Karl Marx and his Hateful Dream of Atheism

I want to tell you about Karl Marx, an astonishingly evil man. My research into his life has left me at times in a state of horror, when I read the pure hatred that can be found in the root of this man’s heart. In this article I will make some rather controversial accusations which are circumstantial, but on the basis of my study of this man, my opinion is leaning leaning towards the probable.

 Marx was born in Trier, Prussia in 1818. His real name was Moses Mordecai Levy, son of a Jewish rabbi. His father was a Jew who left the Jewish religion and turned to Christianity in 1824 when young Marx was six years old. Karl Marx was a confessed Christian.

Karl Marx was heavily influenced by Moses Hess.  Many people think Marx made the statement “religion is the opiate of the people” but it was actually Hess that came up with this common day slogan which is used by atheists. Moses Hess was an anarchist and wanted all out chaos.

 Marx best friend (if you could call him that – because the master has only a slave) was Fredrick Engels and they were both from rich families. They did not care for the poor but aimed for power. The goal was to destroy the current established system as well as all religions. Chaos was their tool.

Marx was a genius. When it came to writing and thinking there are few men, if any, who have existed on earth that walk next to his equal. His understanding of the social system is without doubt unparallel in history. Many of his socialist ideas are used in modern day society. He knew very well that his incredible talent to write was his gift.
He knew what had to be done to get his ideas out to the public, media. So he started a newspaper and it wasn’t very long before it took off and the “proletariat” (the working class people) were being inspired by his words for war against the authorities.

Marx family

He was married to Jenny Julia Eleanor and together they had 7 children, 4 of which died at childhood. 
1.Jenny Caroline (1 May 1844 – 11 January 1883) She died of bladder cancer, aged 38.
2.Jenny Laura (26 September 1845 – 26 November 1911), She died in a suicide pact with her husband. She was aged 66.
3.Charles Louis Henri Edgar (3 February 1847 in Brussels – 6. Mai 1855) died aged 8.
4.Henry Edward Guy (5 September 1849 - 19 November 1850)  died age 1 year 2 month
5.Jenny Eveline Frances (28 March 1851 – 14 April 1852) died age 1 year 1 month
6.Jenny Julia Eleanor (16 January 1855 – 31 March 1898) suicide by poisoning herself with prussic acid. She was aged 43
7.An unnamed child, born and died 6 July 1857 in London.

Jenny Eleanor Marx, his wife, died of bladder cancer in March 1881.

Below is a poem which Karl Marx Wrote called Nocturnal Love:
Frantic, he holds her near,   Darkly looks in her eye."Pain so burns you, Dear,   And at my breath you sigh.
“Oh, you have drunk my soul.   Mine is your glow, in truth.My jewel, shine your fill.   Glow, blood of youth.”
“Sweetest, so pale your face,   So wondrous strange your words.See, rich in music’s grace   The lofty gliding worlds.”
“Gliding, dearest, gliding,   Glowing, stars, glowing.Let us go heavenwards riding,   Our souls together flowing.”
His voice is muffled, low.   Desparate, he looks about.Glances of crackling flameHis hollow eyes shoot out.
“You have drunk poison, Love.   With me you must away.The sky is dark above,   No more I see the day.”
Shuddering, he pulls her close to him.   Death in the breast doth hover.
This poem is about suicide and in actual fact Karl Marx wrote an entire book on suicide. 

Marx, Religion and Communism

Marx was a Christian but something very strange happened and his father became increasingly worried in their communication..
On March 2, 1837, Marx’s father writes to his son: “Your advancement, the dear hope to see your name being once of great repute and your earthly well-being are not the only desires of my heart.... Only if your heart remains pure and beats humanly and if no demon will be able to alienate your heart from better feelings, only then will I be happy.”

What made a father express suddenly the fear of demonic influence upon a young son who until then had been a confessed Christian? Was it the poems he received as a present from his son for his 55th birthday?

Karl Marx wrote ‘The Communist Manifesto’. This was the very basis and the foundation of Communism. What most people who know about ‘The Communist Manifesto’ don’t know, is that the draft document of ‘The Communist Manifesto’ was called ‘‘The Communist Question of Faith’. I would encourage you to go and look this up.

What the ‘The Communist Question of Faith’ outlines, is to ask 22 questions about what Communism is. The final (and most important question and answer) is:

Question 22. Do Communists reject existing religions?Answer: All religions which have existed hitherto were expressions of historical stages of development of individual peoples or groups of peoples. But communism is that stage of historical development which makes all existing religions superfluous and supersedes them.
The most important objective of Communism was eradicating religion.

