The Great Geyser Swindle

2016-03-15 12:46
  A great swindle is taking place above our heads and it is making your plumber very rich!
  Have you ever wonder why in this modern age your geyser seems to burst every few years?
  Well the answer is quite interesting.  Up to the 90’s the bulk of geysers installed in South Africa
was copper. The average lifespan of a copper geyser was around 15 years. In that time only the
a pressure reducing value needed to replaced to depending on how many particles was in your
water supply. It was not uncommon for geysers to last much longer than 15 years.
   In the 90’s we see the widespread use by plumbers of the high pressure galvanized geyser.
Why switch? The reason will soon become clear.  
  Technically the galvanized geyser is a superior product to the copper one because it delivers
hot water with the same speed as the cold. It operates at the same pressure as Municipal water
pressure. And it has the potential lifespan of 15 years but it never does! Why?
   The reason is it requires regular maintenance. Every two years the sacrificial anode needs to
be replaced. What is a sacrificial anode? Basically a metal rod that draws the corrosion of the
water into the rod instead of the walls of the geyser.  This prevents the walls of the geyser
corroding and collapsing.  The collapse is usually quite spectacular as many of you will attest.
   Why I call it a swindle. The plumbers nor the insurance company make any effort to inform the
client that it needs maintenance every two years.  They know that after five years it will burst,
guaranteed!  You will also not find this information from the manufacturers either as they are in
on the act.
    It's a wonderful conspiracy. It keeps your plumbers very busy. Lets face it the only time you
need to call a plumber is for a new building installation or geyser replacement.
   Perhaps you think it's a great way of keeping people employed or you are annoyed that it is
this way.  
  Now you know too.

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