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Two peas in a pod

06 August 2012, 12:40

Christians and ANC voters are two peas in a pod. 

What do Christians and ANC voters have in common? Are they two peas in a pod? 

The ANC and the Christian religion have much in common. In order to remain in existence they require support from people exercising child like faith in outlandish promises, claims and propositions, which are not based on evidence.  Blind faith is not required when there is acceptable evidence for what is being promoted, hence the faith requirement. They pay lip service to the gratuitous suffering of humanity as long as they are not blamed or called upon to make a difference by improving the lot that life, has cruelly dished out to vulnerable members of society. 

The bumbling, venal and kleptocratic ANC administration know that they cannot deliver and that they have failed so as a last resort they ride upon the “liberation party” wave, which is a myth, and play the equally ridiculous emotional race card, which always goes down well with lazy, unscrupulous people who have evolved an entitlement mentality . 

The ANC’s claims of service delivery are nothing but burnt ashes in the mouths of the hungry, jobless, sick, and destitute. Yet even though they bear the brunt of a comical education system and an equally pathetic health care system ranked amongst the worst in the world, these easily manipulated will continue to vote, by faith, denying the evidence that the ANC ‘s misrule has been the worst nightmare scenario to be thrust upon South Africa’s once impressive working infrastructure. 

So month after month seemingly with out end, corruption story after corruption story, failure after failure, we have to suffer endless torment from a dysfunctional government that think they are in power based solely on merit and that they are therefore public masters instead of public servants appointed by the nation and God himself to rule and reign with absolute power and impunity. 

Any political administration in the civilised world with such a pathetic, dismal and unimpressive track record that the ANC administration has dished out brazenly before the gaze of an aghast public for the last 18 years, would have been voted out of power at the first election opportunity. Imagine if some one came to you for employment and their CV was riddled with a proven track record of corruption, failure and incompetence. Would you employ such a person? 

Our national and municipal government officials are paid their salaries by the neglected and abused tax payer, yet some of them act as if they have a divine right to rule, which causes them to be answerable to, no body. There very own loyal, longsuffering and gullible voters who had great faith, trust and hope at the voting booth, are repaid with utter contempt, by the rampant daily acts of corruption, incompetence and abuse of power.   

The majority of the government ministerial officials are : first in line to collect their pay, first in the rush hour traffic,  killing and maiming other road users, with their ridiculous and pompous VIP blue light cavalcades, first in the queue (with their families) to benefit from any perks and benefits in addition to their over inflated salaries, like; luxury cars fit for royalty, 100k PM credit cards and free overseas first class travel, five star accommodation and yet  surprise - surprise they are last in line when it comes to honour, responsibility, integrity and accountability, ducking and diving like a gaggle of geese at Zoo lake. Even when they get caught, and are sentenced to jail time, after blowing millions of tax payers funding in their legal defence, when they knew that they were guilty, they are quickly released on a “go home free card” that makes a mockery of our creaking Justice system. 

They have taken the buzz words; “I didn’t do it” or “it’s not my fault” or “it is the colonisers or apartheids fault” and my favourite “I am innocent till proven guilty” to the next level in managerial insanity. Just like Christian apologists, they think any old answer, no matter how ridiculous and implausible, is acceptable, all though they would prefer no questions to be asked at all- only believe. So they employ professional spin doctors that have majored in propaganda skills that enable them to, with a poker face, spin yarns of deception that try to patiently explain that wrong actions and decisions committed are actually right. Just have faith and trust in us and believe that “we can”, don’t ask questions, and don’t forget to vote for me Ok. Why are such people not embarrassed to earn their salaries every month? They should work for nothing as nothing is what they produce. Who are these people? 

The ANC might have good polices and ideas, but so do most political parties, it is the failure to implement those policies that is the problem Mr Watson. For instance: I might want to get a degree, (if I have the mental aptitude); that is a good idea, but I will need sheer will power and self motivation to get my degree by applying my mind to study. It will not fall some how miraculously on my head by some divine intervention. If however, I lack the required intelligence, will power and self motivation I will have to accept that I will have a less prosperous future. So you would conclude then, that if the government lacks the mental aptitude, skill, will power and self motivation to succeed in their duties and also considering that they do not even take a moral stand against incompetence, corruption, nepotism and fraudulent activities, then they would also have to resign themselves to a less prosperous future and be inevitably voted out of power. 

Unfortunately in South Africa that is not our reality, we have a special kind of insanity that prevails. The whole world, including more enlightened and brave African states (Botswana, Malawi and many more), move in one direction, but we rush headlong, blatantly ignoring the huge and glaringly obvious Cul-de-sac warning sign (dead end up ahead) on our worn out well travelled African road that we have embarked upon, where; oppressive regimes, failure, corruption, tribalism, nepotism, ignorance and incompetence are tolerated and even rewarded, where criminal tyrants wanted by the ICC are free to roam, oppress, murder and plunder with impunity. 

I’m sure that the entire ANC administration cannot be rotten to the core; there must be many good, honest and hard working officials. Yet it is the corrupt and incompetent leaders at the top that give us another perception; for as we know “a fish rots from the head downwards” and that perception is that we are heading for a failed state classification, like most municipalities all ready are, if we do not “red card” the party that is fleecing and abusing South Africa.  

Voting in a democracy is not rocket science or brain surgery, just a simple decision of voting for a party that can govern properly for the benefit of all in the country. So you would think then as they say that a country gets the government it deserves. Does South Africa honestly deserve the ANC? No, it most certainly does not. So let’s all do the right thing and vote the ANC onto the opposition bench where they belong, so that they can learn and apply their minds to improve themselves and maybe come back as a better political party, when they have matured gracefully, as at the moment they behave like a bunch of spoilt teenage criminal hooligans that spurn parental guidance discipline and control. They have much to learn and a very long way to go before they can be trusted by any reasonable person.

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