The coming of the 5th wave

The wave of the latest unprotected strike action and violence by students is just one of many strike action’s that took place over the past few years that pushed South Africa further into an economic downward spiral. If one looks closely, you will notice that the continuous strike action is just one of closely selected strategies to create a state of turmoil within and among the masses.  Amongst the strike action strategy other strategies include control of the Hawks and other special investigation units, control of the NPA and media and control of the Treasury. These are all elements that is needed by a dictator to effectively cast his stronghold into stone. What is currently happening in South Africa is part of a bigger plan spearheaded by Zuma to ensure a marriage between Dictatorism and Socialist ideologies. A lethal cocktail concocted by the ANC to guarantee a memorable honeymoon. A honeymoon of self-enrichment, and domination of power and lucrative resources.

What Zuma does is similar to what dictators do, being the only difference this one has the flavor of socialism to it. A flavor desperately needed in the baking of the South Africa dictator cake. A promised aroma of equality and economic socialism – irresistible to the pallet of the common man. The only problem with this Zuma ‘’bigger plan’’ is that the common man gets to get the crumps of the ‘’cake’’ after the ANC fat cats have feasted on it. History taught us that most dictators have several characteristics in common. They usually rule autocracies, governments with a single self-appointed leader and no governing body to check his power. They also often, have totalitarian regimes, keeping their power through control of the mass media and use some form of policing units to enforce their will and to harass, threaten or even murder those opposing their will. By controlling and using mass media the masses are fed propaganda declaring their leader to be flawless and a divine leader. An example of this is when Zuma said at an ANC rally in Khayelitsha, Cape Town on 4 May 2008 “God expects us to rule this country because we are the only organization which was blessed by pastors when it was formed. It is even blessed in Heaven. That is why we will rule until Jesus comes back. We should not allow anyone to govern our city Cape Town when we are ruling the country.” All dictators has a craving for power or some sort of power and once the desire for power is implanted it leads to developing a plan to get that power, and then to develop a plan to get more power. This is without doubt the case with Zuma, Malema and other big shots within Cosatu. They all have a craving for power and self-enrichment and it started with developing a plan to sack Thabo Mbeki way back in 2007. It is well documented in the public domain how Malema, Mantashe, Motlanthe and the National Executive Committee of the ANC conspired to oust Thabo Mbeki to ensure that their ‘’big plan’’ gets momentum on the road to self-enrichment through corrupt practices and to ensure that Zuma are not brought to justice for 783 criminal charges against him as this will derail their big plan of self-enrichment. It is evident that Thabo Mbeki was an obstacle to this plan and had to be removed. Zuma strived for personal power, status and benefit and it can be accurately assumed that the majority of the NEC, Malema, Mantashe and Motlanthe that support Zuma did so on the promise of great wealth. A promise that suits their great lust for wealth. Thabo Mbeki himself has confirmed this in a letter to Zuma whereby he stated that their engagement in the struggle for liberation had never been for personal power, status or benefit. Through the promise of great wealth and through the greedy expectations of selected individuals such as Malema and individuals within the ANC NEC, and by ousting Mbeki and other ANC members opposed to Zuma, he succeeded in enslaving the ANC into a ‘cult of the individual’. A cult of personal interest and self-enrichment of selected individuals.

After the departure of Mbeki and other members of the ANC that threatens their plans, Zuma and his ‘cronies’ in crime was now well on their way to embrace the socialist dictator ‘monster’ they have given birth to. The only thing that was now left was to employ the ‘cronies’ in strategic positions, such as within the SABC, NPA, and Hawks and within the Treasury to protect their monster, and to continue to feed socialist propaganda to the masses. ANC propaganda of the promise of ‘free housing; free education and free health in return for a vote was the masterstroke to keep their ‘monster’ alive. It is after all an easy strategy as most of the masses was already brainwashed through years of socialist doctrine and hatred of the apartheid era. The fact that Zuma’s conduct resembles that of a cross between dictatorship and socialist ideologies may sound like a conspiracy theory but as one digs deeper you realize that there is a remarkable similarity of what Zuma is doing and that of past dictators and preachers of socialist ideologies. Firstly Zuma influenced his cronies in the NEC by feeding their lust for greed on promises of great wealth in order to oust Mbeki. Zuma and his ‘cronies’ then continues to close down the Scorpions which investigated and prosecuted organized crime and corruption and replaced it