When did bullying a 13 year old girl become ok?

2017-08-29 11:07

A 13 year old girl goes missing. Thankfully she is found and returned safely to her caregivers. 

Happy ending, right? One would think so. 

Sadly, for all the keyboard warriors out there, this is a prime opportunity to spew their venom and take bullying to new heights. Because there is no mistaking it, adults who pass such severe judgments and have all manner of commentary along with various kinds of punishments that they believe the caregivers should dole out, cannot be mistaken for anything else, other than a bully. 

A bully of the absolute worst kind!

An adult bully, on a 13 year old girl’s Facebook page. Imagine for a second you are that 13 year old, or that 13 year old is YOUR child…

I remember the good old days, when I made mistakes (many of them) and my parents helped guide me back onto the right path. Days when my darkness was not laid bare for all the world to pass judgment on. Days when I was not made to feel a thousand times worse than what I felt, with complete strangers, who know less than nothing about me, about my family, about my circumstances; judging me and telling my parents just how much I should be man handled and precisely what punishments I deserve.

And now, in this day and age, it gets even worse. Because right here, right now, this becomes etched into a child's forever story. All of this is written down, in articles, forums and on Facebook, even on her very own Facebook page, and will surely, sadly, follow her for a very long time. 

I find it very hard to believe that each and every person commenting negatively and harshly have not done things they regret.  Some, far, far worse than what this 13 year old girl has done.  How about a little compassion and empathy for a story you actually know very little about.

People are committing suicide daily for far fewer reasons than what has been said and done on the various social platforms.  Imagine if all your vitriol cause this child unbearable grief and anguish and she took her own life.... what then... does your narrative THEN suddenly change to one of support? For this poor child who was lost and needed help and guidance from those who love and care for her. My mother always said, if you have nothing nice to say, rather say nothing at all. Why, as humans do we feel the need to constantly pass judgment on each other and more often than not, in the worst way possible?

In a world where you can be absolutely anything you choose, choose to be kind, always.

Namaste ??


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