Can't get promoted because you don't have Matric?

2016-08-10 08:58

Why are you not getting a promotion?

It has been a long time since you thought you could get a promotion or an increase in your salary. Recognition for all the work you do, is scarce.

You are a hard worker, always willing to do more, positive attitude... but you are still last in line when people get interviewed for promotions. Why is that?

Some of the reasons people get overlooked for promotions

Some of the reasons holding you back, are: you do not have the “right” qualification; you are not confident; the job advert says “Matric Required” and you don't have a matric certificate; you are not thinking like a manager; you take criticism personally; you let your work do all the talking.

You do not have the “right” qualification

You are one of the 50% of people who went to school and never even got to sit in a Matric class. Or you got to matric and you are in the 30% that failed matric. Or, you passed matric, but your subjects are all the easy subjects, so nobody thinks your matric certificate is worth much.

Basically, you are not the 1% of people who go to school, and eventually end up with a degree.

The point I am making is that 99% of people are exactly the same as you – under-qualified.

There are many options open to you. If you qualify for university entrance, you can apply at Unisa. If you want to get some skills quickly, you can apply at a Home Study College like . (Yes, I work for Skills Academy.) There are many Colleges offering Home Study; so you can study and work at the same time.

Employers are always looking for that person who shows that they will work to get more skills and better qualified, on their own. People already busy improving themselves. When you show your employer you are a self-starter, you chance to get the better opportunities have arrived.

Want to apply for a job that require specific skills or a specific qualification? Start a short course to get those skills; put your studies on your CV, and apply for that job now!

You are not confident

If you are always the one taking a step back, so that someone else gets the opportunity, then you will be stuck in that lower level job forever.

Think about one think you can do to appear more confident. If you work at appearing more confident, you will over time learn to be more confident.

Change your posture when you sit. Sit up straight. When you walk, walk with purpose. When you speak in a meeting, make sure you speak loudly enough that people can hear you. The first step is to look and act confident. So you get noticed.

Do not play down your achievements. If you achieve something, be proud to say what you achieved. When someone gives you a compliment on your work, say “Thank You!”, don't say” “Ag, it was nothing.”

The job advert says: “Matric Required” and you don't have a matric certificate

That job advert is just not complete. What they meant to say was: “If you have matric, please apply. If you don't have matric, but you do have relevant work experience, also apply.”

Most job adverts are short and incomplete. Any good HR Department will tell you that if you don't have the specific qualification, you can still get an interview if you have:

  1. Relevant work experience; or

  2. A different qualification the same academic level as Matric; or

  3. Any skills based courses you have completed that are relevant to the job.

The truth is that employers in most cases rate your real work experience much higher than a “qualification” like matric. Matric does not qualify you for any job. It is a test to try and get into University. If you don't get into University, the test did not prepare you for any job.

You don't think like a manager

You need to look at the job from your manager's perspective. Think what you would want from an employee if you were the manager. Now think how you can be that employee. How you can be the employee that actually works and thinks like the manager.

If you think of your position as “just a job”, and if you think of yourself as “just an employee”, then you are certainly not the right material to get promoted.

If you think of yourself as a Manager-in-Training, and you try to think and act like a manager, then you will certainly stand out from the crowd.

You will notice that the good managers do not just work office hours. They work much more. And they don't get paid overtime for it either.

You take criticism personally

If your feelings are hurt every time someone tells you that your work can be better, you are not ready to get promoted. Once you are able to listen to the criticism and actually use it to get better at your job; then you are ready to be promoted.

So, don't get defensive. Swallow your pride. Ask questions when someone criticize. Ask them for specific things they want you to do different. Make sure you understand what they are suggesting, and give it a try.

That kind of attitude will make you stand out!

You let your work do all the talking

Even brilliant work does not speak for you. You need to make sure you report on your work. And you tell you manager what you have achieved. Too scared to talk to the manager like that? Start doing a weekly and monthly report on your work.

Your manager will most certainly appreciate it. And will notice you as someone with potential.

About the Author:

Jan Badenhorst works as the CEO of Skills Academy. Skills Academy offers Home Study Courses to people who never completed Matric.


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