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The rejected Anti-Christ

09 September 2013, 12:50

“...DANIEL 11:14  And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south:..”

We saw in the previous article how many stood up against Ptolemy V, the 5 year old boy king of Egypt, the son of Philopator. He had 2 rival factions around the throne fighting for regency over him in the process killing his mother. He had civil war in Egypt where rebels ceded upper Egypt, and Phillip of Macedon as well as Antiochus III ‘the great’ attacked him 200 BC.

Luckily for him, Rome interfered and prevented Phillip to reach Egypt, but Antiochus succeeded and conquered much territory in the south including taking the beautiful land of Palestine from the south.  We saw the above part of verse 14 come to pass in a piece called “The infallible word of prophecy” which is available if you click on “ Archibald”. And now the Man that spoke to Daniel 536 BC also prophesied this:

“… also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.” Daniel 11:14b

This verse of Daniel 11 is where many scholars missed the turn in prophecy. All the prophecy up to now had been about wars of the kings of the south and north, but this part of verse 14 is about Daniel’s beloved people-the Jews.  “ ...also the robbers of thy people…” Whose people? “…thy people…” Daniel’s people. And what will these robbers do? Exalt themselves to try establish-the vision. What is a vision? It is an idea one start to have for yourself or your group, a picture of where you see you or the group sometime in the future.

Apparently some robbers of Daniel’s people had a vision, and this vision was so great that it is referred to as THE VISION, and not just a vision. I will let history expose the vision the robbers had right about the time the boy king of the south had all those troubles:

“ When in 198 BCE Palestine was conquered by King Antiochus III [the great] (247–187 BCE), of the Syrian Seleucid dynasty, the Jews were treated even more liberally, being granted a charter to govern themselves by their own constitution, namely, the Torah. Greek influence, however, was already becoming manifest. Some of the 29 Greek cities of Palestine attained a high level of culture.

The mid-3rd century-BCE Zenon papyri—containing the correspondence of a business manager of a high Ptolemaic official—present the picture of a wealthy Jew, Tobiah, who through commercial contact with the Ptolemies acquired a veneer of Hellenism, to judge at least from the pagan and religious expressions in his Greek letters. His son and especially his grandsons became ardent Hellenists.” [ Britannica]

Some of the Jews began to like the Greek Hellenism idolatry of polytheism, and then began to work on a vision that was to bring all the Jews to Hellenism. They imagined a time when the Greeks would not only govern politically, but would also be followed in their Hellenist religious worship by the Jews.  

This vision of changing another man’s religion comes a very long way as it is actually the vision of Satan. The first time we saw someone had such a vision was in heaven when Satan tried turning the God worshiping Angels away from God and make them Lucifer worshipers. [Is 14] He tried to be an Anti-Christ to the Angels, but his vision of turning worship to himself failed as he could only gather one third to vote for him as god. [Rev.12] Two thirds rejected his vision, and so he came to earth with it.

Where Satan failed to achieve a two thirds majority in heaven, he had much more success on earth. This vision came to earth when Satan got into that beast and began to proselyte to turn Adam and Eve against God. After the beast he worked his vision through Cain and his offspring. He was so successful in imposing his vision upon mankind, that even the sons of God-men who worshiped God, and are called sons of God due to following Him, left their own principle’s. By the time of the flood, only 8 people from the line of Seth still followed God. But then came the flood and they all fell.

After the flood Satan got his vision onto Nimrod [Gen. 10-11] and he not only became a great hunter of animals, but also a hunter of souls, an Anti-Christ for his own religious rituals, opposite to that of God. Nimrod envisioned a time when all the God fearing offspring of Noah would stop following the religion of Noah, and thus set out to achieve it militarily by using his hunting skills and conquering them. He then build a tower onto which they could run in case God bring water again. But we know how he fell, when the nations he tried to rule, no longer understood his language and thus couldn’t follow his orders. And there were no translators to tell the subjects what the “divine” king just ordered. Something as simple as language ruined his plans.  

Throughout the Old Testament various people would come along, inspired to this same type of vision. I remember even in Babylon Nebuchadnezzar envisioned a time when all the Jews would bow to his molten image who would receive its orders from him, in the plain of Dura. Nebuchadnezzar was to order the kind and times of worship for his idol, but God interfered again by saving the 3 men that stood for Him from Nebuchadnezzar’s fiery furnace. [Dan3] That miracle helped Nebuchadnezzar to abandon his plans.

This vision of turning worshipers of God away from Him to anything else just so long as it isn’t God comes a long way. Ever so often, someone is inspired to this vision and try to achieve it someway. Even atheists envisions a day when all people’s will be so “wise” as they are, leaving their “foolish” worship, and all be atheists, believing there is no God. All God’s work in creation is explained away by an incredibly miraculous evolution which took place millions of years ago according to the hypothesis, which is responsible for all the intelligent design found. Yes, they are just another group trying to enforce a vision hoping to turn worship away from God which is actually very similar to that Satan started in heaven.  

This vision of turning people away isn’t just any vision-it is THE VISION, something you will find throughout history. And it is a vision that always caused war. In the dark ages the Catholics tried to turn everyone to Catholicism even if Protestants objected that their version doesn’t exactly match the Bible. Protestants refused to bow to the infallible earthly pope god, and so it caused the Catholic-Protestant wars. And then there was the Muslim version concerning the same vision from the Muslim side.

This vision caused war in heaven, continued to cause war on earth, and shall finally end in the third world war when atheist Russians, Chinese and those hordes of the north, shall try to wipe all religious folk from the face of the earth to establish all in atheism, after religion have angered them during the tribulation. Unfortunately we have WMD- weapons of mass destruction and MAD-Mutual Assured Destruction. And thus there would be very little survivors left after they would try to enforce that vision. It will all end with that vision again. This is Rev.17’s prophecy. You can listen to an explanation of it here:

 “… also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.” Daniel 11:14b

Now back here in Jewish history, the Hellenist Jews wanted all Jews to be Hellenist s like them and set out to achieve their goal. In the Old Testament, God instituted a high-priest office which was the supreme religious leader with authority over all the people. Hellenist Jews knew if they could get one of their own to the high-priest position, they could enforce their doctrine upon the people through that influential office.

And when Antiochus IV Epiphanes in 175 BC, followed his brother Seleucus IV son of Antiochus III ‘the great’ to the throne in the Syrian north, he actively began to support their efforts. For financial gain the history says, he interfered into Jewish religious affairs and appointed the Hellenist Jason as high-priest in the place of his brother Onias III who was a staunch traditionalist Jew.

Britannica says of Jason: “ …Hellenistic Jewish high priest (175–172 BC) in Jerusalem under the Seleucid king Antiochus IV Epiphanes. By promising greater tribute to Antiochus, he obtained the high priesthood and, scorning the traditional Jewish monotheism of the Pharasaic party, promoted Greek culture and religion throughout Judaea in Palestine.”

As you read there Jason immediately rejected monotheism, the believe in one God as the Jews had it, [Deut.6:4] and began to promote the Greek polytheism. He thus began with anti-Bible or anti-Christ teachings hoping to finally introduce other gods to them. On another place Britannica says:

“ Antiochus' hellenizing policies brought him into conflict with the prosperous Oriental temple organizations, and particularly with the Jews. Since Antiochus III's reign the Jews had enjoyed extensive autonomy under their high priest. They were divided into two parties, the orthodox Hasideans (Pious Ones) and a reform party that favoured Hellenism. For financial reasons Antiochus supported the reform party and, in return for a considerable sum, permitted the high priest, Jason, to build a gymnasium in Jerusalem and to introduce the Greek mode of educating young people.” [Britannica]

Unlike in the time of his father Antiochus III ‘the great’, Epiphanes interfered in the Jewish religious matters and made a political appointment to a religious office.

And now a Robber, a crook, a lover of money was appointed high-priest by the Greek king who ruled over Palestine in those days. Jason also built a gymnasium and encouraged the Jews into Greek sports. Well what is wrong with that? Greek sports participants usually competed completely naked, and that type of immorality really didn’t go off well with the staunch traditionalist Jew who had strict moral codes as taught from the Torah.

 “Money loving robbers ” now entered the Holy office. Jason exalted himself into the highest position a Jew could have occupied, and he did it through bribery. And to meet his obligations to Epiphanes Jason now had to raise the people’s taxes-indeed robbing Daniel’s people even more than they already had been. But in 172 BC, the Jews were in for an even greater shock when the extreme Hellenist Menelaus replaced Jason by offering Antiochus IV Epiphanes an even greater tribute for the honors of the office.

“ In 172, for an even bigger tribute, he appointed Menelaus in place of Jason.” [Britannica] 

And so Jason fell out of favor and office. Menelaus went so far as to rob the treasures of the temple to be able to pay the higher tribute he offered. When Onais III, the former traditionalist high-priest heard about this, he planned to tell Antiochus Epiphanes about the temple robbery. But Menelaus had him put to death, and continued to rob the temple. Things got bad when Jason tried to retake the High-Priest office when he heard a false rumor that Epiphanes died:

“ In 169, however, while Antiochus was campaigning in Egypt, Jason conquered Jerusalem—with the exception of the citadel—and murdered many adherents of his rival Menelaus. When Antiochus returned from Egypt in 167 he took Jerusalem by storm and enforced its Hellenization. The city forfeited its privileges and was permanently garrisoned by Syrian soldiers. “ [Britannica 2008]

It was at this time Antiochus IV Epiphanes abandoned the subtle methods of teaching the Jews into Hellenism through the high-priest office and began a full force war against the Jewish religion enforcing his view by violence. But would this anti-Christ succeed? Didn’t the prophecy say those robbers of Daniel’s people of whom Epihanes was the chief, who exalted themselves to establish the vision would finally fall? Did they? Let’s read:

“ The revolt of Judas Maccabeus.

