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The question of Life Stance

20 November 2012, 13:26

The topic of atheism being a life stance/ a position/ worldview have been labored, and have been met with some resistance from quite rational thinker, which claims to be free thinking and thinking out of the box. An extract of his comment is listed below.

Also, gareth.ludeman and SarcasticHeathen has asked me for my definition of atheism on the article listed below. Personally the definition of atheism isn’t important, but rather what it “resembles”

All this info courtesy of Wikipedia.

A person's life stance, or lifestance, is their relation with what they accept as being of ultimate importance, the presuppositions and theory of this, the beliefs, commitments and practice of working it out in living.

It connotes an integrated perspective on reality as a whole and how to assign valuations, thus being a concept similar or equivalent to that of a worldview.

Like the term "worldview", the term "life stance" is intended to be a shared label encompassing both religious perspectives (for instance: "a Buddhist life stance" or "a Christian life stance" or "a Pagan life stance"), as well as non-religious spiritual or philosophical alternatives (for instance: "a humanist life stance" or "a personist life stance" or "a Deep Ecology life stance"), without discrimination in favour of any.

Religious life stances

Moral codes, practices, values, institutions, tradition, philosophy, rituals, and scriptures are often traditionally associated with the core belief. Religion is also often described as a "way of life".

Non-religious life stances

Further information: Irreligion and Secular religion

Alternatives to religion include life stances based on atheism, agnosticism, deism, skepticism, freethought, pantheism, secular humanism, SBNR or general secularism.

Now to delve deeper into atheism…(I bolded and underline the important words to be focused on)

In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities

Related links

1. Rowe, William L. (1998). "Atheism". In Edward Craig. Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Taylor & Francis. ISBN 978-0-415-07310-3. Retrieved 2011-04-09. "As commonly understood, atheism is the position that affirms the nonexistence of God

2. Harvey, Van A.. "Agnosticism and Atheism", in Flynn 2007, p. 35: "The terms ATHEISM and AGNOSTICISM lend themselves to two different definitions. The first takes the privative a both before the Greek theos (divinity) and gnosis (to know) to mean that atheism is simply the absence of belief in the gods and agnosticism is simply lack of knowledge of some specified subject matter. The second definition takes atheism to mean the explicit denial of the existence of gods and agnosticism as the position of someone who, because the existence of gods is unknowable, suspends judgment regarding them...

Definitions and distinctions(Nice, ne)

Range; Implicit vs. explicit; Positive vs. negative; Definition as impossible or impermanent

Different types

Apatheism;Agnostic atheism (contain argument against the Pascal's Wager, namely the Atheist’s Wager; Agnostic atheism; Monism and Physicalism

Atheist philosophies (This is important…)

Atheist existentialism and Humanism

For the same reason, atheists can hold a wide variety of ethical beliefs, ranging from the moral universalism of humanism, which holds that a moral code should be applied consistently to all humans, to moral nihilism, which holds that morality is meaningless.

History or origins of atheism

It was first used as a term of censure roughly meaning "ungodly" or "impious". In the 5th century BCE, the word began to indicate more deliberate and active godlessness in the sense of "severing relations with the gods" or "denying the gods". The term atheist (from Fr. athée), in the sense of "one who denies or disbelieves the existence of God",predates atheism in English, being first found as early as 1566, and again in 1571. Atheist as a label of practical godlessness was used at least as early as 1577. The term atheism was derived from the French athéisme, and appears in English about 1587. An earlier work, from about 1534, used the term atheonism Related words emerged later: deist in 1621, theist in 1662, deism in 1675, and theism in 1678. At that time "deist" and "deism" already carried their modern meaning. The term theism came to be contrasted with deism.

There has been some atheists stating that atheism is the default state of a baby. They state on is an atheist until we a “indoctrinated by person with authority like our parents. The origin of the atheism shows that there is knowledge of gods, which is then denied. Kindly note that it is a relative young philosophical view or position looking at when it was termed. By no means did it start there… so atheists, relax… the point is that logic teach you can only reject something once you become aware of someone’ position on it. Let us not involve Science to justify your position as it didn’t originate from it in the first place.

Epistemology is concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge such as the relationships between truth, belief, and theories of justification.

Skepticism is the position which questions the possibility of completely justifying any truth.

Philosophical skepticism (from Greek s?????, skepsis meaning "enquiry"; UK spelling scepticism) is both a philosophical school of thought and a method that crosses disciplines and cultures. Many skeptics critically examine the meaning systems of their times, and this examination often results in a position of ambiguity or doubt. This skepticism can range from disbelief in contemporary philosophical solutions, to agnosticism, to rejecting the reality of the external world.

MemeMan - November 19, 2012 at 16:43

“…Atheists are a little harder to pin down; to define. You may think you have clarified your summary of atheism into a neat box; but we're more like herding cats than leading sheep; so, look again in the box and you'll find just a bit of fur; we're out and about laughing at you.

The only atheists I'd associate myself with are lead by our brains with eyes to the horizon and chin up.
We're generally not troubled by philosophy, much less theology.

What I"m saying is that you can take your concept of a life stance, fold it as small a unit as possible, and shove it somewhere comfortable.

The atheism that results from my understanding of the world has no deity, no leader, no hymns, no tithes, no "life stance", no 'agreed upon position'... nothing. We are informed by the sciences, by humanism, by ecology, by sense - these are foreign concepts to you and I don't expect you to understand nor embrace them - and that is fine - you have a right to be a sheep.”

The above comment is the position what they (Mememan) accept as being of ultimate importance, the presuppositions and theory of this, the beliefs, commitments and practice of working it out in living. He is not interested in anything else except his view of the world. So atheism is a worldview, a life stance built on certain level of comfortableness that anything one disagrees with can just be rejected to suit their view… Is that a rational person? I don’t think so.

Nihilism is the philosophical doctrine suggesting the negation of one or more putatively meaningful aspects of life. Nihilism can also take epistemological or metaphysical/ontological forms, meaning respectively that, in some aspect, knowledge is not possible, or that reality does not actually exist.

I choose to reject any form of pessimism/nihiism and that is a position I think is of ultimate importance. Questioning things are good, but rejecting something because I disagree with something/concept/belief is unrational.

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