Land expropriation: two wrongs don't make a right

2018-03-01 08:58

How is it that no one seems to care that the land, wrongly confiscated from black owners since 1913, by the South African Government, was in actual fact then sold by the same SA Government to new owners who had to pay for that land?

The only owners who did not pay for the land they received from the SA Government since 1913, was in fact the former homeland /trust areas. Land was never dished out free of charge by the SA Government, to any of the private owners - white or otherwise - since. Only the SA Government could and has disowned land since 1913.

Accordingly, the land owners did not receive the land free of charge from the SA Government as claimed. They either paid the SA Government or a previous owner for the land.

The disowning of land was exclusively executed by the SA Government at the time and was a mistake made by the SA Government. However as that same SA Government has since changed management and is managed by the current Cabinet, the mistake still remains the responsibility of the current SA Government to adress and rectify, as would have been applicable to any other corporate or private entity, should a mistake have happened in such.

Responsibility can not simply be moved to someone else, just because the management of the nstitution (SA Government) has changed. By reasoning otherwise, it would be the same as when you expect current landowners wiho bought property during the Zuma debacle, to now lose their land because the SA Government has made a mistke at the time, leading to billons in losses to the citizens of this country, due to state capture. This was a mistake of the SA Government, not the lad owners. 

The SA Government who disowned the land without compensation, then also received the proceeds from the sale of that same land to new owners. The SA Government must then fix their mistake and either compensate the original black owners they took the land from or alternatively compensate the current land owners for the land, to enable the SA Government to redistribute the land back to the original black owners.

Why does the crisis now become the risk of the current private owner who already paid the SA Government or previous owners for that land. On statistics, most of the private land disowned by the SA Government between 1913 and 1976, has anyhow been sold to private owners or transfered to local government since.

Accordingly, even should anyone apart from the SA Goverment has managed in some way or the other to benefit from the original disowning of land, these parties would most probibly not be the property owners anymore, as they would either have been deceased by now, or the property was sold since, otherwise they would have been about 125 years of age (taken age as 20 years old in 1913).

It does not matter who the management of the SA Governmnet was at the time or if that management has changed since. This still is the South African Goverment who received the proceeds from the origenal land disowned and then resold by them, that caused the mistake and who should now rectify this mistake.

How did it end up becoming the current land owners' problem? How could it be said that "without compensation" would be fair practice?

This is obviously not helping economic growth as who would be prepared to invest money into land to create new business and infrastructure, if they are not even sure that they will own that land or business in another couple of months?


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