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The coming problems of atheism

07 February 2013, 16:00

I have been following this debate or war between Christianity and atheism since early 2012. I don’t know who started it, but by the time I saw it, I was reading at least 3 article’s a day where atheists proclaimed their dissatisfaction with Christianity and its Book, the Bible which to them is nothing but fable’s.

I personally began to respond only in defense of the Bible and most tolerantly tried to ignore the personal insults. Christians responded with their own article’s and titles such as “ the fallacies of atheism“Defending Genesis” while the other side continued with title’s like“ God is dead” “ the end of religion” .  Right there on News 24 was a third world war fought with words. Two different thinking groups wanted to extinguish each other by mere reason.

Atheists sometimes felt the world would be a much better place without Christianity in particular, and pointed out the brutal past of Christianity, as well as that of Islam. And yes, they are right. The world would be a better place without violent religions. But here is where their problems start. The world won’t rid itself of violent religions, instead those religions will unite into a force far exceeding the violence of the brutal dark ages once the stage is ready.

How do I know this? Bible prophecies. You see on Patmos saint John saw the entire future of religion and wrote it in the book of Revelation in symbols. Each symbol had a particular future event attached to it. Some of it is now history, but some is still in the future. One of the mayor symbols was the horse rider.

1.      He saw a rider on a white horse with a bow going out to conquer, and did conquer, and received a crown-was made king of some sort.

Tell me: How can a rider conquer with only a bow and No arrows? [Read Rev. 6-That rider has no arrows.]

Answer: With his mouth. What he can do, is to come in as harmless as a Christian dressed in white of righteousness, dupe the minds of the masses into religion, make himself a king and ruler over them, [contrary to the Bible in the place of Christ] telling them what to do and what not to, and have them crown him as “ father” or ‘papa” over them with a triple crown and rule the world. Every man needs a religion, even kings. And if this rider could get the kings of the earth to bow to him as their supreme spiritual leader, then he-not them, rules the world.

Yes-religion can conquer and capture the whole world with mere words, without shooting an arrow from a bow, or firing a shot from a gun. Their weapons is submitting the minds of mankind to their will, which is far more powerful than doing it through guns. This is what that rider did. Sadly this is what happened to Christianity. That white horse rider came in the name of “a Christian” and conquered. By twisting Christianity to fit his desires rather than that of Christ, he conquered and ruled in the place of Christ by his own set of rules. I will leave the guess work up to you as to who he was, or you could read the works of Rev. W. M. Branham. This much is history as it already happened.

2.      John next saw a red Horse rider who received a sword, and took peace from the earth.

According to Rev. W, M. Branham that white horse rider was the same rider who under the second seal or second stage of his ministry only switched horses. Going back into the history of Christianity you will notice a time when they received a sword. A government sword with which they could kill any and every opposition to their rule. This was the purging time when all who opposed the rule of the rider was purged.

That began to happen when the great Constantine became a Christian. All of a sudden Christianity, had the most powerful state on their side.  They had a world regime on their side. They came from being “hunted” into being “the hunter.” Where once they were brutally slain by Roman pagans, they began to slay pagans and the opposition amongst their own ranks. Peace then was removed for everyone who did not belong to the religious brand of the rider.

By this time Christianity had long forgotten it’s own principle’s. When the Roman government made Christianity the official religion, they now had the power of the state [a sword] to shut the mouths of gainsayers. Even their own protestant brothers who tried to warn them away from their brutal ways then were slain. 68 million Protestants died according to some historic sources. Jews also were not spared. Foxes Book of martyrs details some of those terrible things. To have been a Christian and oppose the Roman version of it meant death.

3.      John then saw a Black horse rider. This rider had balances in his hands. In other words he held the economy. In those days money was weighed in balances to determine what you could buy. This rider seems to have held sway over the economy as it sold things from which bread is made at the prices it wanted. Yes there was a time when things really went dark. That time is called the dark ages. It was bloody and dark, as the rider not only had a sword but also the right to kill by hunger. Jobs for friends were at the order of the day. Whosoever did not prescribe to the religion of the rider did not get a position, could not buy or sell freely, and were hunted in every way possible. During that time you had to buy everything from the church-EVEN SALVATION. If you wanted forgiveness of sins-you had to buy it. If you wanted mercy for someone who had died and were in “purgatory”, you had to buy it. The church even gave you discount on future sins if you pledged to go to war. Everything was for sale in that dark age where superstition and ignorance ruled. No one knew what the Bible said as Bibles were burned so as to keep the masses in darkness about their own religion. As the bishops of the state, [Presidents bowed to them] the church had a absolute power over the natural economy as well as over the spiritual church affairs. They ruled the world and they rode a very dark horse of power. In the midst of that opposition voices such as that of John Huss were heard. They were silenced.

But then came the voice of Luther, the battle axe of reform, who himself a former priest exposed the evils of the church. He slammed indulgence sellers like John Tetsel. With him a large enough Protestant group broke away and counter powers were formed. It was then that the killing of the dark horse rider stopped after a while. The dark horse rider lost too much power in terms of the great numbers that walked away, and had to suppress the evil from within that wanted to wipe out all opposition. They could also no longer physically touch other anointed Protestant Christians. From then on they left the oil [anointed ones] and the revelation of reformers [wine] alone.

