ANC is in denial - which is why it can't fix its problems

2019-04-08 11:23

Albert Einstein, regarded as one of the finest scientists to ever live defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and somehow expecting a different outcome.

If you have done something a certain way you’ll get a specific result. Doing it again the exact same way will almost certainly give you the exact same result. It does not matter how many times you do it – as long as you don’t change anything, you’re likely to get the exact same result.

So why can’t the ANC government get it?

Since they came to power they have followed the same formula, which is:

1)    Appoint politically well-connected cadres to top leadership positions in government and State Owned Enterprises – positions that they are totally unqualified for, and pay them exorbitant salaries.

2)    Appoint equally unqualified but well-connected cadres to the boards of these entities.

3)    Abuse the BEE system to give government contracts to politically well-connected individuals, in exchange for kickbacks.

The consequences of these systemic failures on the part of the governing party is that government departments and State Owned Enterprises were so poorly run that they suffered huge financial losses, to the point that they couldn’t fund their own operations.

And who had to rescue them? The tax payers of this country.

One would think that by now the ANC would wake up and smell the coffee, but no! They stubbornly continued on the same trajectory; firing non-performing CEOs and boards and replacing them with others from the same stable...but it made absolutely no difference.

The dysfunction continued unabated in the various government departments and entities, leading to more losses.

What the ANC politicians and their many advisors didn’t and still don’t realize, is that the problem isn’t with a specific person – it has to do with the caliber of persons they appoint, which  is a direct outcome of the flawed recruitment process they use to fill executive vacancies. And until they change the way they select people they will continue to get the same results, irrespective of who they appoint.

Right now both SAA and Eskom are bankrupt and need huge bailouts, on top of the many bailouts they’ve already received and squandered over the years.

The millions of dispossessed and displaced black South Africans who voted for the ANC, did so because they believed that the party would deliver on their promises and give them a better life. That has unfortunately only happened for a few well-connected fat cats. The rest of our people still live the poverty-stricken lives they lived during the Apartheid years.

Yes, a few who didn’t have houses and electricity before have it now, and they’re grateful for it. However, there are so many more who could have gotten houses, electricity and especially toilets inside their houses – not the bucket systems and outside toilets that blocks of residents still have to share.

More could have been done if the ANC had been a responsible party that valued the faith placed in them by ordinary South Africans. Instead they doled out billions of tax payers’ money to the Guptas and other already wealthy associates, and enriched themselves in the process.

And now they want these weary, long suffering masses, most of whom unfortunately don’t know any better, to again trust them with their votes.

Will they do any better this time? I don’t think so.

An alcoholic has no chance of beating his addiction as long as he denies that he has a drinking problem. The ANC is in exactly the same position – they deny that they have a problem; hence they have absolutely no chance of beating their addiction to poor governance and corruption.

If you vote for them you do so at your own peril. There’s a well-knowing saying, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The ANC has had ample time to show you what they can do for you, and they have failed miserably. So don’t burn tyres and block roads if they do it again.

- Jimmy Roos is a political analyst, winning mindset coach and author of The Winning Code: How to Become a Winner in the Game of Life.


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