Marx and Satanism

Bukharin, one of Marx's associates in the First International, was an anarchist and by all accounts, an ardent Satanist. He wrote: “Satan is the first free thinker and saviour of the world. He frees Adam and impresses the seal of humanity and liberty on his forehead, by making him disobedient.”  Thus in 1917, when the second revolution took place and the Bolshevik government came to power in Russia, the hand that led the people may have been the hand of Lenin, with the words of Karl Marx, but the voice was unmistakably that of Satan.

It was Moses Hess, the anarchist that initiated Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels into Satanism and said "This is how I create savages"

Let’s read some more of Marx's poems:-

In his poem Human Pride, Marx admits that his aim is not to improve the world, reform or revolutionize it, but simply to ruin it and enjoy it being ruined:

Words I teach all mixed up into a devilish muddle.Thus, anyone may think just what he chooses to thinkWith disdain I will throw my gauntlet full in the face of the world,And see the collapse of this pygmy giant whose fall will not stifle my ardor.Then will I wander godlike and victorious through the ruins of the worldAnd, giving my words an active force, I will feel equal to the Creator.

Now I quote from [Marx's] drama Oulanem:

Stop, I’ve got it now! It rises from my soul....Yet I have power within my youthful armsTo clench and crush you with tempestuous force,While for us both the abyss yawns in darkness.I  have lost heaven,And know that for sure.My soul, once faithful to God,Now is destined for hell.
I'll set up my throne above,Cold and terrible will be the peak of it.Superstitious trembling is at its base,Master - most black agony.The one who will look with healthy looks,Will turn away, turn pale and deadly mute.Possessed by blind and cold deathness,will prepare a tomb with his happiness.You will sink down and I shall follow laughing,Whispering in your ears, “Descend, come with me, friend.”

His poetry sounds like Isaiah 14:13-14: “But you [Satan] said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God, And I will sit on the mount of assembly In the recesses of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;’”

Karl Marx proclaimed that he was an atheist. In his famous picture (look him up) he can be seen with one hand under his jacket which is a Masonic sign of the order. Back then, they probably didn’t realised that people would leave the freemasons and divulge all of their secret signs and handshakes, in books available to the public.

Atheists are now allowed to be Freemasons. One of the requirements of being a Freemason is the sworn “belief in a deity”, but it does specify which deity for reasons of secularism. You are not allowed to discuss religion or politics in the Masonic Lodge. We have read Karl Marx’s poetry and he certainly does not suggest a disbelief in a Deity. Karl Marx believed in God and he was a Satanist.

Marx's wife addresses him as follows, in a letter of August 1844:“Your last pastoral letter, high priest and bishop of souls, has again given quiet rest and peace to your poor sheep.”

The Satanist sect is not materialistic. It believes in eternal life. "Oulanem" the person for whom Marx speaks of in his poem, does not contest eternal life. He asserts eternal life, but as a life of hate magnified to its extreme. It is worth noting that eternity for the devils means 'torment.” Thus Jesus was reproached by the demons: “Art you come hither to torment us before our time?” (Matthew 8:29)

Marx had loved the words of Mephistopheles in Faust, “Everything in existence is worth being destroyed.” Does this sound like an atheist? No but Satan wants your souls and he knows atheism is the way to get them.

A man who briefly met Karl Marx describes Marx as interrogating his brain and digging around in his mind by asking certain questions, Marx establishing exactly who he was before he even stated his purpose of being there. He was an incredibly evil and powerful monster of a man.

Karl Marx’s poetry which you have read is used in modern day satanic rituals - see example of Poem Oulanem lookup on Google images (http://tinyurl.com/9qytyrs),).

Karl Marx didn’t want atheism because he didn’t believe in a God. He wanted atheism in the world because he wanted atheist people to go to hell.

