anyway, I do have an alternative, and that is the Bible faith in what was possible for Jesus, is possible for anyone. He promised it on His terms. Now back to the beginning.

God not only fine tuned 200 billion galaxies but when He got to the Milky way Galaxy and the stars we can see in the night skies, He had time to place those stars in such a way that they spelled out the Bible. What? The Bible in the stars? Certainly! God’s first Bible was written in the stars. Indeed those zodiac signs does NOT tell silly fortunes, it’s the Bible. It’s prophecy! It’s the story of the entire human race from beginning to end. Fortune tellers and those who make money out of people has perverted the true message of the stars, but ancient people’s actually understood what those signs stood for. I’ll quote Rev. Branham on what some of those symbols mean.

 “ Now, He's got something in His mind. And what's He doing? He's writing His first Bible. The first Bible that man ever looked to was the stars, the zodiac. And it's a perfect... just... It dovetailed with this Bible here. It starts off, the first of the zodiac is the virgin. Is that right? The last of the zodiac is what? Leo, the lion. That's the first coming of Jesus; He came through a virgin; the second, He comes as the Lion of the tribe of Juda.” [Questions and Answers on Genesis 1953-07 -29 Rev. W. M. Branham]

Who made the virgin sign in the sky? A fortune-teller? No God did and this is what David says in Ps 19: 1“ The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.  2     †     Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.

What? Day unto day they uttered speech? What are they saying? Yes David and others before him understood the star sign knowledge as the sun moved through it and they understood the speech the stars were declaring to the nations. Of the stars David said: Ps 19: 3     †     There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. 4     †     Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun,”

What knowledge of the night is he talking about? Do they speak of God? Yes they declare the glory of God, they tell of His deeds! David says here the skies speaks across language barriers. No matter what language you speak, the awesome splendour and the symbols some stars make remain the same! He understood the actual meaning of those signs but later humanity lost it’s true meaning, and polluted it to vulgarity.

Virgo. The virgin birth of Christ was foretold up there. Since the very first day that Adam and Eve sinned, they knew about a virgin that will conceive. [Gen.3;15] That is why you find ancient cultures all knew about the coming virgin not only from Genesis Scripture, but also from understanding the virgin sign. She would bring forth a Son, and her Son would bring deliverance! Her Son would defeat the serpent, yes even Lucifer, that old devil. And as Adam and Eve grieved the day they made that great mistake, God could visit them and say: Look up my children! See that virgin sign? I will send the deliverer!  Of course Nimrod and others tried to forerun the true Messiah as promised by the stars.

Libra, is a woman with the balances to weigh something. Woman signifies church in the Bible [Rev17, Rev.12] We weigh many things, but every human has to weigh something very important-that is Jesus! What will you do with the deliverer? What is His value to you? The choice is yours! Will you accept His deliverance? God gives you a pair of balances called freedom to choice, and you decide what Jesus is to you. When Judas placed Him in the balances of importance to him, he thought He was only worth 30 pieces of silver. Many uses the gospel just to make some money, because that’s all it is to them-a meal ticket. “ What must I do with Jesus called Christ? I found Him innocent!”  said Pilate. What’s He worth to you? Shall I set Him free for you? The early Jewish church [woman] thought He was a trouble maker, someone who came to disturb her traditions, so she [the church] said: Let His blood be upon us and upon our children. And then gave Him to Romans to kill. She had used her scale, and His value was less important than her traditions. “Let Him die, so the people could live,”  said her high priest Caiaphas. Yes! He had to die so I can live. Caiaphas didn’t mean it that way, but I do. What do you think of Him? His word is in your balances. What will you do Libra? How much is He worth to you? You hold the balances.

When the early church [woman] gave him over to the Romans He stepped onto the poison tails of Scorpio! He mocked the poison of Scorpio! O! Death! O! Death where is thy sting? When Satan stung Him to death by telling the people lies about Him so they would kill Him, He mocked death! Death locked up many people. From Kings to foot soldiers, NONE OF THEM EVER ESCAPED out of death. Once locked in, death hold it’s prisoners.

Where is the mighty Alexander? Death has him. Where is the once mighty Hitler? Death has him. Stalin? A captive of death. But there was One Man, just One who walked into death and hell, and came back out, never to be captured by death again. Scorpio defeated! The Seed of the woman stepped upon his head.

The star sign Scorpio carries his poison in his tail, just like the Devil carries his poison in the tales he tell. By the tail of Scorpio Adam died. Scorpio has killed a lot. Everyone encounters this sign in your life. You will hear stories, and when they are told, they will lead one way or the other. With his stories or tales [lies] about Christ Satan can sweep you off your feet. When the dragon moves his tail, nations fall. Don’t think he can’t, because he deceived even Angels.

He is a master story teller, and the poison is in his tail, just like Scorpio, and his tales goes to the ends of the earth. It will get to you. He has infiltrated with lies every facet of our lives. Do you hear stories of evolution from one ancestor? Find out if they are not tails of Scorpio! Find out if those are not the poison tails of death, leading you away from truth. What life can belief in them bring? Do you hear stories that the Bible is unreliable? Investigate if that is not Scorpio, doing what he does best-telling poisoned stories, moving his tail. So much confused stories even in Christianity? We understand Scorpio has infiltrated.

Let Christ destroy that scorpion out of your life. The truth shall set you free. Pilate was so confused. He had heard so much stories. Then he met this Man that seemed so strange. That Man did not care to open His mouth to defend Himself, even in the face of death. So He asked that most important question: What is truth? Jesus could have said: I am truth! I already told you I came to bear witness of the truth. I am the Word of God manifested. I am all the Bible promised. I don’t care about my life because the word of God also said I would pick it up again. I am here to defeat death! And you are here to allow Me to do it.

But He said nothing: The stars spoke for Him! Multitudes speaks for Him-they are gospels stars-people that will outshine even the stars in heaven in longevity. Yes! They shall outlive the stars! They will live to see some die out, and others being born. They are the sons and daughter of the Almighty God, and they speak for Him. Even as the natural stars have a message, so do they have the same message. The truth shall make you free. The Bible is truth says the stars! Scorpio is defeated. His poison tails are defeated. O Death, o death where is thy sting? Grave what happened to your victory? Why couldn’t you hold Jesus? Shame on you! He broke your power. He took all the old Testament saints prisoners you had! Poison tails defeated. And so I say like Paul said: But thanks be to God who gave us the victory through Lord Jesus Christ.

To be continued….


* Inspiration from God.

*Works of Rev. W. M. Branham, [sermons]

* Louis Giglio. YouTube videos [How great is our God and Indescribable God.]

* I also looked at you tube videos of Jonathan Gray on star signs.

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