And since the time of Luther more and more churches sprung up under the new found freedom. Even the great Protestant America was found under that freedom, thanks to reformers who took on the mighty dark church. Protestant influenced governments now formed who bitterly opposed their former masters. They have since soften their stance as the history of the dark ages began to fade amongst the new generations.

And this is where we are now in the story of the riders. Much freedom, so much freedom that even atheists can be bold. Anybody no matter how vile, is bold. Protestant splinter groups are bold. Pentecostals are bold. If this was in the middle of the dark ages, they would have been silenced long ago. Some trapped in their own deceit still acts like the original dark horse rider who sold everything religion could sell. Yes, when you see Pentecostals selling divine healing, remember, they are offshoots acting in the likeness of the original rider of the dark ages. Jesus didn’t sell divine healing, didn’t beg for money and His followers are also not supposed to do that. But all that will come to an end some day soon. Use your freedom wisely for John saw a 4th horse coming. If he was correct with 3, he must be correct with the 4th.

And this rider will have no pity on atheists, neither on backslid-den Pentecostals or lukewarm Protestants. He will be more powerful than the dark ages rider was in its prime. For he will combine ALL RELIGIONS into one council and then take the reigns of world governments. Yes he will ride them all!

Contrary to what atheists believe that religion is dead, it is about to have a massive resurrection in the same brutal power it had before.

What does the world need for peace? ONE MIND AMONGST RELIGIONS THAT WILL LET LIVE.

Where will they get it? From a single council that will dictate them all.

Not a particular one religion will rule like in the dark ages, but a united council, that can dictate how everyone religious group should act in every nation will ride. Tolerance is the modern sermon. Live in peace with your neighbor-he worships the same god as you do? Really? I can go with the peace part and the tolerance part because true Christianity is not violent-but do we truly worship the same God? I don’t think so. Jesus is the Christian God and if you have another than you simply have another which is your right till death do us part. But this sermon of all worshiping the same god will gain strength, and finally they will unite. That is when the trouble starts for some.

Can you imagine all the former and current violent religions coming together in one council having one mind about how to respect each other? Peace!

Peace at last. No  Jew will fire a shot at Islam, because there is a council dictating to them how to respect the next man and vice versa. No Christian fire a shot at Islam and vice versa? Is that possible? Yes under the 4th rider.

Peace in the Middle East, Peace in the Africa, peace everywhere. No Christian Nigerian up in arms against those fellow “ brothers” of Islam. And they indeed can bring peace, for they make up the BULK OF THE WORLD POPULATION. If they can agree NOT TO ATTACK ONE THE OTHER, we would indeed should have peace. They are the problem to begin with.  Thus there is a definite need and empty position for the 4th rider.

Your 4th rider is coming, and when it does offshoots like atheists in Africa, Europe and so forth, minority Protestants that dislike the idea of uniting religions together, will be their only opposition. These of course shall be dealt with as “fanatics” standing in the way of world peace. So use your freedom wisely. John saw three riders, and they rode the world governments like one can steer a horse left, right, or center. Controlled politics like a horse by reigns from behind.

The 4th one is coming soon to a town near you. End of religion? In your dreams. Rather prepare to see more of it. Prepare to see it unite. Prepare to see them respect each other and hate opposition to their ideas. If you are in opposition to religion or in opposition to unity amongst all religions, prepare to face the rider. That is a better prospect than seeing it fall away. And it will bring peace. [for a short while] It is written that they will say: “peace and safety” I hear that cry already.

So will this peace last? Will the rider bring everlasting peace between religions?

There is the communist however. Watch them too. Watch the atheists! Their hatred for religion is way too strong to vanish forever. Watch it right here on News 24. But they are not the atheists that can destroy world peace. Watch north, because they might just be the last opposition Religion will encounter in their final 4th horse ride of peace. And the Bible prophecies are they will clash. Those atheists from the north will finally spoil the party.

The last war will be fought between northern communist Atheists and western religious folk. While western folks would want a world of peace where religions respect each other, the northern folks at some point in the future after the western folks have succeeded, will want religion to vanish. And the weapons at the disposal of both are weapons of mass destruction. And so shall be the last war of humanity. It will be the last because there will be little left after that. And so shall the earth be renewed when the ungodly removes themselves same as it was in the days of Noah.

If you are atheist, don’t bother calling me names-You are already ignored for the greater good of humanity. I have simply outlined your future the way I read it. I know you don’t believe it this way, and I have been very tolerant of your views. I simply disagree with respect.

Do refrain from speaking evil words-it’s not good for world peace. Remember words lead to anger, and anger to deeds, and deeds to the grave. Please contribute to peace by being nice. Also remember religion will rule the world once more. No need for you to get angry over it unless you have a nuke somewhere that religious folk may want to fear. If not, the big guns will simply ignore you and do what they do best- which is to rule over you regardless. And all you can do is to run or accept it.  There is of course one other way out. Alright you already know what it is. If you are willing to remove the name you branded yourself with, you might have a chance.

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