Open letter to the media and South Africa

2018-10-02 14:36

Dear fellow South Africans –

I feel that the need to write this letter has been growing in me for some time, South Africa is changing and I don’t believe it’s for the better – although as a nation I trust that we can come together and take back our media, our rights, our love for our nation and most importantly our country.

I’ll start at the beginning of our country’s problems – race, segregation.

Apartheid; what a stupid plan that was, to split people that could very well live peacefully and possibly become great together – we all had something to learn from each other but the NP decided that our fellow black, Indian and coloured South Africans had nothing to offer – so here we sit.

I do understand that segregation had started long before the National Party took the country into their own hands and I know that it has gone on long after the NP were disbanded – many older generations grew up believing that they were right and all other races wrong BUT I also know that South Africa is more than just the colours that live in it. Now in saying this I know that we are nowhere near the only country in the world with racial segregation problems but I also know that had this not happened, South Africa could have been a first world country.

I am a 24-year-old South African woman, I adore my country and I love the people that live in it – some people.


I don’t read the news anymore because whenever I read about something terrible that’s happened most people are asking the race, most people want to know what colour the victim was and not if she’s okay; they ask if what race the men were that broke into the house and they ask what race the house occupants were...

Here’s MY Question: what has race got to do with the crime that was committed?

Why does it matter that the men that took my mom’s purse when I was 7 were black? Why does it matter that the boy that took it upon himself to target a 6 year old child is white? Do the atrocities not matter? Does the fact that we’re supposed to live in the Rainbow nation not play a role? Why are the media perpetuating racial stereotypes by reporting what colour the criminals or the victims are? Has our country really lost its sense of compassion?

Land grabbing is another issue – farmers and their families are being slaughtered because of their race, does it matter what colour these PEOPLE are? Children are being raped in front of their parents and old people are being axed to death, why is there a difference between this happening to Indians or Coloureds or Blacks or Whites – I ask again, has South Africa LOST its compassion?

I want to Challenge the MEDIA and specifically reporters that write these articles pushing their own bias and stereotype on the rest of the nation – I CHALLENGE YOU to stop racially reporting the news, stop letting your own judgement out there for the world to see and let’s FINALLY kick “RACE” out of our vocabulary – we are the HUMAN RACE and it’s time the world stood up and realised that – let’s start this in SA, the Rainbow Nation, I love my country – Does the Media?


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