with a ‘pro monster’ outfit known as the Hawks and laden with corrupt Zuma cronies. The Scorpions at the time consisted of some of the best prosecutors, police, financial, forensic and intelligence experts in the country, and with them out of the way and replaced by corrupt Hawk officials, it was open season for corrupt practices. The then NPA acting head Mokotedi Mpshe, also in the pocket of Zuma and his ‘cronies’ further smoothed the way of their self-enrichment plan by ensuring that Zuma is protected at all cost against any charges brought against him and in defiance of the judiciary system and the constitution. When Zuma reshuffled his cabinet in 2010 it was not in the interest of South Africa’s development and to benefit the people, but in the interest of their ‘monster’ and one of the appointments was to ensure to appoint one of their ‘cronies’ in the form of Pule as minister of communications to continue with spreading disinformation and socialist doctrine amongst the masses, which is a key ingredient in the making of a dictator. Thuli Madonsela confirmed that there is corruption at the highest level of the SABC which include maladministration and abuse of power and public money by the state broadcaster. It appears that Hlaudi Motsoeneng the SABC COO is involved in a number of irregularities as well as the former communications minister Dina Pule. It appeared that Motsoeneng and Phiri furthermore orchestrated the irregular appointment of Duda under influence of Pule who allegedly ordered the appointment. Like the saying goes ‘I smell a rat’ or should I rather say ‘I smell a Zuma’? As with any dictator Zuma needs to control the Treasury. He needs to have his hand in the ‘jam pot’ to feed his growing ‘crony followers’. It is widely documented in the media how the Treasury was attacked time and time again by the Zuma onslaught. In 2014 Pravin Gordhan was replaced by Nhlanhla Nene as Minister of Finance and when it became evident that Nene did not comply with Zuma’s demands on the nuclear deal he became a threat to the Zuma plan and was subsequently replaced by Van Rooyen who is obviously pro Zuma and pro to corrupt dealings and this observation can be confirmed by alleged cellphone evidence that puts Des van Rooyen in the home of the Guptas on the night before former finance minister Nhlanla Nene was sacked where he was given the job. This move saw South Africa loosing R1 billion within 24 hours after the axing of Nene. Zuma, realizing his mistake ushered Pravin Gordhan back in, allowing Zuma and his ‘cronies’ to stop and lick their wounds for a while. Despite the fact that South Africa has lost billions of rands as a result of this move, it did not stop Zuma and his band of cronies to once again attack the Treasury, by fabricating drummed up charges against Gordhan. Driven by greed they are determined to get rid of Gordhan to finally get control of the Treasury.

What Zuma and his ‘cronies’ did not contemplate with is that greed is the source of human ills. As a result Zuma and his selected ‘band of criminal cronies’ found themselves in an ‘I will tell’ dilemma by other similar orientated self-enrichment thinkers who wanted in on the lucrative deals. This is clearly seen in the reshuffling of his cabinet in 2010 that saw a mammoth increase of ministers and deputy ministers along with lucrative pay packages and other lucrative perks. All financed by the tax payer’s money. Money that belongs to the masses. Judging by the socio progress that was being made it is quite obvious that this move was not to accelerate socio economic development but to protect their corrupt practices from being exposed by disgruntled individuals. A classic example of this observation is the Julius Malema and the Zuma showdown. Julius Malema, himself a dictator and vigorous preacher of the socialist doctrine as a front to drive his own ambitions of greed and self-enrichment was once a hardline supporter of Zuma. Their each other’s ‘arse licking’ is well known and documented.  In June 2008, he made international headlines by vowing that the Youth League would take up arms if the prosecution of Jacob Zuma for alleged fraud and corruption continued. In an address to a Youth Day rally in Thaba Nchu, which Zuma attended, Malema said, “Let us make it clear now, we are prepared to die for Zuma. Not only that, we are prepared to take up arms and kill for Zuma’’ In January 2009, Malema suggested to a group of Cape Peninsula University of Technology  students that the woman who accused ANC president Jacob Zuma of rape had a “nice time” with him because in the morning she had “requested breakfast and taxi money“. In February 2009, Malema stated the following regarding Zuma’s corruption charges: “If he is so corrupt and he must be punished, let the voters do that. Why do you want to subject him to the hands of the few, the judiciary, the judges and the media? Leave it to the voters, 23 000 000 must decide whether Zuma becomes president or not. Not the judges”. Zuma in return endorsed Julius Malema as a “leader in the making” and someone who would be worthy of inheriting the ANC. He also said that Julius has illustrated that he is indeed a good leader and that he understands the people. What he rather should have said is that Malema is a good choice to continue with their corrupt legacy and to economically oppress the masses.

