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Whilst I die waiting for cannbis

30 January 2013, 10:09

What happened to Alexander Flemming?Though I am not in SA I can't plan my trip soon enough but in an attempt to try save my life and take a leap of faith with my third brain tumor in as many years.

I invite you to publish this on your FB page and ask everyone to resend it to any other news agency  of choice and support me in my cause or modify the content to represent own views and forward it to someone who cares. Note My grammar is poor, but impacted from brain damage after numerous brain surgeries and the letter comes across dogmatically(I feel it needs to be that way).Please invite all your family and friends to resend the same letter to the editor of any media agency if they wish and in turn share the letter with their peers/family  and likewise encourage them to add their own sentiments if they choose  and find/send it to anyone who will listen. My stance in this articles based upon my own context concerning my fading  health and the laws that not only prevent doctors from trying potential and available medicines on me, but deny me or anyone  the freedoms to try pioneer or find our own cures for a plethora of diseases. My letter reads:

Modern medicine is a farce.

I hope the point comes across clearly.Between the lines it may seem like I am solely advocating for the legalization of a currently illegal substance (cannabis) that can be abused and used in medicine,  but no more so than antibiotics already have by the “professionals” in healthcare who administered them way too freely to patients who also played their own part in in destroying the greater worth of this medicine and  yet cannabis is deemed as the sole medicinal substance that can be  abused  and evades the hands of every citizen to pioneer a potential cure/vaccine/treatment for an array of possibilities(diseases/disorders.

Freedoms have been removed from society

And thus have the abilities for anyone to pioneer cures for HIV, cancer, lupus, etc.

What If Alexander Flemming were here?

I bet he would spit in the eyes of every ungrateful doctor, chemist and receiver of antibiotics for degrading his contribution to medicine to a worth of zero or at least slap them in the face.

Not only (as mentioned) have we degraded his contribution to medicine, but have thrown away his ability and freedom to try pioneer ,”strike it lucky" and "take a leap of faith" to contribute to society with our draconian laws that prevent members of society from playing their part and (horrifically so) prohibit doctors from accessing trailed and tested products in the hope of saving mine or anyone else' life through flawed logic that says: “wait for trials”or “wait for the cure” when you simply can’t.

It is for this reason that I write this article in possibly the last months of my life to remind a sheepish society of what many are aware of(without the conspiracy theories on big pharma).

Nearly every doctor or pharmacist or healthcare "professional" putting bread crumbs on the table tonight appear to be ungrateful for not only their own and, their families  good health(hopefully), but the very fact behind why they even have an occupation today, which was pioneered off the backbone of someone else' hard work and freedoms.

Cannabis, penicillin, opioid and whatnot....

4 brain surgeries and 3 brain tumors into my life I seem to have a better grasp on the historical and modern context of medicine than the sheep in the sheepfold.

Allow me to  write a primer for you,...

Fungus behind penicilin is a natural substance as is cannabis. penicilin and cannabis can be abused and penicillin in medicinal use already has and no more so by the professionals than the patients. Cannabis and fungus are naturally occurring. Fungus causes several health like candida, black mold that leads to respiratory problems, etc and yet plays itspart in medicine.

Myths around cannabis...

It always produces a high!

This is dependent on the species.

It's only smoked by potheads

It can be inhaled and ingested and used as cooking oil with  plenty of good EFAs (Essential fatty acids). and can be used in textile and various other industries

The number one argument against cannabis is the fear of the psychoactive compound and it's potential effect on a patient yet:

1. Magic mushroom cause phsycadelic experiences and are being tested medically in some areas of Europe with terminally ill patients to potentially induce

psychoactive visions that may aid in grasping the concept of death.

2. Magic mushrooms are legal in most countries.

3. Scientific, public and peer reviewed studies are widely accessible on the benefits of cannabis in medicine  and yet the counter publications(presuming the world is still in equilibrium) justifying (based on medern studies) the near -global ban from individual countries remain evasive.

I don't have time to wait my turn..

I won't even try to explain my current context. You will never understand until you or someone you know is this ill with limited options.

Cannabis is already part of medicine and will forever be. GW pharma have numerous products pipelined toward several conditions and one of their patents are for my type of cancer (glioma), but I don't think I have the time to wait :

Limited options include getting a high grade extract oil on the black market  and guinea pig myself, because propaganda has left something that could save me potentially too distant.

Dexanibinol is being trialed toward brain cancer, but these trials are beyond my reach. This medicine has been around for some time, yet I don't think my oncologist can reach it due to restrictions and preventative laws that show exactly how pathetic modern medicine is:

When it comes to brain disorders and diseases, cannabinoids are one of the few compounds that can cross the "blood-brain" barrier (major challenge in medicine).

So I am Just short of suicide...

