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The intervening God

12 February 2013, 15:00

Some time ago, an atheist wrote an article about the lack of intervention from God. [Atheist prayer] He told the fictional story of a little Christian girl, age 11, who was brutally raped and murdered in her own home just after she read her Bible and probably said her prayers.

So the question is: Why hasn’t God intervened? Although the story was fictional his reasoning was that this kind of thing happens every day, and if there is a God, He should have intervened. Therefore he further argued that based on that lack of intervention as he perceived it, there is no god.

It is indeed a great question: Does God intervene or not?

Telling him that God placed man on a free moral basis wherein he makes his own decisions and are responsible for his own actions did nothing to move him off his point.

For the sake of the atheist, and the question, I will make a little drama and paint a different world.  Let us say God must ignore the freedom of mankind to “do as thou wilt” and intervene every time a crime is committed. The question is: When must He intervene?

Let us say He must intervene during the crime just before the criminal delivers the death blow.

In sickness or accidents God does the same. Just before the person can die, God intervenes. We now have eternal life with eternal SUFFERING BECAUSE SIN CAUSING CRIME HAS NOT BEEN DEALT WITH. Also sickness, many times caused by sins, has not been dealt with. In this intervening period, we get sick, but never die, because God intervenes.

And so it happened that because of this late intervention from God and because He intervenes in every case of sickness, accidents, old age case, or crime, no one died. Instead the world continued on with very old bedridden people, constantly needing care and with many sick people. Everyone including criminals survived and suffering never ended.  

By now another cry goes up against God. “He intervenes TOO LATE, and too much!” “ Look at the world!” People don’t die, and criminals likewise don’t die! When will this carnage end! We demand that God either stop His intervening or intervenes much earlier! ”  

So God holds a council with the Angels and decide to give heed to the cry of the people and decide to alter His intervention. His decision is that after a certain age man will be left to die when his organs starts failing, and then He will no longer intervene. Further more He decides to intervene only in certain instances of sickness when man calls upon Him, or when He so desires. He decides that He will have the last say in whether or not to intervene in every case on His merits, wisdom and knowledge.


As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” says God. “ I will now intervene when they start thinking evil.

Their evil begins with their thoughts, and I will now give each of you Angels a “knop kierie”. [It’s a wooden stick with a swelling at one end.] “With these “knop kieries” you must analyze every thought of mankind. If it is evil, it will lead to crime. Hit them on the head, or any other places where they are not injured. That way we will keep society crime free.”

And so it happened that every time a thought of violence entered their minds, they received a wound. Everyone who imagines like Rambo how they will beat someone up, got a wound.

Every time they fantasize on how they will take revenge for a deed done to them, they get a wound. Every time anyone speaks a derogatory word, they get a double wound, because they went further than just thinking evil, they even spoke evil.

Every time anyone thinks of taking something that doesn’t belong to them, they get a wound. And if they take it anyway, they get a triple wound, because they not only thought it, discussed it, but went passed the point of discussion and also did it. And so it happened that many employees received triple wounds even for the stationary they took from work.

Every time a person thinks of how to make more money from others through some corrupt business plan, taking more than they deserve, they get a wound to prevent evil from happening.

And so it happened that every time a man sees a lady in a bikini, or some tight fitting sexy clothes, and start desiring after her, or start thinking of sex outside marriage with her or someone else, he receives a wound. This wound is to prevent evil, before it happens. Before he breaks up a marriage [cause hurt to others] or take a little school girl out of school and ruin her dreams, or ruin a woman’s dreams by lying to her that he loves her when indeed his only intention was to have sex and then dump her.

 He gets it to prevent him from impregnating a woman without taking responsibility, thereby creating more fatherless children, and more suffering. He gets it to prevent him from spreading disease. 

God now also give the ladies wounds because they encourage lust by having man feed dirty fantasies when they see them.  Every time a women would stand in front of the mirror and think: “ Wow, In this dress I  really look sexy! All eyes is going to follow this for sure …,”  Just then she gets a wound for her evil intentions. This is done to prevent sexual lust which leads to sexual deeds. She can only have one husband and there should be no need for her to make everyone in public lust after her.  If you want to be sexy, keep it behind closed doors for the one who can have what you advertise. We all know desire starts with the eye seeing something and desiring what is advertised. And if he sees something “sexy” I don’t think he will be thinking of something else than sex. Well the word “sexy” says it all, and so wounding increase.

And so it happens, that government now began to employ 95% of the people in the healthcare department, because of the crime or hurt prevention interventions from God. And since 94% of the work force is constantly in the hospitals themselves, the other 5% is also drawn into the work force. This has devastating consequences on the economy.

 After a while of doing this another cry goes up.

“ We demand that God honor our rights as free will individuals! These assaults must end! What kind of God is this with His “knop kierie” police? We refuse any of these intervention methods! We are all just human beings and we are prone to think evil! Stop this kind of intervention! We demand freedom!”    

Now God calls another council with the Angels. “They don’t want our intervention anymore. My final decision is to allow them their rights. They can decide to be evil when ever they want to be. I will hold a judgment Day of my own someday wherein which I will judge all evil.”  

