South Africa, a private conversation shared

2019-04-09 09:06

Many moons ago, South Africa was a country coming out of a historic painful apartheid that left most South Africans traumatised.

Then came the magic of Madiba to sooth away the pains.

It was a splendid time when we celebrated our unity and embraced our diversity in all spheres of life.

This would be short lived as after Mbeki was ousted in a runoff with Zuma, South Africa would lapse into a coma of Zoma (Zuma).

We would be plunged into the worst time ever in our short history. There was a sense that this president was somehow different from the others. The economy once vibrant would begin to falter. But the nation did not know that the undercurrent, that the apple was beginning to rot at the core and many institutions would start to be eroded by fuddy duddy ministers and entrepreneurial espionage.

If only we knew at that time that the nation was being plundered, SOEs ransacked and the president, a bungling dancing figurehead who did not tell us the country was going to the wall with corruption.

We soldiered on as we always do trying to eek out a living but life was becoming pretty tough. We heard of the Guptas but they would be untouchable.

Our King Henry could not stop eating the country half to death so to speak. The country would be plunged into an economic crisis, the rand devalued and the stock exchange obliterated overnight with a quizzical character called Van Rooyen. Talk about humor and a Shakespearean tragedy of note. Ok, out of this soliloquy.

Fast forward the Zondo commission. If only we knew then what we know now! The tragedy of the sickly Zuma years would now come back to haunt us like never before. Revelation after revelation has revealed the fish rotting from the head. Agrizzi and the entourage of witnesses would leave us sick to the gut, knowing how our miraculous country had gone to wrack and ruin.

So what of now, for us as South Africans, so divided on race, economically at the bottom of the barrel and sad at the sheer audacity of fraudsters who plunder this land and its larder? What do we do as a nation? These are the questions South Africans must ask themselves as we seek a new future the proverbial, dragging an anchor with the ship drifting into waters of junk status, high unemployment, violence and protest after protest.

We have reached the bottom of the barrel and so in these election times, some parties will experience the wrath of the electorate who are so angry to be let down by people they held in such high esteem. Some parties will receive the plaudits but do they deserve the vote of confidence as they took parliament as a ''talk shop'', a place to rattle on about the mundane at the expense of the electorate.

So the plunder. The numbers will show whether South Africans are willing to forget and move on as we are a tough optimistic lot, but one gets the feeling this time, it's gone too far and heads have to roll, the rot cut off at the head and a new dispensation with new faces, maybe fresh thinkers but nothing extreme.

We are at the abyss but we are optimistic so let's hope our country, that has been through so much can rise out of the ruins and take its place as the best in Africa as it did in the Madiba years. How we need that magical charm, that dance and the amazing wand he wafted of unity and peace.

We can only dream but dreaming is sometimes all you have. What's that famous line? "God bless South Africa", we're gonna need every bit of it.


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