Debunking UFO 'Expert' Bob Lazar | Part 1

I'd like to start this article off with an explanation. I don't consider myself a 'debunker,' because I am not actively going out there on the internet looking for things to label as humbug. On the odd occasion though, there are people who should know better and who have a following of sheep (mostly ignorant, uneducated people) that clamor onto and slurp up every word these so-called 'experts' utter. These charlatans are the entities of intellectual treason that I aim to dethrone so that their flock may roam free and do more useful things with their time and money.

I find the field of UFOlogy exciting and much more of a challenging foe than christians and muslims (and other religiomaniacs), who always go running to faith and scripture when they lose an argument (which is always). UFOlogists, whilst cut from the same fabric as religiomaniacs, actually are quite smart in general. How smart? Well, the top fruit from the basket that is UFOlogy are actually legitimate, qualified scientists or high-ranking military personnel and engineers! Below these 'titans' of the movement are quite a few highly intelligent and knowledgeable men and women who provide a wealth of information, disinformation, explanations, and 'proof' to the sheep that eventually end up buy all the books, DVDs, and supposed 'alien' artifacts fabricated and flogged by these 'experts.'

Two of the most prominent and respected figures in UFOlogy today are Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman, and Dr. (Medical Doctor) Steven Greer. In future articles, I will do write about both of them and their conduct, as well, but in this article I want to start with Bob Lazar because whenever one debates a believer--in extraterrestrial phenomenon and alien life forms, that is--one invariably gets referred to the 'gospel' and scripture as written by THE Bob Lazar.

Some of you may say and ask. Ok Contrarian, we know you love stirring the pot, but really now; have you sunken so low as to attack charlatans from the 1980s while you gloss over the ones that are quacking loudly in the present?

To such themed statements and questions I will say the following: I would not be debunking some UFOlogist who rose to and fell from fame decades ago, if it were not that the balderdash peddled by him were still being kept in circulation by people who lack the most basic education and instinct to verify and cross-check the claims of their 'heroes' in the movement.

If I had a dollar (sorry, but the 'Rand' is but a memory to me now) for every time a believer told me to go and 'educate' myself by reading Bob Lazar's explanations and perusing his diagrams of alien spacecraft propulsion systems, then I would probably be out right now in my Ferrari, as opposed to sitting here at my desk, expunging my precious time to debunk a deceitful, guttersnipe UFOlogist from the 1980s! If I hear about element 115, or 'islands of stability' in super-heavy atomic nuclei, or the 'omicron' vs 'delta' flying configurations of UFOs, then I am going to launch a vomit rocket the size of the empire state building, travelling at faster than the speed of light, straight at the Zeta Reticulii cluster to trigger an inter-planetary war between humankind and 'the Greys!'

But who is Bob Lazar? His full name is Robert Lazar, and he was born 26 Januay, 1959, in Coral Gables, Florida, USA. Apart from his ‘otherworldly’ claim to fame, he did some collaborative work with a NASA researcher on a jet car—a venture which landed him a spot in the media in 1982. Bob Lazar claims he holds degrees from MIT and CalTech and is a physicist (or was, more on that later) who was recruited by the US government to be one of a handful of people on the planet allowed to view and study ‘extraterrestrial' technology. Specifically, his job was to reverse engineer the propulsion systems of hand-me-down alien spacecraft (UFOs). He has appeared on a number of T.V. and radio shows and continues to have a somewhat demigod-like reputation in the field of UFOlogy.

He was at the height of his fame in the late-1980s to late-1990s. In that time, Bob had shown himself to be inconsistent, at best, when it came to how and what he divulged about his research work on alien spacecraft. He would often try to brush off attempts by interviewers to reconcile what he said with what he was busy saying as him merely having a 'poor memory' of the events and details he witnessed. He also cannot show any proof of ever having been at MIT or CalTech or having graduated from either institution.

Bob Lazar has the perfect explanation for his inability to prove that he's a graduate (in physics and electronics) from two of the world's most prestigious universities. He claims the US government wiped out every record related to him in an attempt to discredit and squash him after he left their secret projects to publically share his knowledge regarding UFO technology harboured and studied at S4. S4 is shorthand for Site-4, which supposedly is the workshop and storage facility for the infamous Area-51 installation. Area-51, of course, requires no introduction to anyone who grew up within the reach of a T.V, but for those who don’t know, Area-51 is that extraterrestrial piss-hole in the Nevada desert where, supposedly, three trillion Dollars from the USA's annual budget pays for the reverse engineering and replication of downed UFOs!

Steeped in secrecy and surrounded by an impenetrable military presence, Area-51 has become the wet dream obsession of every UFO & alien nut walking the planet. The fact that it is a secret compound with a strong military presence, out in the middle of a desert, obviously means it is being used to shoot down and reverse engineer ET's bicycle! Doh! How can that facility be used for ANYTHING else but that purpose? But most people know what is being done at Area-51. The US military is building and testing hypersonic aircraft for stealth combat and surveillance purposes. However, it takes more than a few pictures of ramjet-engine rockets or angular stealth planes to pass something off as reverse engineered from alien spacecraft!

Ramjets, pulsejets, and angular, radar-evading craft are actually primitive terrestrial aviation technologies and definitely not gleaned from UFOs! If you care to read the news about the US testing supersonic craft, you’d notice that they blow up or fly apart at an unnerving rate. I don’t think that would happen if you supposedly learned how to make near indestructible alloys by studying ET’s bicycle.

But let me get back to ol' Bob. Even Stanton Friedman, who on occasion entertains the nonsense spewed by his fellow UFOlogists, tried to look into Bob Lazar's background and could not find any reference that he had ever been to MIT or CalTech. Nobody there remembers Bob, and Bob could not recall the name or surname of ANY of his lecturers. He could not even give the name of any of his fellow students at the time he attended these universities who would be able to verify that he had sat in class with them.

When your fellow basket fruit questions your credibility and claims, you really have a lot of explaining to do. And most definitely not the vapid excuse that you have a cranial shortcoming in the form of a poor or selective memory!

When one listens to interviews conducted with Bob Lazar, it becomes painfully evident that the man gets uncomfortable and even evasive when the topic of his educational background is called into question. Bob Lazar, of course, to this day, continues to hide behind his impenetrable force field: a self-loathing reminder that he has 'a very poor memory.' Well then, even more reason to whack him with the scrupulously straight bat of the peer-review process.

In part 2 I will delve deep into the lies, conspiracies, inaccuracies, and shenanigans of Bob Lazar. I will take his diagrams and contextually inaccurate scientific utterings and explain them properly to whomever is interested. I hope that I can show it plainly and clearly that Bob Lazar is one of the biggest frauds ever to grace the history pages of UFOlogy!

After note: As I was doing research for part 2 of this article, I noticed Bob Lazar has closed his website ( down with a 'reopening soon' notice. I'll have to resort to other sources (scattered and incomplete as they may be) to piece together enough content for part 2. Please give me some time to verify the information to ensure it accurately represents what Bob Lazar's claims.

We live in a world where facts and fiction get blurred
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