PigSpotter: Outlaw or Saviour?

2010-09-20 07:02

By now I’m sure we all (or at least most of us) know of an individual calling himself PigSpotter.

Apart from the name (although I personally think it’s a great name) I see no reason why there is such an uproar over this guy helping out motorists.

We live in a time where the fat cats in power (aka the government) have devised many ingenious ways of extorting money from the common hard working and law abiding tax payer. It doesn’t matter to them how many sacrifices one has to make just to get by, all they care about is their coffers that we are filling up that they will empty in no time with their corrupt practices.

I feel that the cops are upset because this individual is like a modern day Robin Hood (without the actual robbing), as he is preventing motorists from being duped by cops.

Gone are the days of getting unjustifiable traffic fines in the mail due to not seeing a cop hiding in the bushes chuckling away while imagining the number of people whose day s/he is going to mess up.

Gone are the days of them taking pleasure and pride in our grief, we now have a champion for our cause. Long Live PigSpotter!

There are people that believe that what he is doing is illegal and these people fall into three categories:
a) making enough money to afford the exorbitant fines;
b) part of the corrupt government\police;                        
c)  too narrow-minded to understand the bigger picture in this case.

These people believe that having a “warning system” in place is against the law. Well I would like someone to show me where it says so in the law. There are numerous places where there are signs that warn you of speed traps ahead, so why is it that when an individual consolidates this information for others they are labelled a criminal?

These cops are only hunting him down because he is endangering their income that comes from bribes they get from cornering motorists.

I’m very happy that someone has taken a stand and I call upon everyone of you to help this individual and curb the injustice we suffer at the hands of our lovely police and metro cops!

What say you?

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  • @author - 2010-09-20 07:19

    According to a News24 article, the authorities stated that the Pigspotter is "defeating the ends of justice". In this case, I tend to agree with you: how are the speedcamera signs not doing the same thing. Then it is also a criminal act to flash motorists to warn them about a speedtrap ahead.
    The other side of the coin: If you don't speed and don't break any traffic laws...then you shouldn't worry about anything.
    You speak about the "bigger picture" Maybe I missed the "bigger picture" in your letter....please elaborate.

  • Gladys - 2010-09-20 07:23

    I fully agree! I honestly do not know what the fuss is about!! I actually like this guy's idea..... you go Pigspotter!!!!

  • Jacques - 2010-09-20 07:24

    There is another category of people who believe it to be illegal, those with loved ones who are afraid that a speeding maniac may knock over one of their children, loved ones or innocent bystanders.
    To the gallows with all speedsters and the "pigspotter", it is conspiracy to commit manslaugter, finish and klaar.

  • karenp - 2010-09-20 07:25

    ha, ha - hilarious letter! Typical though - the outrage at traffic cops, just doing their jobs - but I always think this whole thing is ridiculous - if you are a law abiding citizen, why should you be concerned at all about cops hiding in the bushes? I dont see the need either for notices informing motorists of speed cameras, etc - why? If you are a law abiding citizen, you will not get caught - simple as that!

  • jono - 2010-09-20 07:27

    The police in this country are the criminals. Just this Saturday my wife and her friend where traveling on the M2 and were pulled over by 3 police in uniform. They took their hand bags away from them and stole $100 from my wifes handbag. They then threatened to arrest them for no reason. My wife said she would phone me first and then they quickly said they can go. I support the pig spotter, until the police stop robbing people and actually start doing some good I will not support them.

  • Grant - 2010-09-20 07:33

    A great article,long live the PigSpotter.

  • charles - 2010-09-20 07:33

    In law it's called "defeating or obstructing the ends of justice".
    Every criminal justifies his crime somehow in his own mind.
    Don't complain about corruption when you support another kind of criminal activity.

  • Andre' in Tabuk - 2010-09-20 07:37

    Yes! I agree, I have always maintained that the traffic police are the second taxation system in our Country.

  • Koos - 2010-09-20 07:37

    I say - go Pig Spotter. Keep on reporting the 3 little pigs who try to act like the big bad wolf. How about us all putting R50.00 into a trust in case he needs some assistance from a legal challenge from the bacon rashers? Start the fund and I will be the first to donate.

