Absent fathers should step up!

2017-04-09 22:15

Many women in South Africa raise their children as single mothers.

These women carry the responsibility of raising their children alone on a daily basis. Most do their best, sometimes beyond their strength, to make sure their children are cared for.

The big question is, did these women conceive these children on their own, without a man?

These children most definitely have fathers.

So where are they and what are they doing?

It’s a real shame to see how most men fail to take responsibility for their actions, and are not there for their children. To some men it’s even a norm to make children all over and deny responsibility. When God made man a head, a leader of a family He also gave him strength to carry and administer that responsibility. So I don’t really think that men who deny responsibility are weak, they do have strength too. But they use their strength in useless and meaningless things rather than using it to step in or step up and assume their responsibilities. Such men think they are smarter and wiser by leaving their baby mama to raise their baby alone. And that’s far from being smart or wise it’s plain foolishness, immature and ignorance.

I seriously urge you as a man to take a seat and have a moment of introspection about your purpose and your responsibilities in life.

As a father you have a purpose driven by a role in your child or children’s lives. Many times single mothers try their level best to bridge the gap of a fatherly role. But truly speaking they can’t be both mothers and fathers in the lives of their children. There is a role that only a father can play in the life of a child. Even though you’re no longer in love or in a relationship with the mother, but your child still needs your love and care. As a father you must assume your responsibilities without thinking twice. A great difference in life can be achieved by doing so we break the circle of fatherless children, because children need both parents in their lives. “Hold the bull by the horns” and stop running away from your responsibility. What you do to your child he/she will also do it to his/hers, thinking it’s the right thing to do. A wrong and a wrong will never make a right. Some women who have the help of their man still struggle to balance things in life, for women have many things to sort out compared to men. So I can’t imagine what single mothers are going through when it comes to the balance of life. Being all alone is really hard for them.

I salute all the fathers who take responsibility to provide for and protect their children from day one. I salute the fathers who wish to do more for their children but economic situation deprive them that privilege. I salute the fathers who are no longer in a relationship with the mothers of their children, but they make sure they have a healthy relationship with their children and they shower them with love. I salute the fathers who do their best to improve to be better fathers. I salute the fathers who understand that a father figure is needed in every child’s life.

I salute the late fathers who have left their children with great memories and lessons to cherish.

I also urge fathers who are irresponsible to turn their lives around.

All it takes is a decision: to be the father your child needs.

It can be a welcome relief which your child’s mother desperately needs.

About Eric; Eric is an aspiring social conciousness author, penning his first works titled; Invisble Victories. ek.shikobela@gmail.com

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