Pravin Gordhan speaks during a conference at the D

News24 has interviewed Gordhan and De Ruyter about the Eskom crisis separately, within hours of one another, and the similarities in their outlooks are striking.


Melanie Verwoerd: The biggest challenge to Ramaphosa's New Dawn

There are hundreds if not thousands of public servants who are facing disciplinary action - mostly for procurement procedures which were not followed - although in many instances they did not benefit from it directly, writes Melanie Verwoerd.

OPINION: Together, the DA and President Ramaphosa can fix our public service

At the heart of cadre deployment is the belief that politicians should have the power to appoint professional public servants, writes Leon Schreiber.

OPINION: Remembering Auschwitz and the lessons we have to learn from it

A column on this platform, News24, a few weeks ago, about the killing of Qassem Soleimani, one that had nothing to do with being a Jew or with Israel, resulted in some of the most vile posts I have seen, writes Howard Feldman.

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Two pupils crushed to death after truck reverses into primary school wall

Two pupils are killed after a truck delivering food to Lekgolo Primary School crashes into a wall, which then collapses on the two children, the Limpopo Education Department confirms.

I told them he was struggling in the river - fellow pupil recalls Enoch Mpianzi's last moments

A Grade 8 pupil at Parktown Boys' High School allegedly repeatedly warned camp facilitators that he had last seen Enoch Mpianzi struggling in the water and that he had gone missing, but was ignored.

ANC: State must keep SAA as a national airline

"We will retain a restructured SAA. We will still be flying the South African flag," says ANC secretary general Ace Magashule.

Muslim major wins SANDF headscarf case ... and now Equality Court date looms

Although a court ruling allows Major Fatima Isaacs and other Muslim members of the South African National Defence Force to wear headscarves under their berets, a new court challenge against the SANDF's policy is looming.

EXPLAINED: Who was Neil Aggett and why was he important?

A new inquest into Neil Aggett's death is likely to shed more light on soemone described as a warm, sensitive, "man of the people".


WATCH | The top 10 foods that are banned around the world

These foods are seriously dangerous! This is a list of foodstuffs that have been banned, either entirely or to some degree, in various locations around the world. The countdown includes Kinder Eggs, Foie Gras and more!

WARNING: Why obsessive travelling could be a real problem

Apparently there is something like too-much travel.

WATCH | How traditional Spanish chorizo is made

We travelled to the region of Andalusia to see how chorizo Ibérico is made, which is finest variety, made from a special breed of pigs.


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