Kidman: 'I just make films'

2007-12-17 10:07

Sydney - Hollywood star Nicole Kidman waxed philosophical on Sunday about bad reviews for her new film The Golden Compass.

"I just make films, you know, some of them work, some of them don't, and I guess I don't think about whether something is going to be liked or disliked," Australia's sweetheart told reporters in Sydney at the local premiere of a film panned by the critics.

"You win some, you lose some," the 40-year-old Oscar-winner said when surrounded by thousands of fans who braved a wet evening to see a silver-pant-suited Kidman in the city centre.

Kidman, who plays a supporting role in the film adaptation of the Philip Pullman novel, told Australia's AAP news agency that the success of failure of her films didn't worry her.

"My instinct tells me it's the right thing to do," she said. "But I love what I do. Hopefully, that bleeds into it over the course of a career."

Kidman, slammed in a Hollywood report last month as the film industry's "most overpaid" star, defended her choice of scripts after a series of box-office failures.

"I mean, my decisions are so erratic," she said. "I just choose off the cuff a lot of times, but primarily this was because Philip Pullman wrote me an amazing letter telling me that when he was writing the novels he had me in mind. So that's hard to turn down. He's such a good novelist."

Kidman, who married country crooner and fellow Australian Keith Urban last year, said she was looking forward to time off next year.

"I mean you have to have a sort of gypsy life when you're married to a musician, so I'll be traipsing around on a tour bus most of next year," Kidman said. - Sapa-dpa