The future of firearm ownership

2018-10-31 12:53

I sat down today and pondered the future of firearm ownership in South Africa and did not see a future of any value at all to citizens.

The ANC have said from day one they want citizens guns and that has not changed at any point in time. Forgotten, yes, in particular by those who should be defending at the very least their members' rights. I say rights because your right to life is not subject to any law and cannot be removed by anyone but yourself.

Quite obviously in South Africa there are a huge number of firearm owners who are willing to give up that right without even objection or a fight. Now that saddened me for two reasons. What on earth could possibly have happened that they do not value their lives and why and how has this situation come about?

It really seems alien because the natural reaction to such threats is to object so where did all the objection go? What has removed such a strong reaction, surely not just time. There has to be something very important that this natural reaction to a threat of endangering our life is dissipated, removed, gone and does not ever resurface in any meaningful way even when a new threat is introduced.

It would seem that no matter how real that threat is it is just ignored by organisations and has no answer. No real reaction or response in preparation for what must surely be obvious. Government does not prepare 148 page documents for discussion, it is a statement of intent to carry out what government wants. All discussion has already taken place.

As a firearm owner I asked myself what is being done to put up the best fight that can possibly be mounted for what will surely come. A time unknown to prepare, to plan, develop strategy and put in place anything that will be needed, what?

Is there anyone who can say what plans are in place and what is going to happen? It would be totally irresponsible and a gross dereliction of duty for firearm organisation to not have an answer.

There must be very many firearm owners looking for hope and answers yet there appear to be none. Surely such invasive and outright threatening laws cannot be ignored as the government and police playing games. That this threat deserves a serious response because you have to be pretty foolish to do nothing when threatened with disarmament.


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