Bizarre forgotten items in hotels

  • Booking website recently did a survey of 500 hotels to find out all sorts of interesting stats like how often guests steal, what they tend to snatch and also what items they leave behind. While phones, iPads, books and clothes are pretty common, take a look at these bizarre items. (Shutterstock)

  • Bag of snails: A hotel in Budapest found a bag full of live snails after a guest checked out.
    $20 000: Housekeeping staff at a hotel in Washington found $10,000 in cash hidden in different spots throughout the room and another hotelier in New York discovered $20,000 of forgotten cash in a suite. (VVork)

  • Best friend: You thought the dog was bad? Well, one hungover guest at a Majorca hotel raised the bar a bit when he rushed to the airport sans his still passed-out friend. The friend missed his flight. (Shutterstock)

  • Wife: Okay, so there may still be some forgiveness among friends, but forgetting your wife?! Nevertheless a guest at a Prague hotel on a business trip finished the days meetings and headed to the airport completely forgetting about his loyal lady who had come to join him, back at the hotel. (Hotels About)

  • Mother: More understandable to some perhaps is the guest at a Dublin hotel who was called back by reception when he forgot to tell his mother he was leaving. (Shutterstock)

  • Yakuza swords: A guest left a traditional Japanese Yakuza sword behind in a hotel room in Istanbul. Makes you wonder... oh, many things. (MafiaWars Wiki)

  • Dog: Supposedly your best furry friend, but obviously not memorable enough for a guest at a four-star Milan hotel who had forgotten all about his pooch until he had crossed the Italian border. (Shutterstock)

  • Wedding dress: Imagine spending thousands on your perfect wedding gown only to have your brand new husband forget it in the hotel after the nuptials. This happened to an unfortunate bride at a New York hotel. Not the best start to marital bliss. (Shutterstock)

  • Police gun and badge: We all know that whatever happens is Vegas is supposed to stay there, but when a policeman accidentally left a gun and badge in his Sin City hotel room things were sure to get a little sticky. (Shutterstock)

  • Wooden leg: This seems like a rather common occurrence at Travelodge, as about 80 false limbs were left behind by guests between 2003 and 2004. (Shutterstock)

  • Kate's face: Well, not her real face, but a suitcase containing 100 Duchess of Cambridge masks was found in London. Pretty weird. (Affiliates4U)

  • Roborovski hamster: The poor little cutie was found in his cage in Knutsford, after his owner drove back to Bristol without him.

  • Spiderman: Among others, as a suitcase of vintage Marvel comics was found in a hotel room in Leeds. (comic book daily)