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A reply to 'Blacks with Access' may not plead ignorance - don't waste your time

13 October 2017, 13:12

The media is littered nowadays with young South Africans that think they have all the answers, all the solutions. This one caught my eye, read it here.

The posting is mostly the same that I read over and over again almost daily, and that remains that white people and the rich are the enemy and to blame for all the problems. Ashanti goes a bit further, also feeling that black people that made the cross over from poor to rich, must now also be blamed for how things are going in this country.

To Ashanti I want to say, I do not think your ideas in this posting are bad at all, meaning that all rich people must make an effort to uplift the nation. That ideal is obviously wonderful, and absolutely, it can work if all people have good intentions, and work towards a goal to benefit all.

But, Ashanti, there is one big big reason, this will not work, cannot work, has never worked in the past, and never will work in the future, and that reason is: HUMAN BEINGS. There is your problem right there. Human beings do not care for others, or for the world, like you actually state in your posting. Humans only care about themselves, and then about their families, and then maybe about a few friends, and that is it. There are 7 billion people on the planet, around 55 million in SA. People do not care about 7 billion people, or 55 million people. Yes, that is cruel, that is brutal, but no matter what it is, that is the way it is. Peoples DNA makeup is to care about themselves first, take as much for themselves as they can.

You do not have to convince me that the world should not work this way, but, it does, and your ideals, and posting, will not change it. You can post these ideals every day, and it will make no difference. You make the mistake of thinking South-Africa, and what happens here. Don’t think SA, show me countries where your ideals are practiced and it works. And with that I mean countries, where all citizens in a country work together to the upliftment of a whole nation. It does not exist, has never happened, will never happen.

If you want to say yes but look at Singapore as an example where a whole country thrives due to all working together with extreme discipline. Yes, that is so, but what made that happen, let me tell you, a strong government did. A leadership and government that ran the country for the common good of its citizens. Of that there are plenty examples. Only a well-run government, can achieve it, by laws, and then by enforcing laws from the smallest to the largest infringements. Extreme discipline by all, and you will have a nation that thrives. Also, using tax money for what it is intended, for its citizens, and not to enrich themselves.

Now, compare what we have here. NO discipline, a government in utter shambles and incompetence. A Free for all where all can do as they please, without consequence. And you really want to find the problem with whites, or rich blacks, really. You seem intelligent, but it seems you cannot see where the problem lies. Or, you can see it, but you feel any way you want to focus on whites, and rich blacks, as that is the flavor of the day that is the most popular.

By the way, I see ALL whites are the enemy, and then only the RICH blacks. :-)

You waste your time calling for revolutions, or revolutions against the rich, or the whites or the rich blacks. It will not help Ashanti, all it will do is sink SA further into the ground, and cause even more poverty and even more despair. There is only one way out of this, a strong government, that governs for the people. If you do not have this, you will NEVER solve the problems of SA. The only way to solve SA problems, is that everybody that wants a job, has a job. To have this, you need a government that focuses on growing the economy, and growing businesses. What do you have, a government that fights the economy, and fights businesses. And you wonder why things are not going well. I suggest you study much harder to SEE where the problems are, and stop believing this nonsense that the rich are to blame for everything.

You waste your time trying to bring down the rich, even if you manage it, they will simply be replaced by a new group of rich, and the problem will be the same than before. You actually already see it in your accusations that black people that get rich, also do not want to toe the line that you set. You see it already. So, what now, you want to bring down all the rich, and you think that when a new set of rich appear, they are going to behave differently, they are going to care, they are going to do all you dream about. Get real Ashanti, you live in a dream world, you do not live reality.

Nothing stops you of course, to live your dream, meaning, give all your money away, start businesses, pay for scholarships, do all you envision, but to think you can change the behavior of 55 million people to follow in your footsteps, is nothing but a dream. Will not happen Ashanti. But still I think your intentions are pure, and as I said, if it can happen, the world over, we will have a wonderful world, but humans do not behave in this way, and it has nothing to do with race, or country.

By the way, with your posting, is an image of a woman holding a sign, that say “One day the poor will have nothing left to eat, but the rich”. To that I want to say, ok, let’s say you ate all the rich, after  you ate them, what are you going to eat next ? Currently the rich gives jobs. Once you ate them, do you think there will be any jobs left ? Or will we cross that bridge when we get to it ? I know the thought of taking all from the rich is a wonderfully exciting thought.

Across time, the poor have always dreamed about this, until they get rich themselves, then they see things in a different light, for some reason, like the student the other day who got 14.1 million in her student card. Suddenly all her ideals were out of the window and she showed how quickly the poor can stop to care once they become rich. You cannot have a better example, than that one. She did not even buy her poor grandmother a house, but had no problem spending huge on herself, and designer clothes, phones, hair, and R700 bottles of whiskey. Maybe you should have a chat with her. And why do you think others will behave differently?

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