Photos: SA man's solo Amazon adventure

  • Davey du Plessis was attempting 6 500km of hiking, cycling and paddling unaided, across the South American Continent from East to West when he was robbed and shot in the Peruvian jungle. Photo:
  • “You don’t understand this child, he’s not normal,” Davey du Plessis' mother said through sobs when talking about her son’s tenacity. “He’s got the heart of a lion." Photo:
  • The attack came at about 4pm, or 9pm SA time, as he was drifting down the Ucayali River, one of the Amazon’s main tributaries. The nearest town, Pucallpa, was hours away by boat. Photo:
  • Davey du Plessis wanted to complete the first authentic and self-documented solo navigation of the Amazon from its source in the Andes to Brazil all the way to where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Photo:
  • Davey, born on 1 June 1988 in Cape Town,spent his youth in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban where he developed his love for the ocean and surfing. Photo:
  • On his blog Davey describes the tubing section of his journey as "the most challenging mode of navigating the Amazon thus far." Photo: