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Why and where religion came from

03 October 2013, 16:28

I recently heard the following somewhere that made me think....... "...where somebody has a near death experience thousands of years ago or a thousand years ago or whatever, and terrified of what they saw, regardless of what it was, they go to their holy man and say; What happened to me? And the holy man being the skilled liar that most of them are say; oh you saw the afterlife! And this isn’t tied to any religion this is how the myths of afterlife kind of gained a foothold in popular thought....”
Where did Religion start and why are Religions such a big thing which people cannot live without through the history of times?
My conclusion on HOW, WHY AND WHERE RELIGION CAME INTO BEING are as follow: I believe in the Big Bang. Stephen Hawking is a great fan of mine and his latest Grand Design showed me that it IS possible for a (the) universe to be created WITHOUT a Creator. Why? Because the evidence are there.
Furthermore, I do believe in Evolution on how humans, animals, fauna and flora as it is today came to be.  Why? Because the evidence are there.
I look at man’s way of life and the reason we live and HOW we as humans live it to make my final conclusions on everything about human relationships. I therefore DO believe that Jesus did exist. Not because of any historical evidence or the lack of evidence, but by looking at the effect on what it had on many people in the past. The probability for me that he really lived sounds more true to me than ALL being a lie. But I do not believe everything they say he said or did is true. Just too much things were mysteriously brought in or were left out of the bible or other writings or scripts for that matter. Nobody can really be trusted on that. The majority of facts are built on hearsay. The same goes for Abraham and Moses and even Mohammed and other prophets (even witchdoctors). I believe they really existed, because people never stopped talking or even writing about them. But I do not believe everything about them that are told to us is true. Word of mouth over history is just proven to be very untrustworthy so many times. I measure the things that are said against real life.
The above are the basis for my next conclusion:
Throughout man’s existence since thousands and thousands of years ago since man’s caveman days many things happened to people and happened around them which they could not understand. And as Matt rightly said when the people then asked each other or their wise men or their holy men in their tribes they were told fictional stories which everybody started to believe. They believed the stuff because it sounded believable at that time and made sense to them (at that time). History showed us how gullible people can be especially if they are ignorant. These stories became legends and later were believed to be truths. Logical rational people nowadays can distinguish between what are truths and what are lies because we live in the information age and not the dark ages of ignorance. People’s fear of the unknown still makes them sceptical to believe the real truth. And off course the wise men of the tribes started to see how easy it were to start manipulating people by telling them what they want to know, need to know, want to hear or need to hear. Placing these “wise men” in even more powerful positions to personally gain from more personal wealth or gaining more honour and respect or power for themselves as individuals or for their tribe or nation even. It became part of life to create and tell more and more stories, myths, legends and “fairy tales”, however impossible it may have been, it “sounded” right, and they started to believe it. Because people in their ignorance started to believe anything that sounded right. Peoples fear of the dark and of death increased these “wise men’s” popular stories and made it even more believable. And the “wise men” knew that and thrived on it and is still thriving off it today.
These “wise men” of the tribes later became the priests of Pharaoh in Egypt (where I believe a LOT of emphasis were put on the afterlife and stuck till this day – even the Ten Commandments came out of their Book of the Dead). Some other “wise men” through the ages came to be, like: Moses and the Levi’s of the exodus in the Old Testament, Mohammed and all the Imams of the Muslim world, Confucius in China. Buddha and other monks in Buddhism, Popes, Cardinals and Bishops in the Catholic Church, Pastors, Ministers, Evangelists in the world of Protestants, and many more religions that exists. That includes the black witchdoctors that the majority of black Africans in Africa and South Africa still rely on, believe it or not. Some of their herbal medicines may work but their ancestral beliefs are just there to manipulate people.
Over the ages EVERY “WISE MAN” added something new they “created” to help people persuade and believe. First for the “wise men’s” gain. Later just to get people to believe in stuff, which later became utter nonsense in certain cases. This were ultimately cemented in the bible as being “the operation of, or revealed by, or inspired by the Holy Ghost, or by God himself”. And everybody since then believed it as truths and Spirituality were born! Too scared to question most of what they were taught because of fear of damnation, excommunication or being rejected by communities.
The best thing of all is the fact that the “wise men” and all the “wise men” thereafter saw the opportunity of the people’s fear and they saw that the people did not always know how to handle those fears themselves. Being it any fear they have. So the “wise men” of history had to keep creating something new to help the people handle their fears. And voila the Afterlife was born for the fear of Death. Off course to use it as a form of ultimate punishment or paradise as well. The notion off an Afterlife creates an expectation that nobody can refute. They are told to just believe in it. And OH how that catches people. The first “wise man” who used the afterlife as a deterrent AND idea of paradise should get the Nobel Prize for originality. Mankind fell for it hooks line and sinker. A brilliant diversion of facts and truths. The Bible is by far not the first to talk about Afterlife (being Heaven or Hell). But people never bother to go look where the notion of an Afterlife really came from. It sounds so nice, so why bother. Rather believe it. Even if it IS a fairy tale. And don’t try and prove people wrong on that. They will banish you to Hell rather to acknowledge they could be wrong. How dare you try and take something as wonderful as Paradise away from them? Shame on you!
