One month to go – 'tis the season for promises, protests and burning streets

2019-04-15 10:15

I am reminded of the movie “Independence Day”. For those who have not seen the millionth repeat on DSTV, Will Smith is the hero that goes out and smacks a couple of aliens into touch and saves the world from pending doom. I for one like that genre, where good overcomes evil against all human odds. You kinda get the warm and fuzzy feeling when that alien is blown to hell and the like of Tom Cruise says “Mission Accomplished”. 

May 8 is around the corner. We will maybe have to brave the cold and wind, the long queues and proverbial security checks before we go into a little cubical to make our much desired crosses.

Between now and then we are going to be aurally and visually assaulted by the various parties making promises and claims of what they stand for and what they are going to do. In my opinion nothing much is going to change. Here’s why.

The ANC is mired in a web of corruption and deceit. CR is walking a tightrope with loyalist on the one side and the Zuma aligned traitors on the other. He dare not close the eyes in the back of his head for a split second. The likes of Jesse, Ace and David are, I believe just waiting for the right moment to dethrone him. The split in the ranks off the ruling party is wider than the Orange River in flood. However, the reality is the ANC will win the elections. They may take a hit or two on the body but by and large they will survive to rule another five years.

In my neck of the woods the Democratic Alliance has had the rule of the roost for a while now. By my calculation it’s been fifteen years. In that time we went from Helen to Musi and all the others in between. The City of Cape Town went through the most embarrassing power struggle one can imagine. Aunty Pat used up bottle after bottle of nail polish in her desperate attempts to cling to power. They eventually managed to dislodge her only to replace her with an over the hill Billy way past his sell by date. So while the suburbs burnt they waged internal battles and to a degree lost the plot.

Musi chose to base his election campaign on the load shedding theme, claiming the DA will “keep the lights on”. Allow me to paint a little picture to provide some context to this claim. A friend called his local councilor complaining about the state of his road, this after he noticed roads been resurfaced in a neighboring suburb. The last response to his complaint was to the effect the city has a budget problem. Then there is Milton Road. Those in the know and who use this road regularly will attest to the disgusting state this road is in. It’s been like that since the last election and nothing has been done to fix it. I wonder what the reason is. Maybe it’s the budget. A few weeks ago Dan Plato found two million to pay for a “cleaning of the City” exercise. For what, now suddenly. I’m not really sure. Keeping the lights on may just be pushing it a little. Things may not be as rosy as Musi hopes it will be after May 8.

Then we have Zuma’s little pet who became his worst nightmare. One cannot ignore the EFF. They resemble that blue fly that hovers over the carrion left after the hyenas have had their fill. They are in my opinion the ultimate opportunist just waiting to pick up the scraps to use against an unwitting enemy. They will capitalize on any moment or expression of anger in a community and use to their advantage. Problem is they may even capture the youth vote on the troubled campuses around the country. Reality is their CiC (Corruptor in Chief) already sees himself occupying the office.

Then there is Aunty Pat. In my opinion Aunty Pat made a horrible mess of the water crises. It was poorly managed and certainly not the best of times. However as resilient as Capetonians are we pulled through. Then there was the very public and messy divorce from the DA. Thanks to twitter we has almost “ball by ball” coverage of how things went down. A new party was always going to be the way to go for Aunty Pat. After all nothing was going to keep the GOOD lady down. How GOOD an idea this was remains to be seen. Problem is Aunty Pat has an axe to grind and she is determined to show her previous employers how GOOD she really is at winning over the Cape Town voters. I for one may live to regret my decision not to see anything GOOD in her party. Who knows the GOOD party may yet prove to be GOOD for something.  

So where does one make the cross? I thought of a spilt vote. The ANC on a national level to keep the mice at bay and DA on provincial level simply to keep the City of Cape Town blue. The ANC in the Western Cape still has to come out the woodwork and who knows, the blue party may yet get their service delivery stuff sorted. As for the rest, well they will remain just “the rest”.

May 8 is not exactly going to be our independence day. There may well be changes to our political big picture. What is important is the fact that we, the people, hold the power to effect change. Use the power. Vote wisely. Just don’t make a cross for the sake of making it.

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