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Why the Christian God is Possible

11 December 2012, 09:46

This is a rebuttal to the article "Why the Christian God is Impossible" available here. I will answer the objections section by section providing subtopic in italicised quotations.

“Proving a universal negative”

I agree with the notion of using logic independently of omnipresence to disprove or prove a claim. This will be used later in the rebuttal.

“Defining YHWH”

It is best to state our definitions before we go on further, what exactly is meant by “all-loving”, if it means that He loves us to point of not letting any harm happen to us then that is not the definition that Christians use for God.

People do not go to hell for rejecting forgiveness of their sin; people go to hell because they have sinned against the infinite God. We have broken His law. An example I can provide off the cuff is being on an aeroplane that is about to crash, you have a choice of putting on your parachute and jumping off the plane (accepting the offer for forgiveness). Everybody on board is headed for the ground and to save themselves they have to put on the parachute. There is a difference.

There is no impossibility of God in this section.

"Perfection seeks even more perfection"

The first assumption in this section is that God needs us. The fact that He existed before us is proof that He does not need us. He is exists independently.  He created us for His own pleasure and glory. Just because you do not know of a reason for something does not mean there is none.

There is no problem with a perfect God creating anything.

"Perfection begets imperfection"

You are right, God created us in His image which means that we have the ability to choose between good and evil, this is called free will, it is the ability to choose to do good or evil. God cannot sin because it would be inconsistent with this nature. We on the hand have a choice to sin and we did sin. The second assumption made here is that God created us EXACTLY as He is and that is a bad assumption. The fact that we are not perfect means that He did not.

The perfection of God is possible with free-willed humans.

"The Freewill Argument"

"They say that a being must have freewill to be happy". I disagree with it completely. God gave us freewill because He wants us to make a choice to love Him. You are making a free will choice to deny His existence. What sort of love would it be if it was forced on you? Free will means exactly that, it is free. To say that God could have created freewill creatures that are always obedient is illogical, same as that cubic square example you made. If they have freewill but God made them choose to do good all the time is impossible and illogical.

“Second, even if we were to allow the necessity of freewill for happiness, God could have created humans with freewill who did not have the ability to choose evil, but to choose between several good options.” – This statement is contradictory. “You have freewill but you can do no evil??”

"All-good God knowingly creates future suffering"

God is sovereign. This is His world; He does what He wants according to His will. To us humans, it is easy to shun the suffering that is happening on earth, but what we do not notice is that God knows more than us and there is reason for the suffering. This thought process is similar to a child’s in that the child does not understand why his\her parents do not allow him\her to stick metal object in the power outlet. In that instance, the parent knows better than the child even though the child is “suffering” and not having fun, it is possible that the evil we see is something that we do not understand but someone with a higher power does.

An omniscient God who knows about evil does exist.

"Infinite punishment for finite sins"

I will give another illustration for this one: compare the consequences of lying to the following people: your brother, your best friend, your boss, the president of the country. Are the consequences the same? It is logically possible that the consequences of offending an infinite and just God would have infinite and just punishment.

Infinite punishment by an infinite God is possible and consistent.

"Belief more important than action"

As previously stated, people do not go to hell because they reject Jesus; they go to hell because they all sinned against the infinite God. God is omniscient, He knows all things, don't you think that it is possible that He knows who would accept and reject the gospel and those that never heard the gospel would have rejected it anyway? It is totally possible that those that do not hear would have rejected the gospel.

"Perfection's imperfect revelation"

"...the problems for which he is ultimately responsible!" how is God responsible these problems? Our free choice lead to the problems we have now. "…Either self- contradictory," Where exactly is the bible self-contradictory? Atheists wield this statement without providing examples and when they do, they do not read the context of the verses that they cite. There are no contradictions in the bible because God is the God of truth.

I agree, the bible does have paradoxes and we all cannot find consensus on what the scripture means to us however the essentials are not corrupted nor perverted. Salvation is attained by the belief in Jesus which is followed by repentance from sins because of the salvation. The bible is knowable enough for people to study and to attain salvation but they do not.

"Contradictory justice"

You really need to provide verses of these contradictions you mentioned. I am not familiar with the story of a household being punished and or the census story yet therefore I cannot provide adequate feedback at the moment. I do not know who got raped in the bible because of God's sense of justice. It does not seem to me that you understand why Jesus had to die on the cross. Jesus died to atone for our sins as the last perfect sacrifice. Think about it this way, would there be justice for a convicted criminal to just be forgiven for the crimes that he committed? I hope your answer is "no". God provided a way for us to be justified from the curse of sin. I am just curious, what is wrong with stoning, burning and slaughtering in your atheistic world view? Also, if there is no God, where is ultimate justice in your atheism?

"Contradictory history"

You are still making unsupported claims here. List the exact contradictions instead of vague statements.  Esau’s wives are listed at Gen 36:2-6. The bible tends to use people’s other names as well, so be careful not to think that it is contradictory e.g. Esau is also known as Edom.

"Unfulfilled prophecy"

What would have been special by a "young maiden" giving birth to a child around the time that Jesus was born? Please note that I am in no way saying that the Greek was mistranslated in order to make the situation “special”. Young maidens (as well as Mary) were giving birth all the time and it continues till this day. But there is a difference when a virgin maiden gives birth. This is when people take notice and try to understand the miracle. How do you explain the hundreds of prophecies that came true in the Bible? Where those coincidences?

"The Omniscient changes the future"

Omniscience means all knowing, if the future seems to change to us, don’t you think that it is possible that God new of all along that it was not really a change to Him?

"The Omniscient is surprised"

Question, if you know that your child will disobey today because you will be away, are you going to get angry the moment you know they will disobey you or will you be angry when they do disobey you? So when you do get angry, does it mean that you are surprised?

"The conclusion of the matter"

One thing that atheists like doing is creating false dichotomies such as "religion vs. science" or what the author did with "serving God and reality". There is nothing illogical about the belief in God. The evidence of the existence of God is overwhelming; many people that disbelieve are wilfully suppressing the truth.


In my opinion, atheists cannot call anything evil or good. If they do, what standard are they using to determine such? A person’s feelings do not count because they change all the time. The author of the article has no leg to stand on when addressing atrocities because He would be affirming objective morality. A person that does the most horrible things to other people is exactly the same as one that does good things in a world without God. God gives us the assurance that there is ultimate justice after all the things we experience while we are on earth.

Science has proven that the universe had a beginning, therefore it follows that there must be beginner. The universe could not have brought itself into existence, it is logically impossible just like round cubes. And there is nothing close minded about my belief in Christianity that is why I wrote this rebuttal.

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