One of the Angels then mentioned: “ But God? They are all evil! No one will be saved in that day! Haven’t you seen that everyone have evil thoughts? I didn’t even know where to hit them anymore!” 

And God answered: “ I know. But I will come down in human flesh myself and die for the crimes of those who wish to accept a pardon from me. My name will be Jesus when I come, which means savior, for I will save those who call upon Me for salvation. I will die the horrible death of a sinner in their place, the kind of death they deserve for the evil of their despicable sins, so I pay the price for their crimes in their place.”

Then I will send out my saints to preach this message all over the world. Those of them who wishes to be saved by Me, will then be saved.”

“ Furthermore I will CHANGE THE MIND OF THOSE WHO CALL UPON ME. I will give them My own mind. A new heart will I give them wherein evil thinking will not be tolerated. And also a new spirit will I give them. They who call upon me shall no more desire after evil, for even their desires I shall change. They shall no more desire after disco’s , adulteries, strong drink and so forth. And I will put in them my Holy Ghost to help them obey my word. Everyone who wishes not to think evil - shall have the mind of Christ.  And if they do sin by mistake,  and ask forgiveness, I shall forgive them if they are sincere. ”     

“As for the sinners who doesn’t even call upon Me, I SHALL YET INTERVENE, IN THEIR MINDS through their conscience. I shall write my law upon the table’s of their hearts, and they shall know what is evil even if they never go to church. They all shall know murder is wrong. They all shall instantly know to steal is wrong, adultery is wrong. [Read Romans 2:14-15] And if they do wrong their conscience shall speak to them! This shall be the new way of intervention.  I will put in them a CONSCIENCE. A man’s own conscience shall condemn him, speak to him and warn him of his evil ways even before he engage!”

[God is more than your conscience and if your own conscience condemns you, remember God’s judgment is higher than that!]

“Furthermore I will built myself a heaven wherein I will place all the good souls whose sins I have forgiven.   As for the rest, I will give them over to be held in prison by the Devil who misled them till that day of judgment. What the Devil does with them is his business, for I will not intervene in hell, but shall judge them and the Devil both for their evil.”

Now my dear friend-The last solution is what God arrived at first, for He is perfect.  You learn new ways every day-He doesn’t. He starts of with the best. He designed intervention methods long ago that would suit both God and man. He intervenes IN THE MIND.

And on the Day of Judgment, even your own CONSCIENCE SHALL WITNESS AGAINST YOU. Yes, that which you thought while you did wrong shall condemn you. It is all recorded in your Book of life, and we shall all see that you knew exactly what you did even before you did it. In sickness or other things He intervenes also when called upon, but then only at His own wise council. This is why Christians does not judge God-All things work to their good-even that which was evil to them at the time. They accept He intervened or not at His wise council.

And remember -Before a sinner does any evil deed-God intervenes, floods his mind telling him: “ This is wrong! This is wrong! Don’t do this,  don’t do this.”  This type of intervention can even be picked up by watching a man’s own nerve system with a Lie Detector Machine. His very own being will object every time he tells a lie. The wires will show havoc as the conscience works within that man making him nervous.

God  also appointed preachers to teach against all societies’ evil. If they don’t, they are neglecting their duties. They pray or lay hands upon the sick and ask God’s intervention for many. If they don’t , they neglect their duties. Jesus gave the CHURCH POWER TO INTERVENE ON BEHALF OF THE SICK. Countless testimonies of these interventions are available on the internet.

Before children get a chance to be evil, preachers warn them to stay away from addictive substances like alcohol, drugs and so forth. They are crime fighters who fights crime at its origins –THE MIND!

It is in the mind where evil decisions are made. EVERY WAR EVER STARTED WAS DECIDED IN THE MIND. From early childhood the parent by choice can take the child to church, or read the Bible himself so he may warn his child of all evil.

In earlier years society realized the VALUE OF THE BIBLE IN CRIME PREVENTION and good social behavior, and even preached God’s Word in schools. But some people objected to this [mostly atheists ] and had the Bible kicked out, not knowing that they will breed a criminal society with no knowledge of God’s word, or how to overcome evil by the power of God.

Their reasoning is that school is for studying SCIENCES and so forth, not for studying about SOCIAL ISSUES. The problem here is that while knowledge is one part of us-character is the other. And if there is no moral teaching, character so needed is not developed.  And many churches even neglect teaching against evil. Now they only reap what they sowed. A GODLESS SOCIETY. God has in place a manual that tells of all that is evil, and if you don’t use it, you can’t blame God.

Yet God intervenes even IN THE MIND. But what do people do? They ignore every thought telling them they are wrong. They suppress their own consciences. They ignore every government law promising punishment. They ignore the Bible, the warnings of their parents, of society, of their school teachers, and of everyone who warned them of evil while they are in this world. To do any crime you have to ignore EVERY WARNING YOU EVER HAD.  

But whosoever does not listen-will face government law and order, also based on Old Testament law. And if you manage escape that, you won’t escape Judgment day. So yes God intervenes-even through government. [Read Romans 13-It says God instituted law and order.]   

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