  • James the fire breathing straight guy - 2010-09-20 07:37

    There should of course be a line where fair authority works in the greater good of the voter. But as we all know, we have an un-healthy governing system in SA, which justifies what FlameRyda suggests in this instance. We should, however be careful not to become lawless ourselves, just because the current systems are corrupt.

  • Rascal - 2010-09-20 07:37

    Hey Pigs, what the hell are you hiding in the trees and bushes for?? You idiots should make it public on all Radio stations where you will be trapping, that way it will automatically slow the flow of traffic as it should. Pig spotter you are doing well and we all behind you.More people must start doing this, put the govermunt on its knees, that way they will be forced to stop there rubish.

  • Francois - 2010-09-20 07:38

    What Pigspotter is doing is not illegal. He/she is preventing people from speeding and is in effect doing crime prevention.

  • Cynical@author - 2010-09-20 07:43

    I agree with you. Go PigSpotter go!

  • Gavin Kukard - 2010-09-20 07:45

    I agree, I've never seen anybody arrested for flashing his/her lights at oncoming motorists to warn of speed traps, so why not do the same on twitter?? I do say we should be driving according to the rules of the road though, but sometimes one's mind is preoccupied and we might go a little over the speed limit, and then a warning flash (or tweet) could be useful!

  • MICHAEL 2 - 2010-09-20 07:49

    flame ryder what a brillaiant letter and all so true.i say GO PIGSPOTTER GO GO GO,WE ARE ALL 100% BEHIND YOU.carry on with your brilliant work and stuff the corrupt pigs.

  • Gekos - 2010-09-20 07:51

    I totally agree with you, I've also done some warning to other motorist when you see the pigs with there radar cameras. I've not been labled as a criminal, but the pigs are quick to take a bribe early on a Sunday morning before you go to church. The pigs that take bribes are not labled as criminals, so were I ask is the justice.THANKS PIG SPOTTER for the fantastic service you are giveing to US motorist.

  • Faahim - 2010-09-20 07:51

    I'm behind Pigspotter 100%, its about time someone fights fire with fire. In fact they should give this guy a medal. Oink oink!!

  • Kat - 2010-09-20 07:57

    Step aside Chuck , Pigspotter for President !!!Let them do an honest days work. It is illegal to hide traps and cameras , they must be in FULL view...........

  • Take 2 - 2010-09-20 07:57

    Good for you Pigspotter. Fulle behind you.

  • Bernie - 2010-09-20 07:59

    I do NOT believe that the traffic cops are doing a decent job. I've witnessed several times how taxis stop ANYWHERE and then the traffic cops do NOTHING while witnissing this! These cops are SCARED! So they trap decent citizens that are easy to trace and easy to milk! I am in support of Pigspotter and I think we should all become spotters! The authorities are corrupt to the core!

  • Jacques - 2010-09-20 07:59

    @Francois, Wrong, telling a criminal where he should not speed will not prevent him from speeding elsewhere, he will simply go slow here he knows a camera is and then go ahead and kill one of your loved ones somewhere else.

  • Bobo - 2010-09-20 08:00

    I have no opinion on whether what PigSpotter is doing is good or bad in law. The point really should be that if the traffic officers made it known that they were trapping on a particular strip, no one would speed at all along that stretch. If you don't know that a trap is set on a road and you speed, you will get a fine but you will continue on your way at the same speed anyway. It doesn't slow you down, so the risk you pose to other motorists or pedestrians continues to exist afetr the trap. If the motorist knew that he had been caught, he would have slowed immediately after the trap and then minimise the risk further down the road. In the UK the speed traps are marked bright yellow and can be seen a long way off so motorists stick to the limit along those roads and the roads are automatically safer. Justice must not only be done but must be SEEN to be done....

  • Cynical@karenp - 2010-09-20 08:00

    "If you are a law abiding citizen, you will not get caught - simple as that!" That is not always true, now is it? There are many cases of law abiding citizens who get fined and then they face an uphill battle against officialdom & red tape to prove their innocence.

