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Why do Creationist Christians think like they do?

20 September 2012, 09:48

Why do Creationist Christians think like they do? 

Having partaken in many discussions with Christian liberalists and creationists on My News24, I have found a common trait permeating their posts and comments; they assume that unrealistic answers to reasonable and critical questions of their faith are satisfactorily but in reality they are not, for even a child can see right through them. This causes one to wonder if they are not suffering from some form of addiction as they are adamant, certain and unwavering in their faith when they should actually be hesitant, unsure and wobbly. 

Christians have been given a false assurance from the religious spin doctoring and apologetic gymnastics that they mull over, which creates an illusion, a sense, a feel of having “knowledge” and this inability to discern logically, comes from following the easy road of our failed and abysmal education system, that never really challenged them to learn the mathematical underpinnings of science. It is this “feel good - false knowledge” that is very addictive especially during “hard times” and it “allows” them to say with sincerity and an almost insane certainty that: "Evolution is just a theory (layman meaning)..., and so is the big bang …, Adam and all animal life were actually “poofed” into existence by God’s spoken word, Adam was soo clever and advanced that he named all the animals, Eve was created from Adams rib as the Bible says ….." and other such nonsense. 

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was started to help unfortunates recover from and eventually to overcome alcoholism. Drinking alcohol in moderation is not bad for your health but abusing alcohol is. Alcohol is a depressant type of drug like, barbiturates, morphine and heroin. They are normally referred to as “downers”. Other drugs such as amphetamines, nicotine, and cocaine are stimulants. They are normally referred to as “uppers”. However they both are effective in rewarding the addict with pleasant feelings and euphoria known as a “high” which results in the addiction. Once this high wears off, the user feels depressed. This makes them want another dose of the drug, which worsens the addiction. You feel great and on top of the world, than down in the dumps, and then when you get your fix, back on top of the world again and so the cycle continues … till broken. 

That scenario sounds suspiciously like charismatic Christianity. People go into Church down in the dumps and come out on top of the world. They get there “high” by participating trance like in the music, singing, praise, worship and are further stimulated by a dynamic emotional “feel good” sermon by a preacher who tells people that they, are the centre of the universe because God himself loves them, despite their totally depraved state. When the offering basket is handed around and it is time for people to give their hard earned money in tithes and offerings, it is done with smiles and  great joy as the feel good drug dopamine (4) rushes through your brain and takes you to a pinnacle of euphoria and temporarily washes away all fear, despair and heartache. 

You are content, happy, comforted and in a heavenly place. Jesus “come quickly” was all Paul and Peter could hope for in their harsh world and it is the same today. Christians dream about heaven all the time during the week and when in Church they get a foretaste of heaven. “Even soo Lord Jesus come quickly” is the cry from their hearts. I want to go home.

Come Monday and back in realty, the euphoria is gone, you are down in the dumps and you crave your next dopamine fix. Jesus I need you, oh I need you. You can’t wait to get to the Tuesday prayer meeting and Thursday Bible study and Friday get together and Sunday morning and evening meetings even though daily private devotionals of prayer and scripture reading induce smaller but welcome and satisfying shots of dopamine. 

Christians are addicted to Jesus. They cannot live with out Jesus just like an alcoholic cannot live without a drink. Paul was a “love slave” and “lived”, “moved” and had his “being” in Christ. With out Jesus, Christians are nothing. They have died and “Christ lives in them”. They have God himself in them. That is the greatest high there has to be. Christians are unable to enjoy themselves except through Jesus. Their entire body's pleasure sense is taken over. They are enslaved and possessed. 

A beautiful sunset, flower or waterfall is proof of Gods awesome creation. Stunning and magnificent Hubble images of the universe declare Gods glory. Anything that gives joy and pleasure is a blessing from a good God and anything that gives pain and suffering is a curse from evil Satan, who is allowed by a good God to torment us because Adam chose to sin six thousand years ago in the Garden of Eden. All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all. The experience of being in the presence of a Creator while gazing at a beautiful sunset or night stars is better than being on your own and especially if you believe that the heavens declare the glory of God. Believers feel humble and yet cared for by observing what they perceive to be evidence for a great, big, awesome, magnificent and good God. 

However do they get the same feelings when they look at pictures of the holocaust, of the 70 million people who died in WW2, of the massacre in Rwanda and Darfur, of the millions of people affected with deadly viruses, at all the pogroms that took place in history, of the millions who suffered through earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, hurricanes? What about the great white shark that maims and swallow seals and the occasionally surfer, a pride of lions that eat elephants alive, while the maimed elephant bellows all night in pain, killer whales that eat much larger whales alive? Did God make parasites, viruses and bacteria that cause untold pain and suffering to humanity and all living creatures? Smallpox, the AIDS virus, TB, Ebola, Malaria and other nightmares of nature - did God make those as well? 

