Underwater hotel planned for Dubai

  • Provisionally known as the Water Discus Hotel, images released by design and construction company, Deep Ocean Technology, shows a space-ship like construction hovering half above, half below the surface of the sea.
  • The two discs of the hotel will be connected by three 'legs' containing stairways and lifts. The lower disc, located up to 10 metres beneath the surface of the sea, is composed of 21 hotel rooms adjacent to the underwater dive centre and a bar.
  • The hotel is set to have 21 rooms in the underwater section, and may be the first of many similar kind of hotels in the region.
  • The Water Discus has been designed to ensure safety in even the most adverse weather conditions. The top disc is constructed high enough to be safe from tsunamis, while the lower can be raised in the event of any danger. The top disc is built high enough to withstand a tsunami and any flooding, while the underwater disc automatically surfaces at once in the event of potential danger.
  • Each room will be integrated with the underwater world as closely as possible, offering a surprisingly direct, yet safe contact with the local flora and fauna.
  • Special lighting would illuminate the sealife outside, while cameras would allow guests to zoom in on objects and animals.
  • While the hotel will no doubt be a high tech wonder of the world, it is not the first underwater hotel in the world. Both the Maldives and Florida boast undersea hotels of their own.