  • susan - 2010-09-20 08:02

    The people who argues that you will not get caught if you obey the law live in a fools paradise. I was stopped the other day - acused of not stopping at the stop sign - and i DID stop - the stop is right next to our shop and they are always there.It is my word against his.He threatened me with a r1500 fine.My office looks right down on were they stand collecting their bribes daily and when i brought this to his attention he suddenly decided to let me go with a warning.

  • niels - 2010-09-20 08:02

    Just as long as he isn't warning of roadblocks, I have no problem at all. Road blocks are where actual policing happens so I am all in favour.

  • oistar - 2010-09-20 08:02

    But he is not defeating the ends of justice - if he warns motorists about the cops, then the motorists slow down - so surely he is promoting road safety - pretty much like what the sign warning us of cameras is actually doing.

  • Back to Basics - 2010-09-20 08:04

    Traffic authorities can never expect to be taken seriously when absolutely ridiculous speed limits (eg 60k/h on the 5 lane N1 in the Menlyn area))are imposed. And then they have the audacity to park their little white van there on a Sunday when there's no construction works going on. As long as the traffic authorities focus on the easy targets who commit minor offences, they should not be surprised that they are not respected and that motorists warn other motorists. They should gain the public's respect by clamping down on moving violations, performing pointsman duties when traffic lights are down (instead of annoying everyone by blocking traffic so that the blue light brigade can rush through)and by getting rid of corrupt and bullying officers who think they are a law unto themselves.

  • john - 2010-09-20 08:06

    Pigspotter warns motorists about a roabdblock...drunk driver turns on another road to avoid the roadblock... he kills your child....pigspotter is a hero.

  • Gonzo - 2010-09-20 08:06

    The pigs are the biggest organised crime units in SA, GO PIG SPOTTER, GETT THEM PIGGYS

  • Jim - 2010-09-20 08:06

    The law should be enforced on the roads for sure, but to hide behind trees, and bushes and put camera's on bridges is not right. Go Pig spotter you doing a great job.

  • goose - 2010-09-20 08:07

    if the police arrest him for warning people . then they must arrest garmin and other GPS companies that warn you about built in cameras and their spped zones !!!! how is that any different the PIGS are just mad they not making as much money

  • Melanie - 2010-09-20 08:11

    Wondering if Pigspotter and his supporters will be so happy if his child/wife/mother dies because of a speedster taking a different route after reading his warnings. If you don't break the law, you have nothing to worry about. Cops may be corrupt, but isn't it worse to corrupt a system in place to make the roads safer for us all? Pigspotter is breaking the law, and if you condone what he does, you might as well condone all other crime. There is no little crimes and big crimes.

  • Noob - 2010-09-20 08:12

    I have read about PigSpotter on the Sky News website already...the PigSpotting news is travelleing around the! This guy/girl is known all over the planet by now...

  • James - 2010-09-20 08:15

    Speed camera's only purpose is making money. It serves no other purpose. It's all about the bottom line. Why don't we see more 'pigs' pulling off taxi's driving in the yellow lane, or taking unroadworthy cars off the road. The reason is, it is too much work and the culprits usually don't have MONEY. The 'pigs' should make the road a safer place. Law enforcement should not be about whether your department makes money or not. That is why the taxpayers are there for. But of course, if taxpayer's money go for a good cause, there would be less for the friends who does low quality work at triple the price.

  • Simon - 2010-09-20 08:18

    A simple application called trapster absolutely dwarfs the work of Pigspotter. GPS plots of all police activity around you yet the only reason cops go after Pigspotter is because he is a soft target. Just goes to show the cowardice of our lawmakers. Although this debate is interesting, it is impossible to stop trapster use. I'm afraid the cops woke up too late in this case...