As was expected their ‘hand om die blaas’ relationship has crumbled to the point where they consider each other as arch enemies and this is mainly because Malema himself is a dictator which seeks his own powerhouse and status and who is pushing his own agenda of greed and self-enrichment. Although he was a key player in the Zuma’s self-enrichment plan he did not understand or was not informed on the dynamics of the fabrication of the Zuma plan, and when he made statements of nationalizing mines he found him in loggerheads with the ruling Zuma dictator and was eventually expelled from the ANC. Determined to be in the game of lust for power and riches he quickly made a U-turn by making statements of - ‘a vacuum was left in the ANC when Mbeki left’ even thou he was one of the conspirators to sack Mbeki. He changed his strategy to discredit Zuma whenever and wherever he can and as all dictators do, turned to the poor masses, the uneducated and uninformed to rally support in order to drive his own agenda. It is a well-known fact that dictators consider themselves above the law and untouchable. Zuma is no different. On 17 November 1996 Zuma was explaining the ANC’s decision to remove Patrick Lekota as Free State premier after he exercised his constitutional right to fire an MEC without consulting the ANC NEC. During his explanation he stated that “The ANC is more important than the Constitution. No political force can destroy the ANC – it is only the ANC that can destroy itself. The Constitution is only there to regulate matters.” This sentiment of being untouchable, that the judiciary system and the constitution have no power over the ANC’s conduct is the attitude that still exist within their cadre’s and this is one of the reasons why corruption has escalated under Zuma to where it is today. This clearly illustrates the ANC’s attitude towards power and the believe that it governs not by the democratic will of the people but by divine right and that South Africa belong to the ANC to be raped and plundered as they see fit. It is not in the interest of the ANC to uplift the poor and to make a better living for all. Their only interest is self-enrichment through corrupt practices and this is evident of the many corrupt dealings that was exposed and blatant, unashamed confessions made in public. Smuts Ngonyama, for example has confessed to this in November 2004 when he said “I did not join the struggle to be poor” in defence of his involvement in a BEE deal involving the sale of a R6.6 billion stake in Telkom to a consortium led by former director-general of communications Andile Ngcaba. Ngonyama alone stood to make up to R160 million. Around this period there were a range of BEE deals, each of enormous value, which time and time again, would be awarded to companies loaded with the same broad group of ANC leadership figures. It was through this kind of ‘redistribution’ that the ANC created a wealthy, politically connected class that not only benefited repeatedly from BEE but, in turn, would fund the ANC and its growing number of ‘corrupt cronies’ to keep their mouths shut.

Most of the great dictators of history are remembered for their strategy of using personal prejudices as a scapegoat to turn others hatred away from them. Protestant Oliver Cromwell used the hatred of Catholics to provide him with such a scapegoat during his Protectorate, while Adolf Hitler first took to hating Jews on joining the German Workers Party and took that hatred with him, shaping it into his “Final Solution” that led to the death of some 6 million Jews. The ANC is no different. They often use personal prejudices as a doctrine strategy by blaming whites for their failed governance, and in the process creates racial divide amongst the people of South Africa. On the other hand the brown population of this country is often perceived as drunkards and a weak race by the very ANC that promise a better life for all. Together with personal prejudices and racial remarks, the ANC has allowed strike action to go unchecked whether violent or not under the auspices of “their democratic right”, irrespective of the damage it does to the country’s economy. Their conduct and unwillingness to act upon the economies decline, act against racial remarks and enticing of hate speech, their unwillingness of acting against violent strike action fueled by EFF elements and a total discard of the supreme court and constitution appears to be deliberate in anticipation of the 5th wave (next election of the ANC into power) whereby the ANC will take total control of South Africa and its resources after it was forced to declare a state of emergency as a result of total anarchy. Zuma and his corrupt ANC cronies are playing a dangerous game and they are mixing a cocktail which have potential disastrous results. They use hatred towards the white man as a scapegoat in general as part of their doctrine but behind the scenes they partner under the auspice of BEE with corrupt white business magnates who shares the same principles of greed and corruption as they do. Those white business partners of the ANC Zuma elite are protected whilst hatred towards the ordinary white man is enticed. Let us not forget that since the fall of apartheid many whites has lost their jobs in the public sector when they were forced to leave to make way for black people. Corrective action appointments has furthermore limited their employment in both the public and private sectors. They are furthermore forced to give up their mother tongue as a teaching medium and practicing their Christianity is prohibited in schools and other institutions. They are generally perceived as racists and have to endure threats because of their ‘whiteness’ made by Malema and Zuma dictators and their socialist entourage who ironically supports and approve actions of other dictators such as Robert Mugabe and who welcomes Omar al-Bashir a murderer of his own people, into South Africa. Let us not forget that there are whites that was also ‘born free’ and has nothing to do with past injustices during the apartheid era. Whilst all this is going on the white population stood silently in the background observing and enduring the staged crusade against the white race by making them the scapegoat of the ANC’s failure of good governance. It will be a mistake to perceive their silence as a broken weak race. Let us not forget who this “general