Not to make a point, but because I am denied one extra option, ie. legal use of a high-grade extract of cannabis oil that I can attempt to use on myself as a ginea pig and hopefully pioneer a treatment  for  any potential future victim of what I have.

One of the few freedoms I have left is what I may eat and have used this to turn my body into a science lab(anyway so I don’t see the difference) given my limited options.

The ketogenic diet

I am on is one of my last options left in my own hands.

One would think I should eat what I want in what may be the last months of my life, but I have chosen a zero carbohydrate intake diet in a desperate attempt to deprive my cancer of what it needs to survive (glucose). Odd as it may sound there is science behind it and it's supported by my medical team. It's worse than a typical hunger strike on sugar water is which provides more calories and mystifiesme why that that unlike someone on death row, I volunteer to not have a last meal of choice (or any meals of choice for that matter for the rest of my life) and use one of the few freedoms left in my own hands regarding  my health after being deprived another  to eat/not eat what I want.

Depriving me of or anyone else the right to try make a breakthrough like Alexander Flemming must be the lowest point of human intellect and medicine in general.

Insult is added to injury in knowing that laws have handcuffed my  doctors to what they can administer, denying me the right to volunteer myself as a guinea pig, take a leap of faith, like Alexander Flemming strike it luck like he did and hopefuly prove that Cannabis cures my form of cancer.

Starving to death...

The afore mentioned diet deprives me of enough calorie intake where my life is reduced to eating spoons of coconut butter/fat to stay alive and force my brain to use "ketones" as the primary fuel. Cancer cells can't survive off ketones and need glucose to grow. I can no longer go out and have a dinner with my wife, eat a single piece of chocolate, grain of sugar, etc. Not whilst I know that laws prevent me from a last hope dosage of cannabis extracted oil.

The hemp irony

Hemp as the sister plant of cannabis is part of my diet as a protein source in my 4-6:1 fat:protein+ carb diet. Soon I will take a spoonful of hemp oil per day for the essential fatty acids it provides to protect my heart even though I probably won’t make it to such an age where I need to consider my heart. Imagine the logic between telling your son to go sleep outside and comforting your daughter to bed. What kind of madness is behind this logic that forces me to be biased between the brother(cannabis) and sister(hemp) when both could keep my alive?

Hemp provides miniscule and inadequate amounts of the needed cannabinoids that can effect the DNA and mitochondria of my cancer cells and how they interplay:

Still a sheep?

Tommy Chong (a well known actor) went on global news network CNN and made public his decision to take medical cannabis to cure his prostate cancer and recently announced on his Twitter account that he was cured!

Final words...

For the doubters of what I wrote I hope if you ever watch someone pass away that they don’t go:



uncontrollable seizures

knowledge that a potential cure was denied along with  a freedom to strike gold and hopefully pioneer apathway to a  treatment and take a leap of faith toward helping others.

I wrote this article, because modern medicine disgusts me to a large extent. An odd claim (with a guilty conscious) after having been through 4 brain surgeries in 3 years, being in a coma, life support and months of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Yet although I have brain damage, I have enough intellect left to acknowledge that all the work and inventions that got me to where I am today did not appear from thin air and many did not wait for scientific evidence , but were the basis of it.

Two months ago I received the best news possible after my most recent surgery (a lower grade and less aggressive tumor) and pleaded to my oncologist be put on chemo (which I tolerated for well over a year with no side effects) for safety, but I assume the "can't justify it" response was based on just one of the many legalities that prevented him from doing so. He was sure that nothing would happen in 3 months, but alas a month later I start having seizures on a weekly basis and going a bit paralyzed in my left arm and experiencing other symproms. Last  week a new more aggressive tumor was detected andhas spread partially to the other side of my brain.

Since then I have bombarded him(my oncologist) with articles on potential treatments and medicines that are already on the market, but I get no response. I am sure again that between these medicines, my oncologist and me remains mountains of laws to navigate. I finish with the  claim that the true pioneers of modern medicine are turning in their grave and seem to be extinct species of society  and include the following quotation to conclude the article and sum up my opinion:

Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Denying me the freedom to prove something right or wrong only denies oneself the same freedom.

Almost everything I write here is relevant on a world-wide scale. Almost every aspect of healthcare is dictated to by FDA approved WHO health standards. How 7 billion people on this planet put their lives and healthcare into a handful of people sickens me more than cancer. I know several of my sentiments shared here  are shared by several doctors. It never dawned upon me that I would have to battle cancer and public ignorance and stand up for what these doctors themselves should be fighting for with closer proximity to those who control laws and standards under which they do their practice and under which their own health may one day be dependent on.

Best regards,

Yucca Nel (my real name who cares when life afdes)  reminder to please share, publish or forward to someone who can make a fuss. 

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