My ultimate conclusion thus, is that mankind HIMSELF created religion and all the gods that history shows us because of humanities inherent FEAR of things unknowing to them. People are afraid of what they don’t understand. Their inability to HANDLE their fears made people like Abraham, Moses, Old Testament prophets, Jesus and Mohammed (only to name some of those in the main 3 religions of the world) get on the band wagon and all (honestly and/or dishonestly) wanted to help people giving them a reason to believe in something. So they CREATED more “stuff” that sounded good. WHY? Because of the POWER that came with it. Who did not profit from religion in History? Profit being money, wealth, honour, respect, power, belief or followers.
Just to highlight a few names in history: Abraham did not HEAR his God speak to him. He had to tell the people so for them to believe his story. On the other hand we only have Moses’ story on Abraham and other events in the first 5 books of the bible. Moses was brought up in the Pharaoh’s court. In a time when people were VERY uneducated and ignorant. When there were many gods for everything in life. Moses learnt early in his life how to manipulate people and the need to manipulate them to have them do what you want. And what purpose and what influence and what deterrent, belief in something have, and how to use people to your gain. He ultimately used it for his own gain. He made himself stronger and more remembered than any Pharaoh before him. By using the ONE God idea. The God of Abraham.
MOSES created the way of the Levi’s from the Old Testament. Being the Priests the nation of Israel had to look after. Up to this day communities still look after their Bishops, Evangelists, Pastors, Preachers, Imams and Ministers. Just like the tribes of Israel did during the 40 years in the desert “looking” and “waiting” for the Promised Land. All the tribes travelled AROUND the Levis protecting them. The Levis lived off the offerings the people made to their one God. All the Levis of today STILL live off the peoples contributions. If you take Religion away, what would those people live off then? Have you ever asked yourself that question? That is why they still have to cling to their religion and keep on lying to people, otherwise they would become jobless like all normal people and they would have no hold on anybody anymore. They live off people’s fears.
Every big prophet after Moses clung so much to the idea of a religion and a god. Everyone added something new so people could believe and carry on with the ways they believed to be true. Eventually their beliefs and stories became “God’s Word and God’s Will”.
Jesus eventually was born and was told by his mother he is the Messiah. He was brought up to believe it and started studying his religion and then disappeared from life. There is nothing written about his life except for his birth, and a story when he was 12 and the last 6 years of his life. For such an important person in history there is just too little evidence for everything to be true. Conveniently we are told that the part about Jesus’ life we don’t know about is not important. Only to hide the truth away. Why? Because of their own agendas. Jesus could really have gone to India to learn about the teachings of Buddha whom lived 500 years before Jesus. Because of the many similarities between Buddhism and Jesus’ teachings. I believe Jesus really believed he can help mankind by giving them something to believe in to help them take away their inherent fears. He only used circumstance and a few good stories and truths.
The people after him REALLY got onto the bandwagon and created their OWN stories. And so a message of “Peace” began. This MOVEMENT they called Christianity really took on like wildfire. And people started to use it AGAIN for their own gain. Christianity eventually ended up being implemented by Government as the main religion of the day. Why? For absolute POWER. It took the world more than 1 500 years of catholic rule to realise one simply just HAVE to separate Church and State for real Democracy to exist. All though that separation only created TWO Powers of being instead of ONE. In the meantime 600 years after Jesus, Mohammed and his tribesmen were jealous of all the followers Christianity had, and the rule they have to live under. And after all, their way of life differed from the way of life in Rome and Constantinople where Christianity were ruled from. So he started his own religion by writing the Quran and insisted it was the Word of Allah. Mohammed was not satisfied with the way the Catholic Church ran things and so he wrote his own ideas and called it inspiration from God. By that he created a vast empire of followers and the Muslim religion was born. Joseph Smith and the Mormons and many others came after that. Everyone had a different kind of power over people in mind and used it for their own gain.
RELIGIONS are there because of man’s inability to handle FEAR and man’s craving for POWER!!! All the different stories and reasons for religions came with it to create excuses to people and to create reasons why people should do certain things even against their own will. Giving money willingly was called “Tithing”. Giving your life for your beliefs was called “Faith’. Everything is actually simply called MANIPULATION. People WANT to believe in something. Their nature and inherent fear reveals their NEED for them to believe in something. Up to this day people will believe ANY good story that sounds reasonable. Then in their head they start creating it as “Truth”. And even all the proof in the world won’t budge them from THEIR belief. Later that belief system is used to organise THEIR whole world. It’s used to form their whole outlook on life. It’s used to manipulate their children. It’s used to drive people out of their community. It’s even used to kill other persons whom don’t want to believe like they believe.
This is called RELIGION. And their ultimate answer is always: Just BELIEVE it. It’s FAITH.
One CANNOT just believe in something that isn’t true. That is not faith it’s IRRATIONAL.

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