white man” are. They are the only race who ever claimed victory over the British army; irrespective of harsh sanctions they managed to uphold apartheid for 46 years; they developed the first helicopter (Rooivalk) that could do a backflip and the Helmet Mounted Display able to direct weapon systems into the direction the pilot’s head is pointing making them pioneers and leaders in helmet-mounted sight technology; they developed the G6 self-propelled Gun-Howitzer able to hit targets over exceptionally long distances with an outstanding degree of accuracy. Its ability to hit targets more than 65km away at a rate of fire of six rounds per minute confirmed its reputation as one of the most versatile artillery systems ever developed; Doesn’t matter how you look at them, they remain a resourceful race and South Africa need them. Despite their situation after apartheid and restrictions imposed on them, many of them remarkably ceased the opportunity and turn their situation around by channeling all their energy into becoming successful entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is time that we stop the ANC government along with a host of other organizations to continue using the black/white racial chores to polarize blacks against whites to generate justification for their corrupt practices and self-enrichment schemes and to implement their social NDR doctrine by means of ever tightening racially discriminating laws and policies. It is time that we need to have a hard look at ourselves and do the right things to turn this country around. It is time that we take ownership of our actions and responsibilities and wake up from the dogma doctrine that the ANC government has forced on us. We should not participate in “fees must fall” marches but rather in “ANC must fall” marches. We should channel our energy into developing small business enterprises and entrepreneurship amongst the black population. Both white and black business owners should take hands to financially assist with the development of small business entrepreneurs and the development of individual business skills through training. We should engage in meaningful dialogue with agriculture in the interest of South Africa and all its people to ensure that farms owned by white farmers which are not farmed along with state land are incorporated into the state and responsibly managed by the Land Bank. We should ensure that farms given to black farmers are farmed optimally and professionally and make the necessary resources available in the form of equipment, training and planting of quality seed as well as expose them to stringent auditing practices, to ensure that they are successful and that the farms remain productive. We should ensure that farm land are developed optimally by introducing diversified farming practices. We should develop small holding farmers to farm smart. There are many small farms in the UK and elsewhere which are farmed successfully. We should promote community farming practices and not subsistence farming. We should educate our farmers on the value of protecting and preserving our natural resources through best farming practices. We should reform our mining sector and restrict employment of foreign labor workers working at our mines. South Africa is after all our country and when it comes to dishing out jobs we should stand first in line. We should be realistic in our salary expectation and salaries should be measured against global standards and productivity of mines. We should stop the influx of illegal immigration and uncontrolled immigration into our country that places employment and health care under pressure and which increases crime. We should seriously clamp down on crime and criminal syndicates by bringing back specialist units such as the Scorpions, SANAB and Organized Crime Investigation Units which were dismantled under the reign of the ANC. We should have zero tolerance for corruption and individuals engaging in corrupt practices should be dealt with harshly. Racism and hate speech should not be tolerated and acted upon swiftly and decisively. A stable and crime free environment will boost tourism and lure investment back to South Africa. We should reverse the damage that lowered education standards brought about by lifting the standards once again and by bringing back quality education and quality educational resources. It is imperative that the school curriculum is adjusted to develop entrepreneurship and business skills and to stimulate business initiatives and business thinking. Our current education system is shameful and is considered to be among the very worst in the world and South Africa’s quality of math’s and science education is ranked as the worst in the world. Our youth is sadly under the illusion that a degree obtained in South Africa will guarantee employment and ensure job security. This illusion cannot be further away from the truth. International companies are aware of our low secondary and tertiary standards and in general will not employ South Africans into key or strategic positions. The purpose of business after all is to stay in business and therefore it is wishful thinking that business will employ people with limited skill sets or ‘watered down’ tertiary education. It is unfortunately too much of a risk to business and to other people that business employs. It doesn’t matter how many “fees must fall”, “exams must fall” “data must fall” “standards must fall” protests we embarked on. The fact of the matter,… the reality… unfortunately is that this conduct will not guarantee your employment or force business to employ you. This reckless behavior will in fact catapult us into an accelerated pace of becoming a 3rd world country or even worse a failed state. It is time that we stop with our demands of demanding this and demanding that and if we do not get it we throw a tantrum, revert to violence and destroy everything in our wake. Exactly what the ANC government wants. We can debate and speculate for months, for years, about what is best for our country but we need to take the first bold step to turn this country around and that is to face up to the ANC monster and defeat it at the polls. It is the only way to stop our downward spiral,…. This is the only way to stop the 5th wave of totally engulfing us.
We live in a world where facts and fiction get blurred
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