You can't compare black and white salaries directly

2017-02-10 13:33

There have been a few articles recently saying how White salaries are 5 times as much as Black salaries.

True, but have you ever stopped to think of the reasons why?

1) Birth rate. The Sub-Saharan average birth rate of children per woman (2010 - 2015) was 5.1. The global average is 1.99. When a country like SA has its economy reduced to a 1% growth rate (thank you, ANC), there can NEVER be enough jobs for the youth. Families are simply having too many children. We need 5% growth to achieve decent employment for all. So when people like Malema talk about 'have more (Black) children', he is simply encouraging an ever-growing gap between the haves and the have-nots. That's simply breeding children into guaranteed poverty. (The children WON'T support you; they won't have jobs).

2) Education (or lack thereof). Despite spending more on our education system than any other country in Africa we rank at the bottom of the list in education statistics, especially Science and Maths. True, there is the legacy of Bantu education, but the ANC have had 22 years now to improve on that (so all people under 22  have suffered). Education is the key to getting a decent job, but the ANC and SADTU have horribly failed South Africa. That's a major reason for the large earnings gap.

3) Pre-school education is another. It's dismal. A massive amount of a child's brain development occurs in the first 3 years of life. Yet the ANC have done nothing to improve on this area. So (largely) Black kids are being set up for failure from the start.

4) The ANC stupidly closed teachers' Training Colleges, Nurses Training Colleges, technikons and messed with the apprentice system where school leavers could learn on the job. So they ruined Black earning capabilities. Black people aren't stupid (I know some highly intelligent and capable ones), but under ANC rule, the Black youth have been set up for failure from the very start. So, people, let's not make direct comparisons. There are very real  reasons for our high GINI coefficient. And someone has to take the blame. Who could it be, I wonder?


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