How does the REAL news reach, say, the huts in KZN?

2017-07-11 13:09

Votes, to state the obvious, keep parties in Government. These votes are cast by people who believe that they are doing the right thing. Yet to anyone with half a brain, it is obvious that continuing to support the ANC is NOT the right thing to do any more.

Through corrupt deals via Prasa, the ANC has robbed billions from the poor (remember those 'too tall' locomotives?).

Through  corrupt deals and putting corrupt people in charge at Eskom, the ANC has robbed billions more from the poor.

Through putting useless, arrogant people like Dudu Myeni in charge of SAA, the ANC has robbed the poor of tens of billions more.

Same with Denel. Same with Sanral. And most other State Owned Entities.

Only some 6 million people (out of 55 million) pay 95% of all South Africa's taxes. Note - ALL TAXES! That means personal income tax, VAT, company tax, petrol levies and all the dozens of other unproductive 'taxes' that the ANC has introduced. Fact! Thus there is a very limited tax kitty to fund the poor (a kitty which, incidentally, the State Capturers are now also trying to get their filthy paws on).

So the bottom line is....continuing lousy healthcare (check out the oncology situation in KZN.) Less money for social grants. Less employment, because the ANC stifles new business. Less money for decent education. In short, less money for the poor, and a lousy, rotten future for most of SA's young Black children.

This is the REAL news. But how is it going to get to the dwellers on KZN's hillsides? Who continue to vote for the ANC as if it was their favourite soccer team. How are they going to get the news that the ANC/Zuma/Guptas are actually robbing THEM??

Will they continue to vote for a party that is now NOTHING like the one under Mandela? And it's not just Zuma who is corrupt. There are a whole gang of ANC State Capturers filling their own pockets with billions stolen from the poor. The leaked Gupta e-mails have been an atomic bomb under the ANC. Every day, new stories about ANC corruption are being revealed.

The poor of SA need to hear this news and vote accordingly. Because it's time that ALL the rotten apples in government are ripped out and thrown away.

The future of South Africa's 9 million unemployed people now hangs in the balance:  either ongoing dreadful poverty - or a decent future in a prospering country.

It is a question we ALL need to ponder as the 2019 elections draw closer. And especially the people in those huts on KZN hillsides.


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