The Greeks and those friendly toward them were united into the community of Antiochians; the worship of Yahweh and all of the Jewish rites were forbidden on pain of death. In the Temple an altar to Zeus Olympios was erected, and sacrifices were to be made at the feet of an idol in the image of the King.

Against that desecration Judas Maccabeus , leader of the anti-Greek Jews, led the

aroused Hasideans in a guerrilla war and several times defeated the generals

Antiochus [Epiphanes] had commissioned to deal with the uprising. Judas refused a partial amnesty, conquered Judaea with the exception of the Acra in Jerusalem, and in December 164 was able to tear down the altar of Zeus and reconsecrate the Temple. Antiochus apparently had underestimated the strength of the Hasidean movement, which was behind the

success in maintaining an independent Judaean state for about a century.” [Britannica]

Do see how Epiphanes exalted himself? Made an altar for his god Zeus and made statue of himself in their temple and expected the Jews to bow to it? Ever since the time Alexander ‘the great’ ordered in 324 that they should make him a god, Greek kings after him expected the same thing from the people. Epiphanes means “ God manifest” and now he made himself a god in the temple of the Jews. He was trying to sit in the temple of God trying to be God, a position the anti-Christ was to have. Paul spoke of a time that someone would indeed do this successfully but he lived long after Epiphanes and certainly didn’t mean it would be Epiphanes.

“ II Thessalonians 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;     4  Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.”

Here was Epiphanes, the chief of robbers exalting himself into a god setting up an idol of Himself in the Jewish temple trying to fulfill a vision Paul had of one coming! Did He succeed? Not at all-Judah Maccabee defeated his forces and restored temple worship as you’ve read above, and Daniel prophesied they would fail!

As read above Epiphanes NEVER succeeded in enforcing his vision of Hellenizing the Jews with anti-Christ teachings and neither did his pawns Jason or Menelaus succeed. Instead of suppressing the Jews his efforts according to history lead to independence and so started the Hasmonean dynasty in Judea in 164 BC which lasted a century till the Romans came 63 BC. Epiphanes himself died unexpectedly 164 BC of a disease. And so fell the rejected Anti-Christ. But there was one to come who would not fail and Paul as well as Daniel prophesied later of him. If you want to know who the 666 is you can read it here:

What happened to Menelaus, his other pawn?  Wikipedia history says:

" According to II Maccabees, it was Menelaus who persuaded Antiochus to Hellenize the Jewish worship, and thereby brought about the uprising of the Judeans under the guidance of the Maccabees. During the first years of the restoration of the Jewish worship Menelaus still remained (though only nominally) high priest. He is said to have been put to death by Antiochus V Eupator when the latter made definite concessions to the Jews, the reason assigned being that Menelaus, by his evil counsel, was indirectly responsible for the Jewish rebellion."

Thus the prophecy became true- “...also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves

to establish the vision; but they shall fall.” This verse here tells us about the religious failures of Epiphanes. We shall still deal with his political failures against Egypt which Rome caused, but this verse deal with his religious failures against the Jews.

So right here the interpreters of the Book of Daniel failed to see that Daniel actually prophesied Epiphanes and his Hellenizing policies would fail. So by the way-If the author of the Book of Daniel wrote as Scholars claim the Book in 164 BC, why would he know all the history before that but failed to know Antiochus Epiphanes was a failure while he was supposed to have seen it? Doesn’t make sense. Daniel didn’t prophecy success for Epiphanes but called him a robber who tried to exalt himself along with his pawns who was bound to fail. The rest of Daniel 11 beyond verse 15 certainly doesn’t refer to Epiphanes.

Neither Epiphanes, nor the Hellenist Jews he supported could establish the Anti-Christ vision. It wasn’t until the dark ages that Romans could successfully enforce a vision of one religion for all on both great and small, rich and poor in a world empire. Where Epiphanes failed, the Romans later on did not. And Rev.13 prophecy this vision shall once again revive and succeed as it did in the dark ages. Click on “Archibald” and read :“Cruel religion + state=Mark of the beast” for closer information.

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