No Matric? You still have many options to Study

2016-08-23 12:41

When you don't have Matric... You still have many Study Opportunities

You are not alone

Only 1% of kids who start school will get a University Degree... the rest of us get our qualifications from other places... not a degree from a University. I wrote about how only 1% of school kids will get a degree here:

So most people don't have matric... Or they don't have a matric that gives them entrance to a University degree course.

What do you need to do with the qualification you want to study?

Before you start looking for a course to do, first ask yourself: “What do I need from this qualification or course?”. Do you need it to help you get a job? Do you need it to get better at your job? Do you need it to start your own business?

If you clearly understand what you need the qualification for, then you will be able to make a better choice from the many courses of study available.

If you have not thought about what you want to do with your qualification, then you will easily get demotivated and give up once you start studying.

I am Not employed – I am studying because I need a job

Real unemployment in South Africa is around 40%. Yes, unemployment amongst people with University Degrees is much lower than in the rest of our population. I am writing this article for people who do NOT have a Degree, and who are not planning to get one.

To get a job you need to work very hard. Finding a job, is your job.

I wrote an article on how to find a job here:

Most of the time, a qualification does not guarantee you a job. So, yes, you need to study, to improve your chances of getting a job. But your qualification on its own is not going to give you a job.

I want to study because I want to Get a different job

Doing a job that you love is much easier than doing a job you don't care about. If you know what you passion is, then getting any training in that area will help you move on to the right job for you.

Start your studies, update your CV, and start looking for that new job immediately. Showing your studies on your CV improves your chance of getting that interview you want. And it shows the person reading your CV that you take personal responsibility for your life. You are working to improve it... You are not waiting for someone to hand it to you. For a prospective employer, that makes you stand out.

I want to study to Get a better job

If you are in the right field, but you want a better job. Or you want to apply for a promotion, then getting a qualification certainly will help you.

Don't get stuck with only long courses. Even a short course will improve your skills and your chances for a better job.

I work for and many of our students just want some basic skills to improve their chances. Sometimes you can achieve that with a 6-month or even a 4-month short course.

Improve my skills to get better at my job

When someone working for me tells me they want to study so that they can get better at their job, I am very happy and very impressed.

Showing you are mature enough to realise and admit that you are struggling with your work, makes you stand out. Being smart enough to ask for help, and to study so that you get better at your work, makes you a pretty special individual.

Yes! Go for it. Try a short course. Read up on the internet about the problem you are facing in your job. Every bit of training and education you do, is valuable. Even something as simple as a google search and reading an article you found on the problem you are facing in your work.

I know you are going to make a success of your career!

To make sure I don't lost my job... I want to be the last person to leave when they retrench

The reality is that we face retrenchments every year now. Want to know how bad it is? Go here:

Retrenchments are usually the LAST process. Before that you will get the freezing of new appointments; non-replacement when people leave; voluntary retrenchments; new project put on hold (so no new opportunities created) and early retirement offers...

Your best defence at losing your job through retrenchment, is to be the most valuable employee. If you are the person who is always willing to help, if you are working hard when everyone else is panicking, if you keep up the good attitude, and if you are busy upgrading your skills, then surely you stand a better chance to retain your job.

Start your own business?

You found your passion and you want to study to get the skills to start your own business? Congratulations! Most people spend their whole life unsure of what their passion is.

Don't resign from your job!

Yes, study. Study the field in which you want to start your business. And study Small Business Management. There are many courses you can do to prepare you for managing your own business.

Getting good advice – hint, not from the lady next door

In all instances, you deserve to get good advice. Speak to people working in Education. Do your research. Google is your friend!

No, that lady who is friends with your mother and has an opinion about everything... she is not qualified to give you advice about your career and your studies and your future. Get professional advice. Even if you have to pay for it. Your education is the best investment you are going to make in your lifetime. Don't invest without proper advice.

About the Author:

Jan Badenhorst works as the CEO of Skills Academy. Skills Academy offers Home Study Courses to people who never completed Matric.


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