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Who was Cain’s father?

27 January 2014, 11:05

There has always been that question when one read the Bible. Where did the giants come from? Some had tried to say fallen Angels fathered them, but that really doesn’t make sense. Angels whether fallen or not are spiritual beings and does not have material bodies or material seed.

They are once off creations who do not marry and neither do they have offspring amongst themselves nor can they have it with material human beings. And if by some miracle fallen Angels [former heavenly sons of God] fathered giants then, what prevent them from fathering children with pretty women today? We don’t see it today simply because it is NOT possible.

Somewhere something happened that made those giants to appear on earth. Genesis 3:15 has that answer.  “ Gen 3: 13 And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.”

Eve ate from a tree of knowledge of good and evil. Knowledge has fruits. When knowledge are accepted by the listener and that knowledge is exercised as a deed, that deed is the fruit of the knowledge heard. Just as apple’s are the results of the apple tree practicing it’s creative powers, so are our deeds the fruits  or results of us practicing knowledge of a particular thing.

Eve heard something from the serpent. He convinced or beguiled her into doing the thing he told her. And what kind of fruits does the knowledge of sin has? Deadly fruits of the flesh. [Gal 5:19-21]

When man discovered more knowledge concerning the grape vine, the fruits of that knowledge produced wine and death through drunkenness. When he gained more knowledge of the tobacco plant, the fruits of that resulted into him smoking it’s dried leaves and dying from cancers. When Eve discovered her own sexuality while being with another man, the fruits of that discovery could have been adultery. Was it?

Remember she was no more than an adult with the mind of a child, knowing as little as a child. She had no slow growing childhood wherein the knowledge of sin and its pitfalls was lowly shared with her over a period of time.  She was not even ashamed to be naked, because she had no knowledge of her body or sin, just like a baby has no concept of that. And all of a sudden that poor innocent adult found herself in bad company.

The serpent on the other hand was subtle, which the Hebrew word of subtle means he had - a true knowledge of the principle’s of life.  So what happened to Eve while she was away from Adam, alone with a wicked serpent beast? What knowledge was she taught and what deed or fruit of that knowledge was she led into? The answer lays in the punishment of the serpent where God said:

“ Gen 3: 15     †     And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

A woman is NOT created to produce seed, males is. She is the field to which seed can be sown. The serpent was a male as we read his body produced seed. When seed is sown, it could grow into offspring if it was GIVEN to a female. Eve was a female, and now we read she HAD RECEIVED  SEED. It clearly says there she had seed. The only act through which a woman gets a seed is when a male gives it to her through a sexual deed. Thus Eve here MUST HAVE done a sexual deed and received seed from the serpent with whom she was alone. Adam at this point did not yet knew his wife.

Who else here in chapter 3 gave her seed? Adam only knew her in chapter 4 for the first time. According to this verse Eve received seed, and she was going to be a mother of that seed. Thus God had to intervene to make sure this kind of seed giving by the serpent never ever happens again. Eve used her free moral rights the wrong way, and now judgement was pronounced by God who used His right to judge His creations.

This explains that terrible judgement upon the serpent. “ Gen 3: 14     †    And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:”

He was a warm blooded mammal beast, so close to a human being that he could speak, do all humans does even deceive the wife of a human being and even give her seed so as to have offspring with her. That is how close he was to the human. But now he went from warm blooded mammal to cold blooded reptile as God so completely changed his form and DNA structures that he could never ever have any relationship with a human again. Off went his legs, arms, ability to speak. His bones remoulded till there was only a worm-like form that crawls along the ground left of him. He was made so low that man could step upon his head.  The giant was brought down low to dwell constantly in the dust of other creatures upon whom he once looked down.

He who could speak and even deceive man’s wife, now could only use that tongue to collect the dust in the air, so he could put it into his Jacobson organ in the upper part of his mouth, where it is analyzed so he could know whether a rat or mouse passed by leaving some dust behind. He bites the dust to find his prey. He became so lowly that all mankind began to hate his poisonous kind. There is the enmity:   “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman.” Before he became a reptile, the woman liked him and loved his fellowship. Now he could only hiss at her, while she would grab the nearest stone to crush his head. Fitting punishment, enmity fulfilled.

What was he like before he became so lowly?

“ THE.SERPENT'S.SEED  22-8    Now, watch the serpent, this serpent which was first. Let's draw a picture of him now. He's a great big fellow. He's between the chimpanzee and the man. And the serpent, the devil, Lucifer, knew that that was the only blood that would mix with this human blood. The only person he could deal with... He couldn't deal with the chimpanzee. That blood wouldn't mix. He couldn't deal with different things. He couldn't deal with the sheep. He couldn't deal with the horse. He couldn't deal with any animal. He had to deal with this serpent.

Let's take him now and see what he looks like: Great big fellow, prehistoric giant. That's where they find these big bones, and I'll show you this in the Bible. Now, watch closely then. All right. This great big fellow, let's say he was--he was ten foot tall, great big shoulders, looked just like a man. And his blood, after coming down, coinciding one animal to another...

  23-2    You can cross animals. They kept getting higher blood, higher form of life, higher form, till it climbs up into the man realm. But the last connection here between here was cut off. How many knows that science can't find the missing link? All of you know that. Why? Here he is, the serpent.

Here he was a great big fellow.” [The serpent Seed- W. M. Branham]

Two males in Genesis, one female who received seed from both of them and who became mother of them all. Yes even of the giants whose remains science sometimes stumbles upon. You can found some evidence of giants here:

 Gen.3 is the only place where it could have happened. And there were giants on the earth. From Gen 4-5 God deals with these two bloodlines. Eve’s punishment was that she received increased birth pains, also fitting the crime. Adam’s sin was that his wife told him to run away with her from God after she sinned. She convinced him they should become sinners, leaving God, living without Him. But God came looking for them.

Instead of Adam going back to God pleading for her to see whether something for her sin could be worked out, he  left God. For leaving his Father, his inheritance,[ the earth ] was cursed, and death was to rule until God would send the second Adam to redeem him, the earth, and his fallen offspring.

We notice that from Seth’s time his bloodline began to call upon the name of the Lord. So what did they become? Sons of God again. That is what we all become when we call upon the name of the Lord. Sons of God who are to marry daughters of God, not daughters of the world who will lead us astray. Was Cain the son of Adam?

Nowhere is Cain recognized as the son of Adam, but he descendants is dealt with separately until the sons of God on Seth’s side began to mix with the pretty ungodly worldly women on Cain’s side and the world went into total sin and chaos ending in the flood. For more understanding on these issues click [then- Conduct order and doctrine – then- Questions and answers on Genesis]

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