Dear Julius: the basis of your manifesto absolutely cannot work

2016-09-21 14:56

Dear Julius, you state that the essence of the EFF's manifesto is:  "To capture political and state power through whatever revolutionary means possible to transform the economy for the benefit of all, in particular Africans”.

In other words, you are simply advocating Communism. The state controls all industry. The State controls all banks. All land. The State controls everything.

How do you NOT understand that Communist countries have ALWAYS failed in the past? When the State takes over, personal initiative that grows wealth (and thus provides jobs) is simply destroyed. As the old Polish proverb says: 'If I stand up, I earn 1000 kopeks a month. If I lie down I earn 1000 kopeks a month. Why stand up?'

Want proof? Simply take a country and divide it in half. Let one half be Communist-controlled, the other half have free enterprise. Exactly such a situation happened to Germany after World War 2. Same kind of people in both halves. Yet within 10 years, free-enterprise W.Germany was already producing Porsches, BMW's and Mercedes Benzes. All Communist E.Germany produced was horrid, smoky 2-stroke Trabants, partly made out of a kind of cardboard. And when West and East Germany were reunited after the Berlin Wall came down, West Germany STAGGERED in trying to absorb the poverty of East German citizens. 

Want another example? Look at North and South Korea. The Communist North is a poverty-stricken militaristic state ruled by a ruthless dictator who has had even his own uncle executed amongst many others. And the country produces nothing for export. Contrast this with free-enterprise South Korea. Ever heard of Samsung? Kia? LG? Hyundai? Having been the country with the lowest per capita income in the world in 1954, free-enterprise South Korea is now one of the most prosperous of nations.

Julius, this illustrates precisely what happens when political and State power is captured, as your manifesto states. IT. JUST. DOESN'T. WORK. Period. I suggest you spend a little time reading up on history which tells of the dozens and dozens of other countries totally ruined where the State took over and ultimately destroyed the economy, impoverishing all its peoples except a few leaders. Is that what you want? Is it? 

Here in SA we have many bright people, both Black and White. What's needed is LESS restrictive labour laws, more encouragement of private entrepreneurship, more foreign investment and the creation of millions more jobs. End of story. Think about it, Julius. With your manifesto, the EFF is on a hiding to nothing, and South Africa right along with it.


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