Now I want to refer you back to the deaths surrounding his family:CHILD: Jenny Julia Eleanor (suicide)

CHILD: Jenny Laura (suicide pact with her husband Paul Lafargue) – had 3 children together, all died in infancy
CHILD: Henry Edward Guy (infant dies 1yearr 1 month)
CHILD: Jenny Eveline Frances (infant dies 1year 2 months)
CHILD: Unamed, died at birth.
CHILD: Jenny Caroline (“bladder cancer” died 2 months before her farther Karl Marx)
WIFE: Jenny Eleanor Marx, his wife (“bladder cancer”)

Given that this was in the 1890’s when medical advancements were not very progressed, and on the basis of his poetry and his entire book about suicide, it wouldn’t be farfetched to assume that perhaps the reason for the deaths (2 years apart from each other) of his wife Jenny Eleanor and his daughter Jenny Caroline’s “bladder cancer” were mistaken for actual suicide.
What about his 3 children dying in infancy? And what about his 3 grandchildren belonging to Jenny Laura with her husband Paul Lafargue, also, dying in infancy? In order for him to be accepted into the Marx family, Paul Lafargue would have been initiated into Satanist. Satan loves suicide because it guarantees damnation of the Soul.

This was the suicide note left by Paul Lafarge in 1908:"Healthy in body and mind, I end my life ... For some years I had promised myself not to live beyond 70; and I fixed the exact year for my departure from life. I prepared the method for the execution of our resolution, it was a hypodermic of cyanide acid. I die with the supreme joy of knowing that at some future time, the cause to which I have been devoted for forty-five years will triumph. Long live Communism! 
(It’s worth mentioning that years later World War I began killing over 200million people and creating the foundation for World War II-  with an additional 100million deaths.)

Nancy Dunn

Back to the subject of infancy deaths in the Marx family, we need only to look at the story of Nancy Dunn whose father was a Satanist to conclude what may have happened to the Marx Family infants:

Nancy Dunn:
"I was raised in California," Nancy tellsThe 700 Club. "My father worked in the aerospace industry. My mother worked for a doctor. On the outside just looked normal, but nobody knew what was going on behind closed doors."My father was actually a Satanic high priest, so he did all kinds of evil things. He sexually assaulted me, took me to satanic rituals. My father actually used me as a baby breeder, which means I was impregnated so the Satanists would have a baby to sacrifice to the devil in their Satanic rituals. As soon as I was able to have a baby, I was pregnant.”

The abuse in Nancy’s home continued throughout her adolescence. Her babies were delivered by midwives, and there was no record of their births. By her late teens, Nancy knew she had lost 10 children to Satanic sacrifice.
"If I was out of school for weeks or months on end, my parents would call the school and it would be no big deal. There was never an investigation.”

It is well known that the real satanic sect has baby sacrifice as their rituals. I am very suspicious of the deaths surrounding so many of his and his daughter’s children at such a young age.

I have looked at Karl Marx writings and release dates which coincide with his children’s death and I cannot find any shred of evidence that he was moved whosoever by any of their deaths. Some of his material is released very shortly (days) after the death of his children and remains as heartless, hateful and emotionless as the majority of his work.

Marx was responsible for the Lenin-Stalin Communism (WWI) and he recognized what the subsequent Hitler’s perversion of Darwinism (WW2) which killed in total over and estimated 350 million people.

Marx and Darwin

Karl Marx was of such evil genius that he recognises what Darwinism would do for people’s faith. He offered to dedicate part of the Communist Manifesto to Darwin, but Darwin refused because he wasn’t against religion, like Marx was hell bent on destroying it. The following letter was found in Marx library after he died:

Dear Sir:I am much obliged for your kind letter & the Enclosure.— The publication in any form of your remarks on my writing really requires no consent on my part, & it would be ridiculous in me to give consent to what requires none. I should prefer the Part or Volume not to be dedicated to me (though I thank you for the intended honour) as this implies to a certain extent my approval of the general publication, about which I know nothing.— Moreover though I am a strong advocate for free thought on all subjects, yet it appears to me (whether rightly or wrongly) that direct arguments against Christianity and theism produce hardly any effect on the public; & freedom of thought is best promoted by the gradual illumination of men’s minds, which follow from the advance of science. It has, therefore, always been my object to avoid writing on religion, & I have confined myself to science. I may, however, have been unduly biased by the pain which it would give some members of my family , if I aided in any way direct attacks on religion.— I am sorry to refuse you any request, but I am old & have very little strength, and looking over proof-sheets (as I know by present experience) fatigues me much.I remain Dear Sir,Yours faithfully,Ch. Darwin
Let this article serve as a warning to my atheist friends. Be careful of what you chose to believe. There is a spiritual warfare going on which you are blind to because you don't believe. Marx was the personification of evil incarnate.

 Satanism in the world is as real as Christianity, it is practiced and it does happen. The difference is that they love atheism; they want you to be an atheist because of what it means. 

Think about it. When was the last time you as an atheist argued against Satan?
We live in a world where facts and fiction get blurred
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