  • jones - 2010-09-20 08:19

    If your not speeding it really makes no difference what he does. If you are speeding I hope you crash into a wall and kill yourself. Seriously there is no excuse to speed and if half the idiots commenting here didnt speed then the cops wouldnt have a reason to sit in the bushes. Who says they have to be in the open? Why? So you can see them, slow down, and then speed up afterwards? You kidding right? Only in SA do @ssh@les think theyre entitled to speed.

  • Tigra - 2010-09-20 08:21

    Go Pigspotter! How many times have I just freed on a downhill to save petrol - and at the bottom of the downhill been caught either on camera, or by a Dudley Dursley jumping out from behind a bush!

  • colin - 2010-09-20 08:22

    There is nothing noble in what thins individual is doing - thousands of people die on our roads annually and roadblocks and speed traps of what law enforcement use to limit the deaths on our roads - pigstopper is as guilty as the criminal who speeds as he allows them to get away also criminals who are clever enough can use this information to plan there criminal actions and also to evade the police eg. Drug traffickers will not travel a certain rout as they will be aware that a road block will be planed on a certain rout - pigstopper is a criminal.

  • Bruce - 2010-09-20 08:25

    How do traffic fines extort money from law-abiding tax payers? You are not law abiding if you break the speed limit!

  • victor - 2010-09-20 08:26

    backing the pigspotter 100% those traffic cops need to get off their fat backsides and into the gym.

  • colin - 2010-09-20 08:27

    The majority of people who will find use of the pigstopper services are the one who actually do SPEED - people who abide by the laws infect do not need the service - soort soek soort - pigstopper is a criminal and the people who use this info or service from pigstopper.

  • cr1t - 2010-09-20 08:27

    gosh you are dumb. You forgot the people who don't break the law and don't speed, we don't have a problem with speed traps. And there is a law against interfering in police matters.

  • Phine - 2010-09-20 08:27

    GO and arrest the pigs.

    2 important facts

    1. All fixed speed cameras in SA is illegal. they need to be Gazetted. none is?

    2. Any government, Municipality, or regional, have budgeted any income from any fines, are illegal.

    So they can act illegal, but you don't dare? Kat man

  • Steve - 2010-09-20 08:31

    Has anyone given thought to the fact that these "pigs" are only doing their jobs. Drive along any national highway, and watch how idiots flout the laws of the road. Lokk at the cars that are travelling in excess of the speed limit. Most of the time these are luxury cars, so the drivers think they are above the law. Go 'pigs", catch these idiots. I drive a luxury sedan, and set my speed control to 120 km, and that's adequate.

  • JC - 2010-09-20 08:32

    The concept of a hidden traffic camera somehow preventing speeding has been proven to be absolutely no deterrent worldwide. The practice is archaic, and is only there to generate revenue. The Metro police need to VISIBLY patrol the roads and highways, and stop the lawless and reckless drivers (a.k.a. taxis)during their transgressions, instead of hanging out in large groups behind bushes and at filling stations doing bugger all.

  • Cynful@John - 2010-09-20 08:33

    Can't you read very well?? Pigspotter is in favour of the roadblocks, especially after 6pm!
    The reason why they want to arrest our hero is MONEY!! They have a target to make with fines and at this rate they won't be able to achieve it AND no bribes for their pockets. Since when have the pork chops ever been interested in road safety? They all look like pigs too!! When last have you seen a skinny cop?? They should all undergo a fitness test! Bluddy trotters!!

  • Marc - 2010-09-20 08:33

    At the end of the day, the cops are doing their jobs - you're the one breaking the law in the first place by not driving within the speed limit. So, in essence, you're just as guilty/shady as the cop hiding in the bushes.

  • WAM - 2010-09-20 08:34

    Is PigSpotter guilty of hate speech? The Equality Court found Julius Malema guilty of hate speech with his ".... the boer" statement. I think PigSpotter is also fostering hate speech.

  • Franqui - 2010-09-20 08:38

    If the Taxis can get away with everything in this country, why should we not? Good going! I never wanted to join twitter, but now I am seriously considering joining!

  • Cynical@Melanie - 2010-09-20 08:38

    You probably fall into category "c" people (i.e. narrow minded) as set out by the author. Haaaa ha ha ha