No of course they do not get the same feelings for there God is a good God and they confidently, arrogantly and with the certainty of a mad man proclaim that; no, God did not make those cruel and evil things, the devil and our sin made them because God is a good God. So apparently our sin made those horrible nightmares of nature. See what I mean what kind of answer is that? 

Therefore we have to conclude that Christian faith addiction is blindness to manifest horror in favour of comfort it is ignoring a catastrophe, a cataclysm, a tragedy, a horrific event and rather looking for something to indulge their insatiable lust for feeling good. It is like hiding horror from children who are unable to grasp and handle that horror. When a three year old is engulfed by fire caused by an exploding fire lighter at a braai, God is praised that the Doctors save the child, instead of questioning as to where “was he” and the guardian angels before the explosion. God never gets the blame. It is always mankind and the devil. 

A drunk cannot be happy when he is sober because he is imagining himself downing a whiskey most of the time. A smoker only feels relaxed when he is smoking. In fact when couples have had sex they smoke. That little cigarette is part of them and has to be present in all their pleasures. I’m sure Christians have better sex when they have prayed and read the Bible together before or after the act. Christians are only happy when they are on their well worn pathway and in monologue not dialogue with outsiders. Take them away from their comfort zone and they are out of their depth and they get brain freeze. 

As human beings we all have moods and feelings of euphoria and depression. This is natural, not supernatural. When your team wins the match you are on a “high” and when they lose you are “down”. But if your favourite sports team is your life and your moods are dependent and influenced by their performance you need help. Why not use the same brush stroke for Christianity. It is also a game, a fantasy, it is not real it is a form of escapism. So the first step to deliverance is to recognise that you are addicted. 

Have you noticed how smokers always congregate together? So do drinkers. Christians cannot survive without fellowship. That association in their brain helps them to see Jesus as the best thing in their life. It is self reinforcing. (1) They evangelise and preach the Gospel telling other people to join in their self hypnosis? Most addicts will encourage others to join in, that is why smokers find it so hard to quit when they have friends who smoke, because they don't want to be alone in their addiction. Drinkers do not like drinking alone they prefer to be in a group. Christians wants others to join in and worship and feel good alongside them. Most smokers and drinkers grew up in a family that smoked and consumed alcohol.  Most Christians are Christians because their parents were Christians. 

Have you not found it strange that people, who were addicted to alcohol, gambling, smoking, drugs etc, find deliverance from those addictions by plunging headlong in to Christianity? They are simply switching addictions, replacing one for another. In this case, however, Christianity becomes the new addiction. We all have a need to be comforted and reassured during hard times that everything will be okay, that life isn't that bad, especially in South Africa. 

But that comfort isn't God; the main source of comfort has to be yourself - if you cannot love yourself, how can you love others? You cannot replace self-love with God-love as you'll still hate yourself for you will still feel condemned when measured up to the perceived perfection that is Christ. He is perfect and your righteousness is as dirty rages compared to the prince of glory. You will need regular shots of Jesus “love me” fixes. In God’s hands you are just a lump of clay, born in total depravity and original sin- but more to the point you are under the influence and control of some legalistic, literalist, charismatic, creationist preacher who dominates and directs your life according to the whims and fancies of his particular version of fundamental Christian sect. (2) 

Too much of anything, no matter how good it feels, is bad for you. The drug effects of belief in Jesus can take over a person and turn them into fanatics. You will have no life at all. You will continue to argue against science when it contradicts your Bible. You will think; God is in you, that he speaks to you, answers your selfish prayer requests and that you can even speak to God. You will think that, even though there is no evidence, that you are going to heaven and all other people, not following Jesus like you do are going to hell. What kind of life is that? You will judge homosexuals, Muslims and any one that does not look like you, smell like you and think like you. 

Christianity is a religion and religions evolved alongside mankind. They were needed from the Stone Age up to the middle Ages but they are an embarrassment in the enlightenment age, the “The Jesus Who” era. We have the science and technology to understand things now. So dump your addiction and embrace reason. 

I think the intellectually honest thing to do is to abandon any profession of Christianity once it’s recognised that Jesus did no miracles, was wrong about the second coming, didn’t fulfil OT prophecy, and did not bodily rise from the dead. Yet Christian addicts bleat on and on about the natural and the spiritual. The natural mind cannot understand the spiritual mind and other such nonsense. 

A belief in mysticism, invisible beings, magic, fantasy world, “miracles” etc disconnects you from reality, when you should be embracing reality, lock stock, and barrel for the sake of yourselves, your children and society in general.


… Thus, dopamine neurons seem to encode the prediction error of rewarding outcomes. In nature, we learn to repeat behaviours that lead to maximizing rewards. Dopamine is therefore believed to provide a teaching signal to parts of the brain responsible for acquiring new behaviour. 

(2) Romans 9:21 “Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?”

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