African Culture is what I say it is

This a window through Africans in Africa and South Africa and what they have been going through for the past 300-plus years of oppression, subjugation, depression, repression and the intensely and extreme violation of their humanity, culture, customs, land and existence.

The version of Modern African culture is not as rosy as some would like it to be. This historical phenomenon of a distorted and dysfunctional African society and picture of African Culture and Customs that we read about today, and how the remnants of this African culture we see today affects Africans in their lives and existence in the past and at presently: that of being Oppressed, suppressed, depressed, repressed, enslaved, colonized and stripped off all their cultures, customs, tradition, languages, and have poverty and all types of diseases imposed on them; and, how their cultural practices and traditional rites have been relegated to the inferior status of being regarded as irrelevant, closer to child babble/barbaric and need not be paid any attention to, whatsoever: i.e., a culture best forgotten for it has never been of any use to the Africans themselves.

The History of South Africa will be linked to the Civilization of Mapungubwe to begin turning the tide against the lies that impregnate Historical books and journals written by those who are not Africans, or with African 'collaborators"- that Africans of South Africa did not inhabit nor own the land known as South Africa today.

There is this lie and myth that has been perpetuated that Africans migrated to South Africa from the North of Africa, and came at more or less the same time as the Dutch landed in the Cape: nothing could be further from the truth than this blatant ahistorical misinformation and lie.

Today we find the local Africans living in squalor, poverty, sicknesses and diseases of all kinds, ignorance, confusion and tension, uncertainty; and, in recent times, within an empty and hollow democracy- and being denied their humanity, democracy, culture customs, traditions, practices and ceremonies and basic human services and comfort; this has led to today's Colonial Mental disorders that are now commonplace amongst the Africans of South Africa.

Euro-colonial education was designed to produce people who would participate in the process of colonial rule; people who would participate in the process of their own oppression and in the oppression of their own fellow colonized people (neo-colonialism); moreover "colonized schooling was education for subordination, exploitation, the creation of mental confusion, and the development of underdevelopment," powerlessness and dependency.

Africans are re-living this horror in manifold ways today under the ANC-elected government. We have to realize that education has but one honourable purpose ... one alone ... everything else is a waste of time: that is to train the student to be a proper handler of power. Being Black and beautiful means nothing until ultimately your Black and powerful. The world is ruled by power, not Blackness and beauty ..." I also add that power on behalf of an Imperial or deep pocketed Capitalist of Corporate potentates, is not power at all.

So long as the education of African children and African society is not in their control, and is controlled by others, they will remain not only slaves and chained people, but also second hand poor copies of their masters.

 The Happiest nation is the one whose sons have the best education, both in instruction of thought and the direction of feelings. An instructed people loves work and knows who to derive profit from it. A virtuous people will live a happier and richer life than another that is filled with vices, and will better defend itself from all attacks. Every man when he arrives upon this earth, has a right to be educated, and then in, in payment, the duty to contribute to the education of others.

An ignorant people can be deceived by superstition and become servile. An instructed people will always be strong and free. An ignorant man is on his way to becoming a beast, and a man instructed in knowledge and conscience is on his way to being a god. One must not hesitate to choose between a nation of gods and a nation of beasts. the best way to defend our rights is to know them well; in so doing one has faith and strength; every nation will be unhappy in proportion to how poorly educated at its inhabitants.

A nation of educated men will always be a nation of free men. Education is the only means of being saved from slavery. A nation enslaved to men of another nation is as repugnant as being enslaved to the men of one's own. .

" It is very important that Education should be revamped and looked anew-education of a nation should be controlled and be in the hands of those whose interests it serves, and in this case, it should be controlled by and serve the interests of African South Africans.

we have and are witnessing the disappearance of several generations engulfed by ignorance, poverty, mental diseases[of which these are on the rise as we speak] - carried from the past[as dictated by Apartheid], and present, of course the future. Jose Marti writes: "The general happiness of a nation rests upon the individual independence of its inhabitants.

A free nation is the result of free settlers. Honourable and durable nations are not made out for men who cannot live for themselves but are attached to a leader who favours, uses, or abuses them. Whoever desires an enduring nation aids in establishing his country's affairs so that each man may work in active labour applicable to a personal and independent situation. Let every man learn to make something which other need.." What, then, we have here is a situation turned on its head.

The present leaders in South Africa do not adhere to the maxims above, instead they have seriously embarked on to the road of corruption, greed, nepotism, cronyism, cabals, demagoguery, being imperial lackeys, fostering of community and social underdevelopment and impoverishment of their fellow being who form the bulk of the nation of South Africa.

In the face of cultural aggression of all sorts, in the face of all disintegrating factors of the outside world, the most efficient cultural weapon with which a people can arm itself is this feeling of historical continuity. The erasing and the destruction of the historical and cultural conscience also have been in existence since time began and was part of the technique of colonization, enslavement, and debasement of a people.

The forces for change are everywhere much the same, but their impact on individuals varies considerably. For some, the erosion of traditional life portends an optimistic future. Freed from the constraints of tradition and orientated toward a different world (the Western form), that the members of this vanguard (Africans pro Western civilization) welcomes the opportunity for new political and cultural destinies.

If we speak today of a European linguistic unity, it is only at this profound level, released and restored to science by linguistic archaeology. Otherwise the French, the English, the Germans, the Italians, the Rumanians, the Lithuanians, the Russians, etc., do not understand each other anymore than the Zulus, Tswanas, Sothos, Pedis, Xhosas, Ndebelels, Shangaaans, Vendas/Tsongas, Wolof, The Bambara, the Hausa, etc., do.

It is therefore a necessity that a duly conducted African linguistic research brings African people to experience deeply their linguistic unity, in the same way as Europeans have. It is therefore a necessity that a duly conducted African linguistic research brings African people to experience deeply their linguistic unity, in the same way as Europeans have, in spite of the apparent superficial heterogeneity. The result obtained already allows us to undertake the cultural education of the African consciousness in that sense."

Attitudes of Africans to property again shoe just how un-individualistic the African is. As everybody here knows, African society had the village community as its basis.

Africans always believed in having many small villages with a controllable number of people in each rather than the reverse. This obviously was a requirement to suit the needs of a community-based and man-centered society. Therefore, most things were jointly owned, for instance, there was no such thing as individual land ownership. The land belonged to the people and was merely under the control of the local, minor "chief", who was ruled by a "King" on behalf of the people.

When cattle went to graze, it was on an open 'veld' and not on anybody's specific farm. The logic behind White domination is to prepare the Black man for the subservient role in this country. Not so long ago this used to be freely said in parliament even about the educational system of the Black people, by the apartheid oppressors. It is still said even today, although in a much more sophisticated language.

To a large extent the evil-doers have succeeded in producing at the output end of the machine a kind of Black man who is man only in form. But the type of Black man we have today has lost his manhood. Reduced to an obliging shell, he looks with awe at White power structure and accepts what he regards as the "inevitable position". Deep inside his anger mounts at the accumulating insult, but he vents it in the wrong direction on his fellow man in the township, on the property of Black people.

The Westerner has an aggressive mentality. When he sees a problem he will not rest until he has formulated some solution to it. He cannot live with contradictory ideas in his mind; he must settle for one or the other two. And he is vigorously scientific in rejecting solutions for which there is no basis in logic.

He draws a sharp line between the natural and the supernatural, the rational and the non-rational, and more often than not, he dismisses the supernatural and non-rational as superstition. Those who write about Africans and their culture, do so without really understanding what they are doing to a people who are still not yet in the position of telling the world, "themselves", what they want to say about themselves as African people of South Africa.

We live in a world where facts and fiction get blurred
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