Rolling out the red carpet for Jacob Zuma in Bloem

2018-08-22 15:52

Please help me understand!

I live in Bloemfontein, the City of Roses apparently, although I don’t see any of that around anymore.

Bloemfontein is struggling to keep head above water.

Refuse is not being removed, roads are full of potholes, water and sewage are leaking constantly for days and weeks at end, crime is rampant and out of control, and everybody, and specifically the taxis drive as they like.

I use to go into the CBD often for work and have been robbed successfully of my cell phone. Two other robbing attempts at the very same location I was fortunate enough to evade.

Almost every day I hear stories of crime at this very same place I got robbed at. This is truly a problem and danger area but there is not even one police officer doing patrols there, not even one police van patrolling the streets, not a camera, or security or notice to warn people, nothing. The SAPS in Bloemfontein does not care.

Drugs are being sold openly, street children being exploited openly, some of them underage girls, but the police of Bloemfontein, is nowhere to be seen.

When I drive to work in the morning, I always wear my seatbelt and keep to the speed limit. This is 60km/h for the road I travel on. The rules of the road, however, do not count for taxis. They stop wherever they like, simply switching on their hazards and thinks everything is ok. They ignore red traffic lights, stop streets and drive recklessly and fast! They will push in front of you and believe they own the road.

Conveniently for them, there is not even one traffic officer or car in sight. No, the entire Bloemfontein traffic department is on the N1 checking drivers’ licenses of people passing Bloemfontein.

They are not standing at the taxi rank where the taxis speed and drive recklessly, they are not in the city on the busy roads where these taxis ignore red traffic lights, stop signs, and are making illegal stops wherever they like. Rather they stand in their numbers on the N1.

They don’t care about the traffic jams at busy schools or office complexes; they go outside of Bloemfontein to check driver’s licenses on the N1.

Bloemfontein also has two of the worst state hospitals in the entire country/world. The conditions in these hospitals are disgusting. There is a huge shortage of staff members and medical equipment, a despicable working environment, and an infrastructure that is crumbling because of not being maintained. I have personally seen a patient being pushed on a food trolley to the theater, only lying on a thin piece of sponge, not a mattress, but sponge!

Schools are falling apart, with broken windows, roofs and fences. I see random people being able to use the school property as a shortcut, small female children playing next to this pass through road, and not a single teacher in sight.

When you go into any state building the neglect is visible from the first step. Broken tiles, chairs, lights, toilets, etc not being fix and maintained. If something is broken, an “out of order” sign is the only thing that needs to be done.

When making excuses for the mess, the local government blames the lack of funds and resources and also the legacy of apartheid. There is just not enough money to fix anything.

But then, today, as I was driving to work, I was met with the biggest blue light brigade I have ever seen. There were easily 10 big black SUVs, all with their blue lights on. Everywhere I looked was traffic officers and traffic cars, regulating the traffic and making way for this extremely important VIP. They were screaming at cars, waving their hands frantically. They meant business. No traffic violation would be tolerated today.

Police vans and police officers were visible as far as I could see. Patrolling and walking the streets. They searched random people passing by, opening their backpacks and asking them questions. No crime will be tolerated today, all of a sudden.

The blue light convoy came to a stop at a private hospital. Bodyguards were scrambling into position. Traffic cars were maneuvering in and out of parking spots and the police was ready for action.

Maybe around 20 bodyguards was looking after this one person. Some of them were standing outside, some on the ground floor of the hospital and others close the where this very important person were.

So now, who was this “oh so important person”, that somehow got the Bloemfontein police, and traffic department to commit almost their entire force just for him to go to a private hospital. Who is this person that can get this right? Well it was the one and only Jacob Zuma in his full glory.

He came to the hospital not on official business but rather as a representative for the Reach for a Dream Foundation! I will be writing them an email too.

He did not come to Bloemfontein to visit one of the neglected state hospitals, or to the broken down schools, or undeveloped suburbs, no, he came on personal business and this was enough reason for the Bloemfontein SAPS and traffic department to go all out and spend whatever resources is needed, because you see, Jacob Zuma is visiting Bloemfontein. No matter how much it will cost.

After he is gone, the traffic officers will be going back to their positions on the N1 ignoring what is happening in the city itself, and the police back to whatever they are doing ignoring high crime zones! Schools and hospitals will still be neglected and ignored and the rest of the infrastructure left to look after itself.

All that matter is that Jacob Zuma came to Bloemfontein and he got the best of the best Bloemfontein can offer, but won’t for the normal man on the street.

I’m dumb founded, confused and angry! How can this be happening?

Please help me understand!

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